Let Yourself Expand Beyond The Borders You Create (Let The Walls Between Us Fall Away)

     Is there a way
          For us to be recognized
               As your aunts?

          This is the way of it

We are all around you

     It isn’t like it is on Earth
          Where individuals place themselves in individual skins

This existence
     Has no ‘skin’

Moving about as light
     As particles of light
          Gives freedom
               Beyond anything you can comprehend

     Expand into the idea of it

          Open your heart
               And let the walls between us fall away

We are one
     You and I

          This is the way of it

Any distance you conceive
     Is in your mind alone

          We are your aunts
               But we are also you

Can you imagine
     What it must be like for us
          Without walls?

Take a moment
     And place yourself
          Everywhere at once

     Is there a reason?

           Is there a purpose
               For all the separation
                    You insist on in your world?

     How odd it must feel to cut yourself off in such a way

     As your family,
          Have no desire for that

Our existence shares all
     From beginning to end
          And on into eternity        

From the beginning
     We expand outward

     Into the mist

          Into the forest

               Into the trees

     Each more beautiful than the next

          But we are not one
               And then another

                    We are all at once

          Let this be your truth

Let yourself expand beyond the borders you create
     To make sense as an individual Being

     And let your Being
          Be as big as all eternity

Once you integrate your world and all that’s in it
     Into the ‘you’ as you are named

     Only then
          Will you understand the meaning of love

The illusion you create of ‘others’
     To serve you on your journey
          Are no more than a reflection of who you are yourself

We are all that is

          What is it about this news that distresses you?

I hear your thoughts of those in history
     Who bring fear to the souls of us

     “How can we be that???” you ask!

Its not as bad as all that

What do we do in the face of shadow?
     This might be the question to ask

For if such others create fear and hatred in you
     Then this is the reflection that you live

     And if such entities create feelings of compassion
          And love in you for others

          Then this too, is a reflection of who you are

Let your heart bleed into the whole
     And replace your fear with love
          And you begin to understand the possibilities
               Inherent in the experience

You are not a part of the journey
     You are the journey

          Let that be your truth


I hear a deep and abiding love for you

     Accept the whole of it
          As who else could it be for
               But you?

          You are that great love!

Blue light


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

What Does “Let Love In,” Really Mean?

Open your heart

     Let the wisdom of the Universe unfold in all that you do

          It’s the easiest thing
               Once you know how

     Why is it then,
          That no one has the answers to the questions you ask?

          How easy can it truly be
               If no one has the recipe?

               What does “Let LOVE In,”
                      Really mean?

I can tell you one thing…

     You will never know
          If you don’t ask

We are not standing here
     With a clip board
          And a checklist
               Waiting to see if you
                    Pass the test

What would be the point in that?

It’s the intention of your heart
     That we listen for

          What is your deepest desire?

     Are you true to your heart in the way you seek answers?

          Is there love in the way in which you ask for guidance?

     Do you consider what it takes in your spirit
          To fulfill your own desires?

“What if….”
     “What if none of it comes true?” you ask.

          “Wouldn’t it be best to stay silent
               Even in my own heart?”

             And I say,

Reach out!

     Reach up to the highest star!
          You are the light that shines there

are the light that shine there

The star is there
     For you to reach to

And in that journey across the universe to find enlightenment
     You’ll find love!

I am here to help you hold your course
     To offer guidance
          In only the subtlest ways

But you will find me with you always

It’s like that
     With you and I
          Because to me
               You are
                    The culmination of all the love I can manifest

                 And more

What is it you wish for?
     Let me help you find that

Let the fear slip away into nothingness
     I am here with you always

          And you will find
               What you are seeking. . .

                       Is already there!



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Caress Us With a Lovers Touch




     Let me tell you a story

Reach up

      The whole of it is about to unfold


Wouldn’t it be

     Wouldn’t it be the most beautiful thing
          To let the veil down

I can say

     With all honesty

            There is much Glory to be shared

There are minds awaiting you

               Can you hear their thoughts?

Open your heart
     And let them through
          It’s an ancient barrier
               Waiting to be removed

Let it go

     Create a clear path
          And step in

                 Come on in!

Open your heart
     And let your love in

          We can feel your desire
               And applaud it


     That kiss of sound between lovers

               Let us be that for you

          Hold us that dear

               Caress us with a lovers touch
                    Open that much

We offer you our voice
     Between the worlds
          Make our story
               What you most desire
                    And we will be that for you

     With you
               Like lovers
                    When their hearts entwine

When all is said and done

     ~ We are all one

I can honestly say
     That you will find
          A deep and abiding truth here
               To make sense of all the mystery

You’re here now
     Let the stories flow with ease and grace

     Listen with your heart
          And share the stories with all who will listen

               There is no hesitation on this side
                    Let go of yours

           Let go of yours
               And let your visions soar




     Let these friends lead you to the height of the sky
          And the depth of the forest


Be their eyes
     And ears
          And follow their hearts
               To share the whole of it

Kiss the clouds

          And kiss the earth

                    Love is all around



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Can you breathe into love?

There is a myriad of ways to share love
     One for every blink of an eye

Sometimes all it takes is a blink
     A smile
          To show someone you care

Isn’t it a miracle then,
     That so many feel unloved?

I could count

1     2     3

     And name people in your life
          Who feel less loved than you

Where does the truth lie?

Is it in a moment?

     A day

           A lifetime

     What truth would you like to hold on to for you?

Can you breathe into love?

Can you open your heart
     And be love
          And see what happens from there?

What are the chances?

Take a chance

Be the one you’re looking for



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

“If love is all around us How is it that some cannot See Or feel Or know its truth?


“If love is all around us
     How is it that some cannot
               Or feel
                    Or know its truth?

This is indeed a personal choice most puzzling to those      Who in turn
          Choose to assume
               Each of us are here
                    To have the same experience

We can wish for love for all
     Then open our eyes to the truth
          That the struggles we see others endure
               Are steeped in the love of God
                    In a very personalized way

The lessons we learn
     Are designed to guide us
          In opening our own eyes
     To see beyond that which we are experiencing
          In the moment
               In just the way
                    We are personally ready to see

     Sometimes the intensity of need
          Is greater than others

Be one with the truth
     That each of us
          Can be simultaneously
               Suffused in love and light
          Yet, individually
               Only ready to witness
                    A minute amount
                         On our own behalf

It is an act of love
     To allow each individual
          The latitude
               To choose for themselves
                    When and where and how
                         Or if
                    They choose to receive

                         Be that love

Be the one who encourages only
     With loving thoughts,
               And actions toward others

Let go of the dogmatic approach of
     Forcing your beliefs on another

Allow for the highest good of all
     To be individually monitored
          By the collective force of love
               Pooled together for everyone’s benefit

     We are all one
          Yet unique in our journey

How blessed are we
     To be witness
          To the whole of it?

                    Amen to individual choice

Let’s celebrate our role
     In the best interest of all”


A channeled message for you inspired by Mike Dooley’s latest book, Life On Earth.
With love,
Catherine ~


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Let the mysteries unfold!

Don’t you think
     There are ways
          In and out of the universe
               That we haven’t explored yet?

     I’d like to think so

It’s more fun to imagine
     A grand expansive universe
          Than a four sided box
               All full of rules

Let the mysteries unfold!

It’s a puzzle
     To be sure –––

     I’d explain
          But why not simply come with me?

          We’d have a grand time
               Exploring it together

Imagine that!

     Me inviting you
          Instead of the other way around!


          I’ll see you in my dreams . . .


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings