Reach Out In Your Heart And Ask Your Loved One To Appear To You!

Dear One’s.

A few Facebook friends have been in touch lately hoping I might reach out beyond the veil to let their loved ones know how dearly they are missed. My conversations have prompted a few thoughts I felt I wanted to share with all of you.

Our grief seems to go in waves doesn’t it? At times we find ourselves at the crest of a wave crashing down over the rocks, wondering how we will survive. It may be important to know there are those of us willing a peaceful flow of water ahead for you, as you move through your current ebb of sorrow.

Allow your truth to be that our loved ones are with us always. They are not able to appear in the flesh to hold and comfort us, as they may wish to do, in which case, it is up to us on this side to look for our loved ones in different form. Here is one idea you might try as you maneuver through this new territory of apparent separation.

Reach out in your heart and in your voice and ask your loved ones to appear to you, to give you a sign that they are near. You must be brave enough to open your heart to look for them in all ways.

You may feel their presence near and think, “I must be crazy….” I implore you to trust yourself and trust your knowing. Communication with the worlds beyond is not a ‘special’ skill for only a few ‘lucky’ ones. We can all do this if only we trust what we think we know. Believe in yourself. (Oh the years I have wrestled with this idea only to discover what I thought was true IS true.)

You may come across a feather or the sound of a bird singing; a picture in a magazine that reminds you of somewhere you’ve been with the one you miss. Perhaps a friend calls you that you weren’t expecting to hear from (who was also important to the one you love). Trust that your loved one whispered in their ear to give you a call so that you might be closer to your loved one in thought. Maybe a particular scent, a book or a song that you hear will have you say, “Ah, yes! I know you made this happen so I would know you are still with me.”

It is quite a shift we have to make to engage in the spirit realm, the process of which takes us out of ourselves, a gift in itself; I hope you’ll agree.

When we feel the depths of sorrow we can become lost within. This is normal. Don’t despair or worry that you will always feel this way…. In fact, it may be important to consider the truth that when we feel the greatest distance, it is because our loved ones have moved right inside our heart to be one with us there. We cannot find them outside of ourselves because they are nestled within! In this way, it is ourselves we must love.

Have no expectations of ‘when’ your loved one will appear (it may take a few days, perhaps) only trust that they will appear. This is not necessarily a simply idea, but you must allow your heart to open to the possibility that your loved one is hoping to contact you in just the same way you wish to be close to them.

Lift up your heart, lift up your eyes so that you are available to witness the signs when they come.

My heart is with you,
Catherine ~

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