In The Dream A Fawn Came


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Is there a message you would like to share?

Autumn’s golden/brown leaves

          High-pitched whistle in my ears

               Buzzing hands

          Breathe deeply

Is there someone who wishes to share?

I do

     I want to share

It’s this way tonight

On the way to the farm
     I had a dream

     I was sleeping in the car
          And it came to me that

          Of all the places I might have been on this night
               This was the place I was most meant to be

And in the dream

     In the dream
          A fawn came
               Right into the barn

          Right into the barn and lay in the straw at my feet

It spoke to me

     It looked me in the eyes

         And with its eyes
               It said,
          That I was to move everything in my life aside
               To make room for this place

And then I could see

I could see myself living there
     Working in the farm house
          As though it were my own

     Setting up the kitchen table

          For family and friends

               And having everything I needed
                    To share generously

The fawn came
     And I crouched and listened
          With joy in my heart

And now I’m here and I’m driving up the drive in my parents’ car

I’m ten years old
     And I’m looking out the window

     I’m looking for the fawn
          Half expecting to see it
               Wander right out into the yard from the forest                       To make its pledge to me

I hop out of the car

     The sun is hot

          And already I feel more at home here
               Than anywhere I’ve ever been

I’m going to listen

     I’m going to listen to that gentle spirit




                         Show me!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


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