In the name of love

     Love is not a possession….

Love is not an object
     Not a means to an end

     Not something to grasp
          And retain
               To save for oneself
                    To hold on to

          Love is not a thing
               To place in your pocket
          Or hang framed
               On the wall
                    For all and sundry to
                         Ogle and crave

Let it in
     To touch who you are

          To touch your gentle, tender
               Precious heart

     Then let it go
          As quick as all that

Set it free
     To move off in all directions

     Except now ~
          There is a piece of you with it

     The essence of you,
          Has become one and the same
               As the love that moved through you

          Shared with all of the Universe
               It’s power and strength have grown
                    Ten fold

Be that

     Live that

          And share all of who you are
               In the name of love




© Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

4 thoughts on “In the name of love”

  1. Love is free. ( I was just thinking about love barely 30 min ago). What I would say for a definition I mean. It’s free. It’s unconditional. It has a life of its own. It is to be shared. It is to be felt. You know it when you give it. You know it when you feel it.

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