Approach This Experience With Cautious Respect

On occasion Spirit will ask me to work with the ‘spirit’ of the living. I am guided, very specifically, to offer my hands in a kind of ‘Light Massage’ while in a meditative state. This “Light” work is often precipitated by a vision that comes to me about someone while I look at the person across a room, or when holding a person in my thoughts.

At times, I become the light.

Visions of this nature can appear in many forms. Perhaps I see a box, hovering in front of someone’s heart and I know this box to represent the place this person holds a specific challenge to his or her spirit. A heavy animal may be seen draped over someone’s shoulders representing a heavy burden that is weighing them down. This person may need support in order to find the internal strength to rid themselves of a burden.

I am a “listener”. I am blessed with the ability to reach out to the energy I refer to as “Spirit” and to hear answers to questions I pose, or to questions posed by others through me. Here is the question I asked and the answer received regarding this work I am invited to do, in ‘Light’.

Spirit ~

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you in “light massage”. What can you tell me about the vision I had when working as a conduit for your love with the man I saw in the restaurant? Can you help me understand the experience more fully? ~
With deepest respect,

This was Spirit’s answer


Honesty is key

Approach this experience
     With cautious respect
          For the personal nature
               Of the journey of the one you work with in light

Let the witnessing of choice
     Be outside your knowledge
          Without reaching into that
               Which is no business of yours to know

     Respect what is offered
          As a sign of deepest love
               And acknowledgement
                    Of your role as healer

It’s not important
     That you comprehend
          The details

Open your heart
     And let the light work through you
          For the Highest Good of all
               Without attachment

     Be curious only
          Of the ways in which
               Spirit guides your hands

     And let go of the human tendency
          To reach for that
          Without living it yourself
               You could never truly

     As is our request

          Only when asked to do so


     Then let it go
          Without questioning the Higher Authority



Then pray for understanding
     Without words

Love has colour

     Breathe it in

          Mm Hmmmm

                    Mm Hmmmm


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