“How is it that I didn’t know frogs could talk?”



I’d like to tell you about something

Would you care to listen?

I’d like to tell you about a day I had
     When I was seven

It was like this

Can you keep up?

I was down by the water with my Grandmother
     We were cray fishing
          At the deep end of the creek
               When out of the blue
                    Came this bullfrog
                         The size of a cat

I’m telling you
     It was so big
          My eyes just bugged right out of my head
               And it looked at me
          That frog
               As if to say,

     “How long are you gonna be?
          ‘Cuz I got things to do
               And you’re taking up a lot of my space
                    Wading around up to your knees
                         The way you are

I’d be mighty happy to see you vacate the place
     So I could set to work
          Without worrying whether
               You were gonna step on my toes
                    The way you are everyone else’s.”

And it got me thinkin’

“How is it that I didn’t know frogs could talk?”

So I asked him,
     I said,

     “Have you always been this free with your thoughts?”
          And he said,

“I’m not sure you’d be the one I would tell…”

Then I knew he could answer so I tried again
     This time I asked him,

     “Are there others like you? Who have a voice and can use it?”
          And he said,

     “I’m not sure you’d be the one I’d tell…
          But since you asked…”

“Since you asked I’d have to say

How do you know how to listen?”

But soon as he said that
     He hopped away
          Before I had a chance to tell him

His voice was like a song I knew
     Like a poem I’d rehearsed

     Like the taste of air

          Or the sound of soft

               Like a light in my heart

I wanted to hear that voice again
     So I’m listening now
          Sitting on the creek side
     Looking in the reeds
          Hoping he’ll come back again

‘Cuz I have another question!

I want to know what love is…
     ‘Cuz that’s the way I feel about seeing him

Like a longing for something
     Just out of reach and yet,
          So precious
               Everyone would understand the ache of it
                    With joy in their hearts

Let me tell you about that day

     ‘Cuz I’m still waiting happily

He’ll be by again
     And when he does
          I’m going to give him anything he wants
               Just to hear him sing that happy song again

          Amen to his song in my heart

I’d share it with you
     If you care to listen with me

     Hold your head up high
          You’ll hear it, too

               I know you

                    You’ll hear him, too –


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Fire Crept Along The Floor Below Him


The spirit of a man came to share this heart warming story with a request that I reach out to his beloved Mother, to thank her for her kindness toward him throughout his childhood. My sense was that he often found himself in need of her forgiveness for incidents like the one recounted here.

He portrays his Mother as being a very stiff woman in the eyes of many, fastidious in her characterization of a life in impeccable order, where he knew himself to be so much less than perfection. And yet, with all of his anxiety and fears, his impulsivity, which lead to endless disasters,  in her behaviour toward him she was nothing less than love itself.

Clearly,  the troubles that plagued him as a child continued into his adulthood in such a way that his life was shortened by it. Sharing this story with me, is his way of asking me to reach out to find his Mother, in hopes that he would have one more opportunity to express his deep appreciation of who she was for him, always. If this story sounds familiar to you, would you share it for me? I don’t know who his Mother was, so I, in turn, am reaching out to the Universe through On Spirits’ Wings, to find her on his behalf.


I am about to tell you something of great importance

Would you like to listen?

You would need to have patience

     I can share if you’d like me to

Yes, spirit. I feel honoured to listen.

If you take the time to listen
     I will tell you…

Once there was a child

     Once there was a child of nine who set his house on fire

He didn’t mean to
     But that’s what happened

He watched in horror
     As the flames began to




     Over the stairwell
          Falling to the floor below

It wasn’t his intention
     But there you are

And once the blaze had started

     Once the blaze had started
          He wondered what he might do
               To stop the flow of fire
                    Through his beautiful house

The house where everything was perfectly placed
     With care

         And precision


And as he wondered
     In the shock of it all
          He became frozen in fear
               And couldn’t find a way
                    To move himself from it

And so the fire crept along the floor below him
     Sitting as he was
          On the landing there

The flames made their way
     Along the edge of the hallway carpet and…
          Fizzled out
               Leaving a black burned trail
                    That illuminated the fires pathway

He fainted then
     Fainted away with relief

     Fainted away as he always did
          When things so fearful as this
               Happened to him

And that’s where his Mother came across him
     Lying on the floor in his pajamas
          Matches in his hand
               Ribbon dangling through the railing

He’d only wanted to imagine a lantern
     A crown of light
          Illuminating the hallway

He thought he’d be able to blow it out
     But then it dripped ~



                    Down to the carpet below

No burned down house
     No death
          No destruction

Loving Mother
          Fear mounting
               Then subsiding

     All is well

                    All is well


         Can you hear me still?

I wanted to thank my Mother

     Her forgiveness was deeply felt



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

An Angel Came To Speak To Me Of Energies Beyond This Realm



I can trust you

I can see your heart
     Filled with light

It’s a comfort
     To look out
          And see the beauty of it

So let me share my story

     Long ago,
          An angel came to speak to me
               Of energies beyond this realm

I listened with an open heart
     And tried to comprehend
          All that was being shared

You can understand the depth of information
     You’ve seen it yourself

And although I was young
     I was able to grasp the whole of what was said
          And held it as my truth
               While those around me knew nothing of this glory

One day an angel came to me
     And told me I was needed
          Told me I would need to come
               To serve the Lord

Can you imagine my surprise?

To hear that there was a purpose for me
     In the eyes of the Lord?

I waited

I waited to hear more
     So that I might contemplate all that was being asked

I listened word for word
     Head bowed
          Listening intently

Baby blue sweater

          “Why do you need me?”
               I wondered

For what was being asked seemed
     So simple
          I hardly felt the need for such
               Pomp and circumstance

An angels’ breath
     Used to share such a small request

          Weren’t angels used only
               For the deepest and most Holy?

You see, what this angel asked of me
     Was simply
          To bear witness to the story
               Of one small boy

“Come listen to this story.”
     The angel said

“You’re needed by the Lord.”

     And so
          I went

The boy was tiny
     Even for his young age
          Younger than me at least
               But tiny – a Little Person

He lived three doors down

He played on the grass,
     On the other side of the fence
          So happy there
               By himself     


I wondered what the Lord wanted me to see
     And so I asked the boy,

“What’s your name?”

     And I waited for him to turn his head

I waited for him to hear me

     I waited for him to hear me but he kept on playing
          As though I wasn’t there

And then I knew
     Because he winked at me
          From out the side of his eye
     That what I was meant to see
          Was simply – him

               Sitting there

That he was there
               As plain as day
                    On the grass beyond the fence

And that it didn’t matter that others couldn’t see him

     That others couldn’t hear him
          Like I could

It didn’t matter that others couldn’t see that he existed

I could see

And that was all that mattered

I could see him
     And that made him just as true
          As anything else about that day

He was there
     And he was happy
          And that was all

Thank you Lord

     Because that was enough


     I believed in him
          And that was all that was needed

(Presence in the palms of my hands

     Energy speaking through my words)

Thank you for the gift of sight

Green sheet of light

               Like a river flowing forward


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

They Said The Journey Would Be Easy




         That’s what they said

They said the journey would be easy
     And yet,

How can that be
     With all there is to learn?

I’m not ashamed to work hard
     If that’s what it takes
Just show me the way
     Or let me find my own path
          Either way

My intention is to get there

You’d be surprised what the world looks like from my point of view

Always another turn in the road ahead
     Never quite reaching it
          In time to see anything of seeming consequence

Why isn’t this discouraging you ask?

Because what would it mean to reach the end?

I’m not ready to finish my journey
     Not yet
          There is more I hope to see

Give me time

Let me live

Let me give

There must be more to give!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings





We Are With You On This Journey You’re Never Alone


If you can listen with an open heart
     I will share with you…

We are with you on this journey
     You are never alone

(Green earth)

We watch and pray
     And walk with you
          Every step of the way

(Purple light)

Whichever way you turn
     We turn with you
          And pray for a soft landing
               In all endeavours

Let the colours merge



Woven together in a blanket of Earthly existence

You make it look like you’re in this alone
     But how can that be truth
          With so many of us here?

Turn your attention
     Toward the sun

      Evil is standing just behind it

           But if you make your path in the light
               Nothing poorly will befall you



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Without Trust There Is No Guidance, Only Suspicion


What if Spirit offered you guidance but you weren’t in a place to accept it? What if you fought and railed and shook your fist in anger instead because for the life of you, you couldn’t  see how the situation you were in could possibly be moving toward any ‘greater good’? Suddenly you find yourself frustrated beyond belief; perhaps a little agony and lots of confusion tossed in for good measure… Maybe your are just feeling numb.

Some suggest we are here on this earth journey exactly for that purpose! To ‘feel’ deeply, and to allow ourselves to puzzle through and find the light on the other side of any challenge that comes into our life. But what of those moments?

What is Spirit’s reaction to our stumbling in the face of grace?

Here is a conversation I had with Spirit in this regard a few years ago. My hope is that you will find comfort in knowing that Spirit holds free will in such high regard.


Without Trust There Is No Guidance, Only Suspicion

Inconvenient though it may be
     I bring you news
          That all may not be as it seems

This is the truth of it

     If you wish
          I can share it with you.

Yes, please, Spirit. My heart aches to know.

When you come to work in this plane
     Because it is work
          It isn’t easy

When you come to work on this plane
     There are certain milestones to pass
          That lead you one way or the other

Each opportunity that arises
     Gives rise to another
          And another
     One possibility leading to another
          And on
               In all directions

When one starts out
     One never knows where one might end up

We have choices

There is no
     The ‘right’ choice
          And the ‘wrong’ choice
     There is only
          ‘The’ choice we make in any one moment

And then, of course,
     There is
          Where that choice leads us

I can’t tell you what will happen next
     It isn’t up to me
          In which case,

      Isn’t it wise that you are one
          Who makes a point of considering deeply
               All the possible outcomes before you take a step?

I want you to consider this:

Let me lead you in the way I see best
     In this matter of your heart….

What might you mean by this, Spirit?

        Trust me

                Can you do that?

Ah Spirit. You ask a great deal of me

I ask you for consideration only

     The choice is, of course, completely up to you

What is the difference then, Spirit? If I can’t open my heart to trust you, then I lose the guidance I seek. Where is the choice in this?

      Without trust there is no guidance
          Only suspicion

Then, I am willing to listen, Spirit. What do you wish to suggest?

      Open your heart

                    Let love rein

Trust the emptiness you feel is only temporary

      Open to the possibility
          Of life beyond this death


It’s all a Universal trick!

I was promised, for years, and now I am abandoned


                    Thrown away
                              Without so much as a moments grace

You are beyond cruel, Spirit. In your nonsense about living One’s Truth.

I can live and pray for my deepest desire but nothing comes of it, and so
You abandon me to emptiness

How can I trust again after this?

What a disgusting sense of humour this

I don’t speak in anger in this moment. I speak my mind. There has to be a place for me to use my voice – where someone will listen?

                                                  Am I worth nothing?

And now I am in no place to listen



It’s a matter of letting go of fear, would you say? I fought tooth and nail before I was in a place to consider doing so for my own dear self. Letting go of fear is not always easy by any means, but what glory comes with trusting that there is nothing but love for you, if you will only find a way to let it in! “Let love in!” This is what Spirit whispers to us without end.  What a glorious day it will be for all, when we choose love!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Let It Be True What You Know And Don’t Be Afraid To Tell


forest path for December 2013 post

Spirit will often use story to transport us into a situation, describing a scene so vividly that we feel we are there ourselves. This kind of interaction differs significantly to direct communication by individual souls wishing for someone to witness part of their journey in life or death. The former is a means of developing our personal relationship to the universal consciousness by considering our personal choices on our earth journey, while the latter is an opportunity to have a view into how someone else chose to respond to theirs.

Today’s sharing asks us to consider very deeply, what level of trust we hold in our interactions with the spirit world and then encourages us to trust deeply by presenting this question:

If a situation were to arises in which trusting your intuition could play a positive role in serving the greater good, would you take a chance to share your insights or would you hesitate out of fear of ridicule? Perhaps your ‘knowing’ will prove to hold a vital piece of information  – enough to lead investigators to find a missing person, for instance. Would it be worth taking the chance in being wrong?


Let It Be True What You Know And Don’t Be Afraid To Tell

This wasn’t meant to happen
     This death

I can tell you that
     Without a doubt

We came across it unexpectedly
     A day in the forest gone wrong
          Death without intent

     Swept away by
          I don’t know
               Energies of a different nature
          Not of this world
               Not of this life time

                        Beyond this Earthly Realm

And so…

     How could we have known that on this particular day
          As we walked,
     That one would unexpectedly reappear in our pathway
          Such that we might witness the
          And question the incident
               With critical minds?

I’m going to ask you to close your eyes
     And imagine your surprise when
          On a clear path before you
               One moment clear
          Would now hold in it

                        A child!

Origin unknown

     Age unknown

            Birthplace unknown

And we,
     In our witnessing,
          Might lose track of all sense of time and place
               And imagine we’d always known him/her
                    – this being

Imagine our surprise then,
     When we come across not a living Being,
          But one decade and faded
     Bones now
          Where flesh had been
               And our eyes
          Knowing who it was
               Without having been there before in this lifetime

Let it be true,
     What you know,
          And don’t be afraid to tell
               Even those who don’t believe all that you can see,

     In vision

          And form

               And words

This is a calling beyond your Earthly status

     Listen deeply to its calling

Speak your truth


                 Without hesitation


There is healing there



Honoring Spirits’ guidance in this and other stories like it has allowed me the confidence to become involved in an ongoing missing persons case, in which the spirits of the missing person’s asked me to relay specific information regarding their situation. The child who came to speak to me also communicated loving messages he wished me to pass on to loved ones on this side of the veil.

Thank you for your loving guidance.

Catherine ~

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings