Be A Conduit Of That Which You Desire Most



Isn’t it always the way

This is the just of it

When you want something so badly that your heart stops pumping
     There is a misjudgment in the value of simply
          Breathing in
               And breathing out

Listen to yourself
     You can hardly move
          Within the binding of rules that you yourself
               Confine yourself within

Where is the sense in that?

What good does it do
     To neglect the Divine
          With a false sense of what is
                    And what is wrong?

                           Let yourself win

Let love in
               And completely
                    To the core of who you are

                         Is there a reason why you wouldn’t?

Isn’t it the oddest thing
     That you would torment yourself in this way?

Be a conduit of that which you desire most
     This is the way of things

Energize yourself
     With the love that surrounds you every day
          And allow each gift
               To flow from you
                    Like water in a stream

     And clear
          And cool

                              Aren’t you the lucky one?

Be that
     For all those who come to you

A conduit of God’s eternal love





© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




Ah! The Angels Come





Answer the damn phone!

What is it
     That makes it impossible to find peace here?

In heaven
     One would expect quiet contemplation as a key factor!

Why then,
     Is my place of rest so unrelentingly disturbed?

Hold up a firecracker
     Let the fuse burn down
          And throw it in the air to explode
               With sparks in all directions

Will this scare away the ghosts?

Will this quiet the endless chatter?

Can we use this means
     To scatter these souls
          In all directions?

Let me have peace!

Let me have my quiet time

               Give me….


The angels come

Beautiful pairs of
     Beings of Light

Open your arms
     Invite me in

          Release me from this place of crowded darkness
               Let me melt
                    In your arms of glory

Angels of Light

Messengers of God’s love

I hold out my arms to you
     And relinquish
          All earthly ties



Glorious Light



© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

If There Were A Lock And Key To Your Heart





If there were a lock and key to your heart
     To whom would you give the key?

     Isn’t it the funniest thing
          To hold the answer in your soul?

          Who has access to your soul?

It’s a sacred story
     Listen to the answer

We all hold the key
     To the ache in our own heart
          And yet we look for the answer elsewhere

You don’t want to look that deep
     The answer is too revealing….

Once you let it out
     Once you let the truth out
          There will be no more fighting

                    Take a journey

I can’t always be what you want
     The answer to all questions
          Some times you must answer for yourself
               As this is part of who you are

          Let yourself win

                    Be the one the blue light shines for

Be an answer for others

And listen to your dreams…


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

I am deeply wounded from the betrayals and behavior of my husband. What are my possibilities to heal me? What shall I do next?

P1060958Along the way
     We find ourselves
          In situations
               Which call upon our deepest resources
                    In the name of our holy spirit

This time is at hand for you

Do you imagine
     For one moment
          That you are alone in this endeavour?

I hear a chorus of love
     Reaching out to you

     This is a beginning
          Which calls for all hands on deck

                    Does this make sense to you?

Why walk alone
     When there are so many
          Who would walk alongside you?

There are not just the physical realms to consider
     We are with you also
          In your heart
               In your hands

Feel that tingle of energy in the palms of your hands
     There is light there
          Energy there
               From the spirit realm
                    Holding you
               With gentle, warm and grounded truth

Place your hands at your heart
          And allow the healing power within you
               To warm and comfort that inner you

There is an inner self that wishes to be acknowledge
     By your outer self

It is important for you to recognize
     The powerful healing force that you are
          In and of yourself

This is you, reaching out to you with love in your heart

I can honestly say
     There is no more powerful healing force than love
          And love of self
               Is of the utmost,
          The deepest
               Most profoundly important gesture
                    That we can bestow
                         On our own behalf

               Know your own power

Feel it
     Breathe it
          Live it

And in those moments when you feel you can’t go on
     Let the tears flow
          Without shame

Let them pour from your heart
     Knowing I am here
          To catch each one

Feel the warmth of my love
     Holding you gently in my heart
          You are never alone
               With my arms near

          Let that be your truth

                         What to do next?

I can only suggest you begin to separate yourself from the emotion of it

Those we love the most
     Can carve the deepest hole
          If we let them

Allow your truth to be
     That you love them no less
          For their injuries to you
               But that you love yourself more
                    Than to let them injure you more

What a gift you are to them
     To say, “No.”

          What a gift you are to you
               In the painful process of it

Perhaps they’ve come to teach you self-love
     And you didn’t want to hear it

Thank them for being the messenger
     And begin the inward journey
          To build up
               The strong and powerful you
                    That is waiting to be found

Love yourself first
     And all else will fall into place

This is not an easy task you’ve chosen
     Acknowledge this truth
          In your inner self

Know yourself
     As deeply courageous
          And let the love of Spirit
               Walk within the walls
                    Of your inner fortress

Ignite the light of love
     Within your deepest core
          And we’ll walk together
               You and I

               Amen to your chosen journey

                    I bow to you
                         With love ~



© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

The Nature Of Love


The Nature of Love is as such:
There is but one notion that needs to be portrayed

What is it that you wish for?

I only say this because
There seems to be some doubt in your own mind as to what is right

If there is this thing called love
That manifests in the hearts of others
Is there not the same
(For anyone that comes across it)
An opportunity to hold that delicate trust
That something
Is waiting for everyone?

Why would you doubt that the same would not be true for you?

Hold out your hand
Open your heart
And let it in


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Singing For Love


I am blessed to receive visits from many children in spirit who have asked that I share their story with you. This is one of those stories. I hope that any who might find comfort in these words receive them with the love with which they are intended, with me as a conduit.


A young girl materializes in shimmery light before me. Dark, wavy hair cascades half way down her back some hanging across her breast over her right shoulder; no bangs. Her clothes are casual teenaged wear. A dress, maybe jeans, its unimportant. I only see her from her waste up. Cradled in her arms is the spirit of another––an infant, wrapped with care in a soft blanket, sleeping peacefully at her mother’s heart.

Eyes locked on mine, with radiant smile the young girl waits patiently while I adjust my energy to meet hers. There is something extraordinary she is determined to share. Sensing my shift to fully present, she allows her intention to push forward into my heart, compelling me to listen closely and write down her thoughts. In unspoken communication, the way spirits do, she appeals to my ability to communicate the voice of spirit’s with a sense of urgency stemming from her love for those who grieve her passing. She hopes I will find them quickly to help clear up a misunderstanding she believes they hold about her choices in life, and in death. A message that embodies her truth that ‘love conquers all!”

Her voice, presence, and demeanor reveal an expansive and joyful heart reaching out to say simply this. Her pregnancy, at a young age, and conscious decision to move to ‘the other side’ with her baby during childbirth, result from loving choices made without regret. Not only does she find herself now in a place of peace, but also one surrounded by expansive love and boundless joy.

The first voice written below is that of Spirit, who begins by reminding us that there is no end, we are not still, and this journey continues beyond the earthly realm. What a joy to hear this truth echoed by this young girl! What comfort she offers. How blessed are we in receiving her words?





Listen at all times…

      There is never complete stillness
            As you might imagine

                        This is the way of the world




I am a parent of a child
      And I am a child myself

            This was my choice

                  Not many heard that truth

Let me be the one to say
      That loving one so little
            Was the best part

I can rest now
      In your knowing

I love her deeply
      Though she didn’t survive
            And neither did I

It was my honour to love her
      And move with her to the other side
            She was my choice
                  First and only

No one believed me

      But now you’ve heard
            I can rest

Tell them love conquers all!

      We can sing together now
            Baby and I

Blessed is the one
      Who hears the children sing!

My voice is there

            Singing for love!



                              Angel’s breath


Thank you, beautiful young spirit, for sharing your truth with those who can hear you. Loosing one as young as you can manifest in such heartache. Lets hope that your words bring healing and comfort to their hearts, knowing you are moving forward with joy, holding the one you love, as deeply as they love you.


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings





“What do I need to do to increase my income substantially?”






The following is an example of a channeled message received by a client who has given me permission to share.  When you “Ask Spirit”, this is the kind of response you may receive.  With love ~ Catherine


Along the way we find ourselves
     In the kingdom of confusion

What can we say to that??

I’d like to know
     Where your heart is
          With this issue of finances

We suggest
     Take time to breathe into your conscious mind

There you will find a multitude of ways
     To reach the goal you seek

               My question to you might be

               What does your heart yearn for?

What is it that you seek
     With your finances
          That will feed your soul?

With the utmost respect
     I would like you to seek the answer to this question

Your heart is calling out to you

What is it saying?

What is your intention?

What is your goal
     Beyond financial security?

I hear a calling that is beyond money in hand
     There is more to this than simply having more

Would you say?

I would like to hold a card for you today
     Listen deeply for the love of self in these words

Seek the answers in your heart
     The words you hear,
          Are ones to adhere to
               With the greatest love and attention

Do not listen lightly
     Listen deeply
          For this is your soul calling to you

I wish to offer words of
          To your soul

          And shower you with love and light
               As you wend your way along the path of self love

Seek only that which
     Is to your Highest Good
          In all ways

Allow your conscious mind
     The grace you would afford
          All those you love

     Seek love
          In all ways

          This is the precursor
               The missing piece
                    At this juncture

Love yourself
     And let love in
          So that abundance can flow
     In all ways

          And around
               And through you
                    To all those you love

Abundance in all ways

    Remember that

Because there are riches
     Beyond measure
          Waiting to avail themselves to you

               Why limit yourself to cash as a vehicle?
                    A token of success?

      Breathe love

     Be love
          And all you seek

                     All you seek

Hear me now…

All you desire
     For better or worse
          Will be yours

Anticipate the greatest love
     So this love
          Knows where to land

                     Peace be with you



© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings