Tractors And Bull Fights


A child transitions to the afterlife, then reaches back through me to share images of the happiness she lived while here on earth, asks for forgiveness for leaving so soon, hopes that her family will know that she is still dancing in the light of love, where she lives now beyond the veil. Here is a description of our dance together.


There is a tapping sound
          In my head

Tap, tap, tap

Tap, tap, tap

Its as though someone has something to say

What would you like, Little Spirit?

Is it a game you’re playing with my heart?

Come out where I can see you!

And now there is silence
          But I know you are there

                    I can feel you in my heart

Come out, come out
          Wherever you are!

Little Spirit stands in light
          Hands behind her back
                    Facing me but
                              I can’t see her face

Standing on the road
          A dirt road

A country road

Suffused in light

Lemonade stands
          And daisy chains

Wheat fields
          And bugs
                    And chewing on straw

          And overalls

     Cool angels breath

I can feel your breath
          Blowing softly on my face, Spirit

It makes me laugh
          And dance inside

It tickles my heart!

Let me bask in the feel of it

Is there something you wish to convey?


Sunshine kisses the backs of our necks
          Each day
                    As we work and play

                              Plenty of both

I loved it all!

Tractors and
          Bull fights

Open fields and

Is that why you are here?

The tractors’ been hot wired
          And we’re playing where we shouldn’t . . . .

Angel’s breath

Cool breeze on my face

Macy slipped

Macy fell where she shouldn’t have been and
     Now she’s gone

Did they forgive me?

I never knew. . .

Would they forgive me
     For being there, too?

Two of us gone
     On a bright afternoon

Two of us gone too soon

Is there something you’d like to say, Spirit?

     Only that we’re fine

We’re happy
     It’s warm here, too!

Don’t worry . . . .

We’re happy here!



These little spirits are still joyfully playing in the light, just as they always did. They think of you, with love in their hearts, and hope you understand that all is well with them.


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Love Yourself


Screen shot 2016-07-10 at 8.30.08 PM

Often we challenge ourselves
     In ways that are far stricter
          Than anyone would think to impose on us

Our self-criticism
     And disrespect
          Can climb mountains
               With easy strides
          Where others would dole out
               Small servings of pie
                    And wait until we had finished that
                         Before offering another slice

Be kind to yourself

Who knows you better than you?

               Let the harshness fall from your voice

Be willing to
     Let love in
         Rather than bar yourself
               From that which you need most

          Love yourself,
               In the same way you would choose to love
                    Those you care for most

     You are worth all of that

                    And so much more




© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Horse Breath Rising



I wanted to say
     How lonely it is in this institution

          The yellow walls are bright
               But I feel alone inside them

Can’t you help me out here?

I’m stuck on this hill
     The sun shines in the windows
          But my face is turned away
               And all I can see are these walls

Would you like to leave, Spirit?


     Yes, I would


What’s stopping you?


     My parents put me here….

          What if they come back to find me
               And I’m not here when they come?

     How will they find me?

          I don’t want to miss them

But you’ve died spirit. They can’t come and find you because your body is no longer here


Did you not know that?


There’s nothing keeping you here now. You can leave any time

               And my parents?
They have you in their heart. You’ll always be with them there.


     But what happened to me?

     Why did I die?

     Why did they leave me here?

Spirit. Your mind was very challenged. They felt it was best if you came here to rest a while: to find some peace and quiet. You were very disturbed outside these walls. You felt comfort only when you were confined and they couldn’t confine you at home.

Do you recall that now?

     Yes. The wide-open spaces were too much for me….

But I missed them
     I didn’t want to be without them


I hear you, Spirit.

I witness your confusion

          Can they forgive me?

What for, spirit? What would you like forgiveness for?

               For my fear


There is nothing to forgive, they say. They are only sorry they couldn’t do more to comfort you.

     Do we forgive each other then?


Yes, Spirit. Can you find peace?

Yellow light

Painted walls

Blue light

Moving on

     Cool night air

            Horse – breath rising

                 Night sky



(In shamanic practices throughout the world, Horse enables the spirit to fly through the air and reach heaven.)


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings