With No Such Thing As Time Or Place Where Does That Leave Us?


There is a time and place for all things

     But with no such thing as time
          Or place

               Where does that leave us?

     I’d like an answer to that

               Wouldn’t you?

Yes, I would, Spirit.

                    Then listen closely…


If you were to take away
     All the limitations of time and space

               What would you have left?

         A coming together of the whole!

Time and place are simply
     A means of creating the illusion
          Of separation

One here,

     One there,

          Passage of time in movement
               From one to the other

     This is a falsehood
          Set out by the limits of our own creativity

Remove these concepts
     And we are all one
               Without question

          How can there truly be anything else?

If this were true
     Then this notion of separation
          Must be a falsehood

     Without it
          There is no length of separation

               There simply is

                    No separation

And so,

     How can it be that you ache for someone?

          You must always be with them
               And they with you…

Reach out then
     And touch the beauty of that
          To your own heart

     You’ll find them there
          Those you ache to be near

          You’ll find them
                    Sharing oneness

            And your very own heart


    © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings






2 thoughts on “With No Such Thing As Time Or Place Where Does That Leave Us?”

  1. such beautifully profound words,
    in each thought, action, experience we may ask:
    does this create separation or unity in my life?
    and from that awareness, we can choose how to
    go forward.
    Thank you Cathy

    1. When in the midst of heart ache, it can be so difficult to accept these words as one possibility in the whole of possibilities. I hope those who are feeling the ache of separation can find some comfort here.

      Thanks for your thoughts. Choice is the key, isn’t it? Always.
      Catherine ~

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