This Is The Way of The World


This is the way of the world

     This is the way of the wind

Where one soul can share love with another
     Without expectation of gain in recognition
          On any level


     Except for the flow of loving energy moving through you
          From the Higher Realms

Let the light do its work


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

I’m Like The Water In This Loch


     Is there anyone listening?

         I have something to say

                     It’s like this

On an occasion such as this
          One thing being much like another
               And visions cross

     I can see you sitting there
          Just as you see me

And in the mingling,

     In the cross over

          In the crash that occurs
               We find ourselves living the same moment as one



         River Lochs

I’m standing here near the waters edge listening to the music of it

I’m standing here
     On the green grass edge
          Hands in pockets
               Eyes surveying
          Wondering at the purpose of life
               And coming up
                    With no good answers

Why did they let me out?

Out into freedom

     Out in the fresh clear, cool, clean air

Out into breath

     Into life

          Into nature

When in my brain
     I am locked up so tight I might never see the light of day

What is the sense of all this beauty
     If our internal life is such torture
          That we never have the chance to show appreciation?

I’m like the water in this loch

It looks as though my life is flowing through
     But truthfully
          I’m at a standstill
               And it’s life that’s passing me by

I’d like to find an escape route

     I’d like to find a way out

          I’d like to reach down to the bottom of the tank
               And pull the plug

I’d wait patiently, for all the water to drain away
     Then I’d stand up
          And walk out of there with my head held high

               There’s got to be a way out

     Watch out now

                    I’m jumping in to find it . . .


Being one who is blessed to bear witness to the spirits of those who are both alive and those who have passed over can leave me unclear at times of which side of the veil a spirit speaks to me from.  Pondering this, in reference to this story however, I decided that where this man is in his journey is less important than the idea he came to share. This spirit, in contemplating his choices in how to cope with a life he found overwhelming, announced a desire to wash himself of his burden by seeking a pathway of release through the water in a River Loch.

One might consider the water to be that of Divine energy. By imagining himself immersed in such, he saw a positive opportunity to find strength to walk again with head held high.

Did he take his own life? We don’t know, truly. And what if he did? Is it our place to pass judgement on one who might choose to step into the light beyond, by means of their own hand? Are we truly able to say definitively if this is the ‘right’ choice, or the ‘wrong’ choice? Or is it simply ‘the’ choice this spirit has made in the moment?

My choice in receiving this story is to consider myself deeply blessed to be called to bear witness to his choice of what he saw as a measure of self love. I don’t know what happened next for this spirit, but I will open my heart to him one way or the other and ask for blessings for him along the next step of his journey.


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

“What if…?” Loving Guidance In Overcoming Fear And Anxiety


     These are the words I wish to share

Are you listening?

Yes, dear spirit


               Listen closely . . .


Often we try to make sense of things

     Before they’ve become our reality

We spend endless hours
     Contemplating our reactions
          To those truths
               Which are only truths
                    In our imagination

“What if this?

     What if that?”
          We say,

With endless energy invested
     Such that
          All our time is spent there
               With nothing left

Nothing left

               For our present state of being

I would like to say
     That this endless forward living
          Deprives us
               In the most detrimental way
                    When clearly
                         Our hearts become frozen
                              In fear

Let your mind go blank
     One second at a time

          Take all the time you need
               To practice this skill

Let the thoughts that consume you
     Hold their own
          Even for a moment
               Such that a space for
                         Begins to appear

Shake away the cobwebs
     Such that a single breath
          Can fill you
               And eventually two
                    Without interruption
                         And with each sacred breath . . .

Yes, Spirit?

     A song will begin to play
          On your heart chords

Let the music play

     Let the melody find a place in your heart
          So that the thread of that song
               Builds on the strength
                    Of your inner knowing

Allow yourself to remember
     The notes reflect a sacred song
          Created for you
               At the beginning of time

Isn’t it an ancient melody?

You know it well

     It’s a song of love
          Composed by none other
               That the one who loves you best

Take up your harp
     And let your fingers dance across the strings

     Fill the heavens with the notes
          That share this joyful tune

          Let this light-filled
               Soulful thread of sound
                    Wind round the space you’re standing in
               In such a way
                    That nothing

     Could call your attention
          With greater appeal

Yes, Spirit?

I’d like to count on that for you

I’ll be right there
     Rooting for your sense of grounding in the now


Start breathing now
     One glorious
          Heartfelt breath at a time

     You’ll find me there

Shining my light
     Weaving the notes together


     Amen to that


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

This Bird Would Like To Tell You Of A Time Long Ago

Crow flying left to right
       Listen closely

           I want to tell you about

                        When the crow flew overhead
                              Left to right
                        Do you remember?
I can see it in my minds eye, Spirit
This bird would like to tell you
      Of a time long ago
      Beyond a shadow of a doubt
            The storm that was gathering
                  Held the attention
                        Of all who were careful enough to listen
You imagine I was offering
      Tales of fantasy
            Accept for the fact that
                  You were there
                        Amongst the few
                              Do you recall?
Crow serves only as a reminder
      Pointing as she does
            Toward wonder
                  There are reasons we look to the sky…
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings