There Are Worlds Beyond The Ordinary That Have Plenty To Say

There are messages to hear
     To be sure

     Above the common mind
          The simple mind

There are worlds beyond the ordinary
     That have plenty to say

         It’s a question of
               Who is waiting to listen?

          Who is available
               To open their mind
                    To the whole of it?

Let the truth of this light



               Dance of light)

Let the truth of this light
     Fall from your pen
          Onto the eyes of the world

     Let the words you hear and dictate
          Flow through your Being
               Without hesitation

         Let it be known
               That here is not where it all begins
                    And ends

There is more
     Much more

          To live
               And breathe
                    And experience

     You can imagine

              Can’t you?

          That the existence beyond this view
               Has every right to be?

     That there are others
          Like you,
               Who live in both realities?
                    Exist on more than one plane?

There are many planes

          We’ve talked of this before

Take a chance

     Step over the stepping-stones
          Into the worlds beyond

Then step back again
     And share with others
          All you’ve seen there

It’s easy now
     Don’t deny it

          Breathe into the truth of all that
               With a joyful heart!


 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

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