Don’t let the wrapping confuse you

When we come across a situation that produces a feeling of fear in ourselves, the act of hesitation can be considered an act of love. In the time we spend considering the direction we would wish to take, we are in essence, transforming the fear into an act of love toward self. ‘Don’t let the wrapping confuse you!” Fear, may be an encouragement for us to learn how to love ourselves deeper. I think that is what this message is about….


It wasn’t that long ago
     You were lost from love

          How are you feeling now?

                    Have you asked yourself?

Let love in
     Still . . .

           Let more love in



     Life knots things together
          In many different packages

               Don’t let the wrapping confuse you

     Blue night sky

               Billions of bright white stars



 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


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