Growing up on the west coast of Canada with her parents and two beloved brothers, Catherine loved the outdoors. Mountains, lakes, streams, ocean and all the creatures she encountered became an integral part of her identity. No surprise that these sights, sounds and energies now figure prominently in visions, bringing their medicine and guidance to her in communication from the spirit world.

Catherine became adept at moving between the earth and spirit realms in early childhood. This openness made way for her to discover Spirits willing to communicate directly with her. At age 16, Catherine began communicating with a beloved aunt who visited her regularly in the months following her death. As a result, Catherine realized her capacity to communicate directly with those existing beyond the physical world – to hear and speak to spirits on an ongoing basis.

Work to support the development of children with extraordinary needs became Catherine’s passion in her teenage years. She worked in preschool and hospital settings for children with mild to severe physical and cognitive disabilities and life threatening medical conditions, including hospice work for children from infants to teens. Work as a signed language interpreter for young children in both the public school system and as ‘dorm mom’ for young boys 4-9 years old living at a residential school for the deaf, contributed to her ability to interpret signs, symbols and gestures in communication between worlds.

Catherine’s work with children continues as a primary teacher in BC’s public school system. With a lifetime dedicated to service to children Catherine has been called to witness and support their journey after death, in the spirit world. Hundreds of communications have transpired for Catherine during meditation. Selected stories from spirits infant to teenaged years are the basis for her book On Spirits Wings: Voices – Dancing with Children in Spirit.

Catherine’s knowledge of the unseen has developed through adherence to continuous spiritual guidance offered to her by the energy she refers to as ‘Spirit’. Education includes continuous dedicated ongoing classes in mediumship. Her skills include proficiency in acknowledgement of animal spirits and the energy of the ‘little folk’ as messengers of healing; recognizing and interpreting aura energy; the practice of long distance medical intuitive and energy healing work; channeling wisdom and personal messages of love, light and spiritual guidance; telepathic communication with the spirit of the living; bearing witness to the journey of spirits through the process of their transitions on death; and practice in Spiritual Mediumship.

Catherine’s work as a conduit for spirits through Mediumship is deeply spiritual in nature. When you ‘Ask Spirit’ questions from your heart, Catherine will channel inspirational messages from the spirit realm via automatic writing to address your inquiry. Animal spirit medicine, as well as descriptions of love, light, colour and energy underline her desire to work, always, toward the Highest Good of All.

Catherine shares her work with Spirit by social media, and has received praise from around the world including individuals in Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States, Denmark, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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