Be The One You’re Looking For

I can hear you
Isn’t that the way?
You are here for me
      And I hear you at the same time.
Come with me
Let me tell you this tale…
Once there was one
      Who loved another
      In such a way
All his hard earned cash
Was consumed
In pursuit of her attention
Little did he know
That money had so little value to her
That all his efforts to
Dignify his grand existence
Went unnoticed
She has her eyes on the heart
Listening for that love
He, his hand on his purse
So that their ideals never met
She didn’t know he existed
His presence
Was of no interest to her
Unheard of
Completely invisible
One day she crashed into him
In a way
There he was
Indulged in a pursuit
Of kindness
Unaware of her presence
No longer engaged in the act
To impress
Simply offering a gentle hand
To another
And in that selfless act
He turned her head
It was his grandmother
In fact,
Someone he loved
Someone for whom
Gentle loving kindness flowed
      Without thought
Without grandeur
Without flash
Simple warmth and love
These are the qualities she could recognize as ones
Within her sphere to open to
There, in this selfless gesture
She turned her head to see a spark of light
Well worth attending to
Let go of the fear of not being good enough
Let down the facade of self importance
Look out and see what light you can shine on the lives of others
As it is in these acts of selfless kindness
      That your true light can be seen
            By all those around you
                  With eyes to see
Be the one you’re looking for
      But do it in such as way
            That you hardly notice yourself
                              Amen to simplicity
Let the world come to you
      Lit by the blazing path
            That is the beautiful light you shine
      Let the world come to you
            Following the beauty
                  And the light
                        That is you
                              Shining out in all directions
                                    Without ego
            Let go of ‘you’
                        So your inner light can shine through
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Little Red Hen



Once there was a chicken

A red hen

She lived in the farmyard
     And scratched the dirt

           Can you imagine
               Such a simple life as all that?

But this hen
     Thought she was a fox
          Or so it seemed

She stole the eggs of other birds
     She played dead
          On the hen house floor
     And she raised the roof each night
          So that the farmer
               Raced to save her
          Only to find
                It was only her
                     And no danger                                             Near or far!

What to do with such a crazy bird?

          Who could stand that night after night?

She had to go!

“What happened next, Spirit?
          Can you share that with me?”

A lawyer came
     On chicken’s behalf
          And court was laid out
               In the barnyard dust

     The people came
          And lined the drive
               And chicken’s trial
                    Was hammered through!

What to do!

The farmer wanted chickens head!

The sun came up
     The sun was set
          And all day long the voices share
               The hardships faced
                    In chickens life
               The woes
                    And endless tribulations

     To an egg fanatic farmer!

The court ruled in chickens favour
     She was removed from this factory life
          And set free to raise her
               Own fine brood


A long line of chicks
     To fuss and care for
          Parading past
               With head held high

She had love to share!

And raise chicks she did
     In finest hen fashion
          To farmers delight

     He sold them for profit
          And she proudly gave them

Thank goodness for listening!

All ended well!

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



She Was Looking For Someone Named Frank


A man in his late forties is standing in his garage, bay doors open wide – sunlight flooding in to illuminate the concrete floor. His position is just this side of the light,  facing the doorway as he is, happily tinkering at a workbench, tools in hand. I understand that he is a spirit who is content to stay here, close to his earth journey and yet…. What is this movement that catches his eye? Come with me now, and hear his train of thought as he shares this beautiful story of moving forward into the light . . . . 



Eleven days after I passed
      And no one’s heard my news

                  There was a message left

(Dark horizon
      Orange setting sun)

                  I can tell you the whole of it

                          Let it be this way today


After I passed
      A girl came to the door

            She was looking for someone named Frank
                  And wondered if I’d seen him

She had her hair pinned to the side
      A pinafore dress
            A basket of cakes

Can you believe all this?

I said, No. I didn’t know a Frank,
      And would she mind leaving
            As I had work to do

      And so she did

But it made me wonder

Why would she ask me?

Don’t she know I was dead?

(Long horizon
      Suns up higher
                  Blue earth . . . )

This is the third time she’s come by today.

      She doesn’t speak to me now
            Just stares
                  But I know she still has the same question

“Where’s Frank?”

And I still don’t know the answer

If I were Frank
      I would have made sure she knew where I was
            She’s awfully cute
                  And has a peaceful air about her

      I’d a’ made sure she had the right address –not mine

            No frank lives here

I’d ‘ave left a number for her to call
      Hell, I never would ‘a left in the first place!

            He must have some nerve
                  To leave her wondering


I’m sorry
      You got the wrong address
            There ain’t no Frank ever lived here, no how.

You sure you have the right place?”

But I’m, dead, see
      And she can’t hear me.

Why is she talking to me then?

“Are you dead, too?”

That’s what I asking now. . . .

(Sunset says that we can walk together)

“I got nothing to do
      I’ll walk with you

                  We’ll walk together

Frank’s in the light there
      Up ahead

He must ‘a gone on ahead of you

Let’s do it
      Let’s walk into the light together

You’ll find ’m there

I’m sure of it


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings