This Bird Would Like To Tell You Of A Time Long Ago

Crow flying left to right
       Listen closely

           I want to tell you about

                        When the crow flew overhead
                              Left to right
                        Do you remember?
I can see it in my minds eye, Spirit
This bird would like to tell you
      Of a time long ago
      Beyond a shadow of a doubt
            The storm that was gathering
                  Held the attention
                        Of all who were careful enough to listen
You imagine I was offering
      Tales of fantasy
            Accept for the fact that
                  You were there
                        Amongst the few
                              Do you recall?
Crow serves only as a reminder
      Pointing as she does
            Toward wonder
                  There are reasons we look to the sky…
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

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