Medical Intuitive/Animal Spirit Communication

An opportunity to join in spirit with a puppy in distress came to me a few nights ago from where I did not know. In spirit, time, space and place are of little importance. On a trusted facebook page a group member (GM) wrote:

GM: Hi, guys. I badly need you guys’ help.
I bought a puppy last Saturday. His health has declined since last night. He is only 48 days old. I am at work and he is at my friend’s place. My parents are going to take him to the vet in the evening. Please Please Please pray for this little one. I’m scared as hell. Can’t concentrate on my work too. I know I just have to be positive and shouldn’t react before even knowing the problem. Idk what else to say. Just pray for him to get well soon 🙁 :'( <3

With this invitation to the highest good I feel drawn to open myself to this pup with an intention to ask Spirit to offer love and light. With only a moment to share, I close my eyes to see a small pup in my vision space, head down, eyes close.

Simultaneously, a cow appears, joyfully looking at me! This cow has an unusual look. Unlike the hearty, thick breasted animals we see here this cow has a very long face and is very slender across the chest. I am not familiar with the various breeds of cows in the world, however, this cow shared a very strong notion of ‘milk’; I therefore assumed it was a jersey cow.

Cow connected herself to pup by way of conveying the idea that pup has a food allergy. I asked cow, “Does the puppy need to drink milk? Or was it given milk and should not have it? Cow remained. Cocked her head. I was not clear of her message so wrote:

Catherine: I am getting a food allergy and a blockage in the intestine. Sending healing love and light for the wee pup.xo

On completion of some work I was involved in, Spirit came again regarding the pup. I close my eyes and surrender to the invitation to bear witness and begin to relay my experience.

The pup in this image is similar to the one in my vision space as representing GM’s lovely pet, only the paws are on the other side of its face, and the eyes are closed. I write:

Catherine: ~ Hello

Please forgive me if this is not your wee puppy.

When reaching out to check in with your puppy I see a small (obviously) pup lying with head on its front paws. It shows me rounded ears and perhaps a little bit of wave in the fur. Short haired.

With an intention to scan pups body, I adjust my position to look at it from its left side. Hovering my spirit hands above puppies head, I slowly move my attention down its back checking bone structure and internal organs, ‘listening’ for any anomalies. I do not experience the sensation of touch in the way we would were I physically present, nevertheless, I feel pup in spirit and receive information as though I were actually there. The information comes in images, sensation, ideas, concepts, love, light and curiosity. With a clear sense of knowing I write:

As I do a body scan it appears that the bone structure and alignment of the pup’s spine, etc. is all good, no problems there; lovely, soft fur, floppy extra skin to grow into, all good. However, this might be a question in someone’s mind because I see someone’s hands touch the pups rear area on either side feeling into the pups hip area and I see the pup lift its head, furrowed brow, and nip the hand, first on one side and then the other. This kind of touch is uncomfortable, but not because of any structural issues.

Pup now turns over on its back, my intuitive journey continues. I write:

Pup rolls over and shows me the underbelly, which appears very red to me. I am unclear if the redness is visible on the outside or if this is a reflection of redness inside the body, possibly indicative of heat and infection. Originally, I sensed a blockage and wondered if it was intestinal, however, now I am leaning toward a bladder condition, possibly infection. I want to say pup wants to urinate, or should I say needs to, but does not want to because urinating is painful. Hence, touch around the backside reaps nips and possibly yelps.

In my vision space, I see a hand holding a large syringe full of thick yellow medication. I know that there is no way the pup could tolerate such a large dose, and that the substance was far too thick. However, I recognize the medication as what we might take ourselves aurally as amoxicillin and knew the vision to say the puppy was in need of antibiotics.

I see pup getting an injection in the upper back leg and suspect that medication is needed to get directly at the issue in the fastest way possible. If you can afford it, I suggest you take wee pup to the vet. Afterward, you may need to keep an eye on him for this sort of bladder issue.

At this point I see pup stand up, head up wagging its tail. It shows me a lovely little puppy body, a sense of feeling back to its old self, an expression of happy, ready to play energy. I write:

I sense that pup will be fine in the long run, however, now is very uncomfortable and the sooner the issue can be addressed the better. If not some sense of urgency, considering its young age and size.

Again, my deepest apologies if this is not accurate.

All the best for peaceful nights to come.

GM replied two hours later with the following good news and our conversation continued as such:

GM: OMG!!! You are absolutely correct. I don’t know about the touch you were talking about. I only clean him with wet wipes for his cleanliness around his privates in the morning. The vet had injected him antibiotics and vitamins in legs and he is completely fit and fine now. You are amazing. Thanks a lot <3

Catherine: Oh, I am so glad he is feeling better! That is such wonderful news! It must have been the vet that got the nip. Haha. Thank you for sharing. I’m dancing over here about the puppies return to health. Well done, you!

GM: Haha <3

Catherine: Where are you in the world, GM?

GM: I stay in India. Where are you from? You look beautiful and I can sense you are one fierce kind woman. <3

Catherine: I am in Canada! ❤️

Later that evening GM placed a new post in our shared group with an update on how pup’s health had improved.

GM: Hello, Everyone! I’m just so happy. You guys are LOVE. Thank you so much for the well wishes. My puppy is doing well. His stomach was upset because of Dry food and yogurt. I have changed the food now and he is fit and healthy and happy.
I can’t thank you guys enough for the support. YOU ALL ARE LOVE. Lots of Happiness, wealth, fortune, strength and Love to you all.
I love you. <3

Seeing GM’s note regarding yogurt I piped up.

Catherine: Omg! Haha! I saw a cow at one point but didn’t want to mention that! I guess that was about the yogurt. Bwahaha next time I won’t be shy. ❤️

GM replies: OMG! So correct! I had been asked to give him yogurt and a tea spoon of digestive powder. I don’t know why the pet shop suggested me to feed him this food.

Cow is hilarious though. Haha

Catherine: I couldn’t understand it either. I was trying to understand why the cow had shown up. It was a black jersey cow, looking right at me. Hee hee. I thought, “Are you trying to tell me the puppy needs milk? Or should not be drinking milk?’ It made no sense, so I decided to ignore her. Haha. 🐮🐄

Cow was sending love!

Googling jersey cows I realized I was quite mistaken with the breed of cow in my mind compared to the vision presented. Cow was indeed the very image of cows in India. Cow was relaying where in the world we were exchanging communication, the specific food pup had eaten, and that pup was uncomfortable because of its allergy to dairy.

Thank you Spirit, for allowing me to bear witness to this wee pup’s spirit journey from across the world. Thank you, GM, for inviting universal love to attend to your puppy in distress. Thank you, cow, for sharing your love and wisdom with me, though I did not fully understand your message. Thank you readers, for indulging in the sharing of this story.

Have a beautiful day.


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2 thoughts on “Medical Intuitive/Animal Spirit Communication”

  1. This is Beautiful and brings tears to my eyes of joy of course. It reminded me of seeing someone post about their lost kitty and it touched me too, soo much as i just had a kitty choose me and show up on my porch (no relation to lost kitty) so kitty was very much in my light.

    I meditated on kitty and saw it walking and thriving and finding its way back. I posted what i saw and shortly after she posted that kitty came home.

    Same happened when a friends kitty es missing i saw him looking for herbs trying to heal himself she found him treated him with natural remedies and kitty healed.

    Animals are so connected with me since a child when I nursed an injured Hummingbird back to being able to fly and walk .
    Love and Light ❤ ⭐

    1. Hi Teresa,
      I love your story, it is wonderful to walk with you as you see beyond the seen through your description. Wonderful, too, to hear of these activities going on behind the scene. We don’t know this about each other, unless we share.

      Thank you for sharing!
      Catherine ~

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