Love Has Your Back ~ Letting Go of Fear


This is a disease that harbours great darkness
     For the ones who find themselves locked there
          If they can see nothing
               Beyond the shadow of it

Reaching out
     Doesn’t even enter the consciousness
          At those times
     Movement at all
          Can be a task bordering on hysteria

Why would we ask that of anyone?

In these moments
     Looking inward is the key

          Reach into your own heart for self-love

Reach in
     Because it’s there you’ll find

          The love of God

               The angels

                    The Universe

                         And all of eternity
                              Nestled at the core

     There is room enough for all that
          Inside your own heart

     Without that
          We might crumble
               In those moments

I can’t imagine a loving God
     Who would abandon a child
          And yet,

               Isn’t that how it appears
                    In these moments?

Reaching out for help
     Is the impossible task
          For someone
               Who can’t breathe…

                    What happens then?

What happens
     When fear reaches such a height
          That a spirit can be
               Swallowed whole
                    And left to fend for themselves?

That kind of darkness
          Is no blessing in disguise

Hold out your hand to Love

     Not physically

          Not literally
               But in your heart

     Open your heart
          To the possibility of Love
     Then close your eyes
          And wash yourself in Light

               “What if I forget” you say?

                         “What if…?”

Then let go
     Of all the fighting

Let it go and know
     That all the love in the Universe
          That lives inside your heart
               (Without fail)
          Is there specifically and solely
               To hold you close
                    And walk with you
               Until the moment passes
                    And you can breathe again

It’s not a matter of having to remember anything
     In that moment

                    Love has your back!

                              Let that be your truth

Amen to your courageous heart!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

LOVE … Cannot Be Hidden From The Eyes Of God

This is the way of it

            This is the truth as I know it

About the only thing that really matters
     Is that LOVE
          As we know it
               Cannot be hidden from the eyes of God

You may think
     That the intention of your heart
          Is a secret unto yourself
               But this cannot be so

If you are
     As God intended
          Part of all that is,
               How can you be separate                                    From the knowledge of all?

How can you imagine yourself
     Alone in what you feel?

          Isn’t this an interest
               Of the utmost despair?

Who among you
     Would choose to separate themselves from Love?

How can you imagine, then
     That when you love
          No one notices?

Spirit shares your emotions
     Both in joy and in sorrow
          This is the way of things
               From our side of the equation

You may think yourself alone
     Even in the joy of a secret love
          But truly
               We are all here
                    Rooting for you

                Rooting for the joy of love
                      To spread to all

     Let it out

          Let it shine
               As far as you can see

                    As far as you can feel

     Let the love in you
          Be all that you are
               And know the joy of having love
                    Is there to be shared
               Beyond the edge of eternity

                         For all time



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



     There is a story here

Its’ about fidgets. . .

Those things you play with

     You know

          You take them out
               When you have nothing to do

     You know

What is that?

     That’s a place of peace

When you hold that something in your hand
     Just to have something for your hand to hold

     Then your mind can drift

          Your soul can dance

               The physical is busy
                    So your soul can sing

          Can play
               On its own plane
                    Without interference

I can remember a time
     When you were little

     We were sitting on the sand
          Me whittling
               You with stones
               And you were singing

What is it about those moments?

          Can we ever have enough?


     Let it in to your Being

We loved each other well

                And still ~



How Do We Share Our Truth With Integrity, With Those Who Don’t Believe?


Listen to this
     Little child of mine

     I am here,

            With love


There is a fine line
     Between those who believe
And those not willing to consider the possibilities
          Of worlds beyond the concrete

If you were one that didn’t

     What would you want to hear?

What would you not want to know?

It’s not hard to imagine
     That the more fantastic the tale
          The less credibility you will hold

Take care then
     To be kind to yourself in this disclosure

Simple is best

     My love

Keep your sharing within the realm
     Of their experience
          And nothing more

It’s all they need to hear
     Until their experience
          Makes your world
               A possibility from their own truth

Up until then
     Anything you say beyond the concrete
          Will be lost to them

Holding your truth
     Doesn’t make it any less true

     To overwhelm
          ~ This is not an act of love

Love yourselves first in this

     Honour yourself

          Don’t leave yourself open to confused disbelief

Your past life stories
     Are yours alone to cherish

     Those who hold fast to the ‘now’
          Have a gift as important as all that

Offer what they believe
And the rewards will suffice

          Offer the fantastic
And nothing good will come

Love yourself first

     And present a simple clear connection

            And love that




© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings