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Ask Spirit

Continuous prayer and meditation over many years has allowed me to receive tremendous guidance from the Divine in the way of ‘listening’. With the intention always to serve only the highest good of all, I offer myself to you as a conduit through which you can reach out and ASK SPIRIT and RECEIVE DIVINE RESPONSES to those soul searching questions that tug at your heart.

You will receive a Divinely channelled personal message – words spoken directly to you through me from Spirit. Visions, animal spirits, images of plants or crystals, colour, light, all manner of miraculous energies may appear. This is Spirits way of asking that I draw your attention to these healing modalities in answer to your inquiry. A lengthy type written document will be forwarded within a few days.

Connect me at: for more information. We will work together to refine your question to be as specific as possible before I reach out and ask spirit on your behalf.

Any question is valid – take time to listen deeply to your heart while forming your question.
(Love, Family, Finance, Health, etc.)

Animal Spirit Connection $10.00
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Animals spirits gather near us to share inspiring healing guidance at all times. Allow me to reveal the animal spirit vision that appears for you, to your highest good in this moment.



“Thank you so very much for tonight’s guidance you put the light exactly on the main issues I have been dealing with lately. I love your guidance. Much needed and appreciated. God Bless you xx”

Dalila Serghine
Algeria, African

“Catherine, Thank you for sharing your gifted insights. As usual you are spot on and give me much to think about. Love and light to you.”

L. Thomas
Memphis, TN

“Thank you so much for the animal medicine!! That was so wonderful! I have always loved foxes and see them often when I’m driving. I was so excited to see two right outside my back door the other day. I think they may be living in a pile of misc wood in my yard. Thank you so much for your time and energy! I so appreciate the animal medicine.”

Hana Rachel
Sonoma county, Northern California

“This is so accurate to me it resonates deeply. I am in a new life awakening, and ascending to higher levels of spirituality; actually have a book on Shamanic studies that I picked up yesterday looking through it, preparing to read….I feel the calling of a healer and using my gift for humanity. I was working in my flowers today too, planting bulbs for spring, I had a strong urge to be outside today to feel the soil in my hands and excited to see the new birth of these to come. I am becoming more focused on what makes me happy, and seek and find pleasure in my results. I do listen to my true self and am on my true path of being who I was meant to be. This is a lovely message and very encouraging…Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me…. Much love and light, and Blessings…xoxoxo…”

Ella Sue Beshears
North Carolina

“Thank you Catherine. I totally understand this message from Lizard. I need to start a dream journal again. It is not that i have necessarily neglected my dreams and future endeavours what I have done is just focused on my finances, gratefully I am doing much better. I do need to focus on my goals and where I am headed next year. Thank you for your insight <3 Namaste”

Katrina Smathers
British Columbia, Canada

Looking forward to being a conduit of Spirit for you through the animal energies,

With love,


Ways in which Spirit works through and with me:

Alpha Trance: The ability to go into an altered state in order to access other dimensions of reality.

Animal Spirit Communication: An awareness of the presence of animal spirits as messengers of Spirit bringing healing guidance and energy to those in need.

Apport: The manifestation of physical objects from other dimensions or the spirit realm.

Astral Projection: The ability of the spirit to leave the body at will or through the dream state.

Aura Reading: The ability to perceive the energy around the periphery of a persons body seen in the form of light and colour; to sense and interpret psychic information related to this persons experiences in life, past and present.

Blending: The ability to shape shift or merge ones ethereal body into that of another person or living being in order to see the world as they see it, know the things that they know and understand their thoughts and intention while being at one with that being. To be a witness of another persons experience from within that person in the past, present or future.

Conscious and Trance Channeling: The ability to listen to and bring information from a separate spirit into full awareness. To relay spiritual guidance and messages from the spirit realm through a variety of Mediumship abilities.

Clairaudience or clear hearing: The ability to hear information not accessible to the five physical senses. To perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise, from sources broadcast from spiritual or ethereal realm, in the form of “inner ear” or mental tone, which are perceived without the aid of the physical ear and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. These tones and vibrations are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairaudients can obtain verbal and sound-related information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments.

Claircognizance or clear-knowing: The ability to simply know something to be true even without supporting knowledge, logic or reason.

Clairempathy or clear emotion: The ability to psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. The experience of telepathically sensing or feeling within one’s self, the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person or entity. Empaths tune into the vibrations and “feel” the tones of the aura.

Clairsentience or clear sensation or feeling: The ability to sense information almost physically that is not perceivable through the five physical senses. To perceive information by a “feeling” within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information.

Clairscent or clear smelling: To smell a fragrance/odour of substance or food, which is not in one’s surroundings. These odours are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space.

Clairtangency: The ability to touch beyond the physical parameters of 3-D space.

Clairvoyant or clear vision: To reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive “within the mind’s eye” something existing in that realm. A clairvoyant is one who receives extrasensory impressions, and symbols in the form of “inner sight” or mental images, which are perceived without the aid of the physical eyes and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. These impressions are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairvoyants can obtain visual information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments.

Energetic Healing: Using psychic and life force energy diagnose energetic imbalances within the body and to channel healing energy with spiritual permission and guidance.

ESP – Extra Sensory Perception: Perceptions of energy and information beyond the five physical senses.

Exorcism or Extractions: The removal of inappropriate and harmful spirits and outer body beings through deliberate manipulation of psychic energy.

Ghost Busting: Diagnosing and removing of negative and/or inappropriate spirit attachments to houses, buildings and people.

Intuitive perception: The ability to perceive information about people, situations and issues without the five physical senses.

Medical Intuitive: A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body. A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the insides (organs, glands, blood, etc.) of a person’s body by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness. Intuited information can then be provided to the client’s medical doctor and/or health care professional for further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments.

Meditation: The art of closing the body awareness and the personality mind down to be one with spirit.

Mediumship: The ability to connect directly with the spirits of the living and those who have moved beyond their physical experience in two-way communication.

Morphing/Psychic Morphing: The ability to move from normal to paranormal dimension and back at will.

Precognition: Knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions – ESP.

Psychic: A person who has ESP – the ability to see information beyond the 5 physical senses.

Psychic Medium: A psychic who is skilled at communicating with the dead.

Remote viewing: The ability to see places, situations or people at a distance.

Telepathy: The ability to understand someone’s thought process, physical and emotional state of being at a distance.

Looking forward to being a conduit of Spirit for you,

With love,


Catherine’s work as a conduit for spirits through Mediumship is deeply spiritual in nature. Personal messages are channeled from the spirit realm via automatic writing, coupled with spirit animal medicine, as well as descriptions of love, light, colour and energy and is underlined by her desire to work, always, toward the Highest Good of All. Catherine shares her work with Spirit by social media, and has received praise from around the world including individuals across Canada, the United States, Denmark, India, Nepal, Africa, the Philippines, Switzerland  the United Kingdom, and more.



For practical and legal reasons Catherine does not profess to be a substitute for any medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric advice of any kind. If you have any serious need to consult with a professional around any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to do so. All services provided through On Spirits’ Wings are for informational and interest purposes only. It’s understood that as a term of service you agree to take full responsibility for any future choices you make based on any information from all consultations.

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