Leave Yourself Open To joyful Possibilities Beyond Your Knowing

     Within the confines of our soul . . .

Yes, Spirit?

Within the boundaries
     Of that which constitutes our soul-self
          Are endless possibilities
               For manifestation

We cannot comprehend what these possibilities are
     So vast and unending
          As they are want to be

Engaging in ‘creating’ them
     Can in its own way be limiting
          Satisfying though it may be
               When the joys of our imagining
                    Come to fruition


There is a place for allowing beauty to unfold
     In its own glorious ways
     By the confines of our ability to imagine all that is

Be patient
          With the angelic realm

     They have your best interests at heart

Allow some space
     For unimaginable joy
          To manifest on your behalf

          Be open to the joyful unknown…

Leave yourself open
     To joyful possibilities
          Beyond your knowing

     You can do that
          And trust
               They are waiting there for you

Letting go of such strict control
     Can lead to happiness
          In unexpected ways

     This too
          Has a place
               For and with you

               To the highest good of all


2 thoughts on “Leave Yourself Open To joyful Possibilities Beyond Your Knowing”

    1. Hi Cheryl

      For the longest time I struggled with this idea of the unknown and what that might bring. I wonder if I am alone in needing to find peace with the prospects of leaving myself open to possibilities beyond my knowing. Now that I am there, the unknown a friend that feeds my curiosity, awe and boundless joy! I accept!
      Catherine ~

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