There Was Once A Girl Whose Father Was A Woodsman

The young girl in this story longs to follow in her fathers footsteps as he leaves for work each day and disappears into the forest. Instead, she chooses to remain at home creating a warm and loving environment for him to return to.

In telling this story, Spirit invites us to consider our choices in life–––to take a moment to listen to our own dear heart. Are you ready to step beyond the familiar in order to fulfill your dreams? Or do you prefer the comfort and ease of your current existence?

Thank you, Spirit; for the gentle way you have of helping us to reflect on our truth. There is no right answer or wrong answer, just ‘the’ answer that holds your personal truth.


Dapples of golden light
     Light up the moss covered rocks

          Rocky forest floor

                    Walls of air

Who lives here
     Among the pine needles
          The stumps
               The tree roots
                    And the grass?

There is a breeze here
     That whispers your name


          Alison Craig

     What is it you wish to say?

               Are you listening?

Step a little closer
     And hear my words . . . .


There was once a girl
     Whose Father was a woodsman

He left each day
     And entered the woods

     Slipped between the branches
          Where he performed

               No one knows . . .

Then returned each night
     Exhausted and worn
          But brilliantly lit

     Or so said the soul of him
          Whispered aloud by the fire

She asked to go with him
     And, never invited
          Busied herself with the home

     Cleaned it
          Cared for it
               Tended it lovingly

          Ready each night to receive him
               With warmth
                    And love
                         And comfort

Should she have followed him
          When the trees called?

Should she have taken the trails that he walked?

     Should she have let the sound of his footsteps
          Beacon her forward
               To disappear with him?

          Would it have changed things?

                    What did her silence say?

Let the forest fill your ears!
     That’s where the answers lie

     Step into the forest yourself
          And listen

               What do you hear?

                    Tell me what you hear….



Thank you, Storm Mcgee, for sharing your glorious image for use on this post.

© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

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