We are more than the physical – Far more

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Can’t we be together today?

     I’d like to share

          Be at one with me
               If you would

Open yourself to this wonder

     Being together doesn’t necessarily mean
          Side by side

We must set aside this notion
     That physical presence
          Is an indicator of ultimate truth

There is more in the telling
     Than all that

Be clear on this point

We can be at one with another
     Far more easily
          If we open our heart to the truth
               That physical contact is a bonus
                    We can live without

We are more than the physical
     Far more

In delving into energy
     ~ The essence of who we are
     Remember that minds can reach out
          And intermingle
               At a far deeper level of intimacy
                    Than the physical can ever hope to achieve

If I were to leave the body behind
     And meld the essence
          Which is representative of ‘me’
     Into the pure essence of another
          Mutually agreeable soul

          The resulting
               Multitudinous explosion    
                    That can ensue
               Will be boundless
                    In its expansive latitude and longitude

Hear me out

Let go of this notion
     That simply because you cannot
          Physically reach out and touch someone
               You are no longer ‘with’ them

This shares a fundamental lack of understanding
     Of the basic truth of human existence

The physical form
     Is simply a convenience
          Set about to make interactions on this planet earth
          To those at the lower levels of spiritual understanding

The concrete
     In much of our learning
          Is a place to launch ourselves from
               In order to dance in the esoteric realms

We all need a place to ground ourselves
     In the beginning

     Lets not take root
          To such a depth
               That our spirit cannot rise above the mundane

I’d like to say
     That without the experience of so called physical separation
          We cannot possibly have the opportunity
               To comprehend what true love is

True love is the bonding of souls
     Across all time and space

That without the ability to reach out and touch
     We find that we can still see
          The essence of the one we miss
               At a level beyond which we might imagine
                    Is humanly possible

That we might still know the energy of another
     ~ Interact at a soul level
          With another
     And learn to trust
          That despite the lesser
               Of ‘want’
          We can indeed ‘be’ with someone else
               In our heart of hearts
                    With the same level of intensity

          Despite their seeming absence

You don’t ‘need’ someone near you
     To be with them

This is a want
     A desire
          A pleasantry, however profound

You can still love someone
     On into infinity
          Without their physical presence

In which case
     This question you have

     Of ‘Who?”

          Or “where”

               Or “How?”

          Or “When will you ‘see’?” someone
               (Again or otherwise)

     Has little relevance
          To the profound depth of truth that



               “For all time”

     Might in fact be the answer you receive

Believe to that level
     And know
          That, “when” your paths cross again
               (Not “If”)

There will indeed be
     A grand celebration
          Of monumental proportion

Be patient
     All will be revealed…

     Till then,

          Your loved ones
               Are indeed held in the hands of love
                    As are you
               As you struggle to comprehend
                    Such “Lofty” ideas

Speaking to you from beyond

     While nestled in the depths of your heart

          The universe is yours



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

In The Dream A Fawn Came


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Is there a message you would like to share?

Autumn’s golden/brown leaves

          High-pitched whistle in my ears

               Buzzing hands

          Breathe deeply

Is there someone who wishes to share?

I do

     I want to share

It’s this way tonight

On the way to the farm
     I had a dream

     I was sleeping in the car
          And it came to me that

          Of all the places I might have been on this night
               This was the place I was most meant to be

And in the dream

     In the dream
          A fawn came
               Right into the barn

          Right into the barn and lay in the straw at my feet

It spoke to me

     It looked me in the eyes

         And with its eyes
               It said,
          That I was to move everything in my life aside
               To make room for this place

And then I could see

I could see myself living there
     Working in the farm house
          As though it were my own

     Setting up the kitchen table

          For family and friends

               And having everything I needed
                    To share generously

The fawn came
     And I crouched and listened
          With joy in my heart

And now I’m here and I’m driving up the drive in my parents’ car

I’m ten years old
     And I’m looking out the window

     I’m looking for the fawn
          Half expecting to see it
               Wander right out into the yard from the forest                       To make its pledge to me

I hop out of the car

     The sun is hot

          And already I feel more at home here
               Than anywhere I’ve ever been

I’m going to listen

     I’m going to listen to that gentle spirit




                         Show me!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings