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The Deer Passed Right Through And Into The Soul



          This is the way of it


I am 12 years old

           I was born on the 7th of July

You wouldn’t know it
     I could always see beyond the ordinary everyday
          But no one believed me

Then one day it happened
     That I saw something I shouldn’t

I saw a deer cross the path of someone
     Such that the deer
          Passed right through
               And into their soul

The two become one
     And then apart again
          In an instant

     But the man was altered

The man was altered
     Because his Being
          Had seen the beauty of another living beast


     Because of this

          Because of this he had grown
               And diminished in size
                    From the inside out

I whispered…

“Gentle gracious creature

     How gracefully you transfer your nature



                     One to another,”


Then closed my eyes,

     And let it drift away.





© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



Between The Star Strewn Night Sky And Earth Below

Moonlight reflects
     On the back of
         Raven’s wings

An opening in the clouds
     Above this sacred tree

     Between the star strewn night sky
          And earth below

     A messenger in wait
                   No where yet to go

Preening jet black feathers
     Beak a comb
With precise meticulous care
              Silver moonlight
Reflecting in those eyes

     Raise your head
And turn your gaze this way

     Adjust your wings
                    And listen to the night

For those who walk below your branches
     Seek illumination on their path

                    Be the one to lead the way
                         From branch
To moonlit branch




I dedicate this piece to Colm Maguire, who embodied the spirit of Raven, for me, in his sacred dance as healer in Divine light.

With deepest gratitude to you, in your work as humble witness to the Illumination that has occurred within my soul-self, under your loving care.

So blessed to call you friend.
Catherine ~

 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings





























Woodpecker Spirit Medicine in Honour of Annie Cat


Woodpecker sang to me recently. I am overjoyed and wanted to share the story with you.

Annie cat is 12 years old and recently diagnosed with serious kidney issues. She has been given a short life expectancy, sadly. Returning from the vet with this news prompted me to reach out to a friend who has supported me many times before with ailing pets.

Maryanne is an intuitive healer with a passion for animals. In addition to volunteering for 14 years at Wild Arc (a sanctuary for injured and abandoned wildlife) within the hospital and rehabilitation centre, Maryanne works in person or through Skype as a healer for companion animals.

Using muscle testing for Annie, with me as a conduit, Maryanne was able to piece together Annie’s life history, including insight into challenges that have deeply impacted her life from the period prior to her adoption with us where we found her at the pound. A number of homeopathic remedies and Pacific Essences® – natural and meditative essences, produced locally by Sabina Pettitt, Dr. TCM – ( were indicated for a treatment plan which spoke to the physical and emotional issues Annie is dealing with; a fascinating process to be a part of. Notwithstanding all the love – it is difficult not to worry.

Enter lovely woodpecker!

I woke to woodpecker’s song, this week, and felt blessed to hear its cheery voice, then forgot about it. A little while later, I heard it again, then again, and again. Woodpeckers are usually fleeting visitors so as the morning wore on and the song continued I began to wonder if there might be a reason…. Looking up ‘woodpecker spirit medicine’ I discovered this message!

“Woodpeckers are good signs. They are symbols of … happiness and healing. If someone is sick in the household, or even dying…the woodpecker is a good sign that the person will get healed and well.”

Thank you beautiful healer and friend Maryanne. I so look forward to deepening my connection with you through our mutual love of animals. Thank you Annie, for reunited us, and to Spirit, for sending woodpecker love regarding Annie’s health and wellbeing.

Upon acknowledging woodpeckers medicine, Annie has begun eating, preening, and being her silly self again. She has gained a full two pounds. Hurray for woodpeckers joyful animal spirit medicine message!

If you would like to connect with Maryanne regarding a beloved pet, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will share her details with you.

With love,
Catherine ~
















Medical Intuitive/Animal Spirit Communication

An opportunity to join in spirit with a puppy in distress came to me a few nights ago from where I did not know. In spirit, time, space and place are of little importance. On a trusted facebook page a group member (GM) wrote:

GM: Hi, guys. I badly need you guys’ help.
I bought a puppy last Saturday. His health has declined since last night. He is only 48 days old. I am at work and he is at my friend’s place. My parents are going to take him to the vet in the evening. Please Please Please pray for this little one. I’m scared as hell. Can’t concentrate on my work too. I know I just have to be positive and shouldn’t react before even knowing the problem. Idk what else to say. Just pray for him to get well soon 🙁 :'( <3

With this invitation to the highest good I feel drawn to open myself to this pup with an intention to ask Spirit to offer love and light. With only a moment to share, I close my eyes to see a small pup in my vision space, head down, eyes close.

Simultaneously, a cow appears, joyfully looking at me! This cow has an unusual look. Unlike the hearty, thick breasted animals we see here this cow has a very long face and is very slender across the chest. I am not familiar with the various breeds of cows in the world, however, this cow shared a very strong notion of ‘milk’; I therefore assumed it was a jersey cow.

Cow connected herself to pup by way of conveying the idea that pup has a food allergy. I asked cow, “Does the puppy need to drink milk? Or was it given milk and should not have it? Cow remained. Cocked her head. I was not clear of her message so wrote:

Catherine: I am getting a food allergy and a blockage in the intestine. Sending healing love and light for the wee pup.xo

On completion of some work I was involved in, Spirit came again regarding the pup. I close my eyes and surrender to the invitation to bear witness and begin to relay my experience.

The pup in this image is similar to the one in my vision space as representing GM’s lovely pet, only the paws are on the other side of its face, and the eyes are closed. I write:

Catherine: ~ Hello

Please forgive me if this is not your wee puppy.

When reaching out to check in with your puppy I see a small (obviously) pup lying with head on its front paws. It shows me rounded ears and perhaps a little bit of wave in the fur. Short haired.

With an intention to scan pups body, I adjust my position to look at it from its left side. Hovering my spirit hands above puppies head, I slowly move my attention down its back checking bone structure and internal organs, ‘listening’ for any anomalies. I do not experience the sensation of touch in the way we would were I physically present, nevertheless, I feel pup in spirit and receive information as though I were actually there. The information comes in images, sensation, ideas, concepts, love, light and curiosity. With a clear sense of knowing I write:

As I do a body scan it appears that the bone structure and alignment of the pup’s spine, etc. is all good, no problems there; lovely, soft fur, floppy extra skin to grow into, all good. However, this might be a question in someone’s mind because I see someone’s hands touch the pups rear area on either side feeling into the pups hip area and I see the pup lift its head, furrowed brow, and nip the hand, first on one side and then the other. This kind of touch is uncomfortable, but not because of any structural issues.

Pup now turns over on its back, my intuitive journey continues. I write:

Pup rolls over and shows me the underbelly, which appears very red to me. I am unclear if the redness is visible on the outside or if this is a reflection of redness inside the body, possibly indicative of heat and infection. Originally, I sensed a blockage and wondered if it was intestinal, however, now I am leaning toward a bladder condition, possibly infection. I want to say pup wants to urinate, or should I say needs to, but does not want to because urinating is painful. Hence, touch around the backside reaps nips and possibly yelps.

In my vision space, I see a hand holding a large syringe full of thick yellow medication. I know that there is no way the pup could tolerate such a large dose, and that the substance was far too thick. However, I recognize the medication as what we might take ourselves aurally as amoxicillin and knew the vision to say the puppy was in need of antibiotics.

I see pup getting an injection in the upper back leg and suspect that medication is needed to get directly at the issue in the fastest way possible. If you can afford it, I suggest you take wee pup to the vet. Afterward, you may need to keep an eye on him for this sort of bladder issue.

At this point I see pup stand up, head up wagging its tail. It shows me a lovely little puppy body, a sense of feeling back to its old self, an expression of happy, ready to play energy. I write:

I sense that pup will be fine in the long run, however, now is very uncomfortable and the sooner the issue can be addressed the better. If not some sense of urgency, considering its young age and size.

Again, my deepest apologies if this is not accurate.

All the best for peaceful nights to come.

GM replied two hours later with the following good news and our conversation continued as such:

GM: OMG!!! You are absolutely correct. I don’t know about the touch you were talking about. I only clean him with wet wipes for his cleanliness around his privates in the morning. The vet had injected him antibiotics and vitamins in legs and he is completely fit and fine now. You are amazing. Thanks a lot <3

Catherine: Oh, I am so glad he is feeling better! That is such wonderful news! It must have been the vet that got the nip. Haha. Thank you for sharing. I’m dancing over here about the puppies return to health. Well done, you!

GM: Haha <3

Catherine: Where are you in the world, GM?

GM: I stay in India. Where are you from? You look beautiful and I can sense you are one fierce kind woman. <3

Catherine: I am in Canada! ❤️

Later that evening GM placed a new post in our shared group with an update on how pup’s health had improved.

GM: Hello, Everyone! I’m just so happy. You guys are LOVE. Thank you so much for the well wishes. My puppy is doing well. His stomach was upset because of Dry food and yogurt. I have changed the food now and he is fit and healthy and happy.
I can’t thank you guys enough for the support. YOU ALL ARE LOVE. Lots of Happiness, wealth, fortune, strength and Love to you all.
I love you. <3

Seeing GM’s note regarding yogurt I piped up.

Catherine: Omg! Haha! I saw a cow at one point but didn’t want to mention that! I guess that was about the yogurt. Bwahaha next time I won’t be shy. ❤️

GM replies: OMG! So correct! I had been asked to give him yogurt and a tea spoon of digestive powder. I don’t know why the pet shop suggested me to feed him this food.

Cow is hilarious though. Haha

Catherine: I couldn’t understand it either. I was trying to understand why the cow had shown up. It was a black jersey cow, looking right at me. Hee hee. I thought, “Are you trying to tell me the puppy needs milk? Or should not be drinking milk?’ It made no sense, so I decided to ignore her. Haha. 🐮🐄

Cow was sending love!

Googling jersey cows I realized I was quite mistaken with the breed of cow in my mind compared to the vision presented. Cow was indeed the very image of cows in India. Cow was relaying where in the world we were exchanging communication, the specific food pup had eaten, and that pup was uncomfortable because of its allergy to dairy.

Thank you Spirit, for allowing me to bear witness to this wee pup’s spirit journey from across the world. Thank you, GM, for inviting universal love to attend to your puppy in distress. Thank you, cow, for sharing your love and wisdom with me, though I did not fully understand your message. Thank you readers, for indulging in the sharing of this story.

Have a beautiful day.


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




In The Dream A Fawn Came


Image result for fawn-barn-resting

Is there a message you would like to share?

Autumn’s golden/brown leaves

          High-pitched whistle in my ears

               Buzzing hands

          Breathe deeply

Is there someone who wishes to share?

I do

     I want to share

It’s this way tonight

On the way to the farm
     I had a dream

     I was sleeping in the car
          And it came to me that

          Of all the places I might have been on this night
               This was the place I was most meant to be

And in the dream

     In the dream
          A fawn came
               Right into the barn

          Right into the barn and lay in the straw at my feet

It spoke to me

     It looked me in the eyes

         And with its eyes
               It said,
          That I was to move everything in my life aside
               To make room for this place

And then I could see

I could see myself living there
     Working in the farm house
          As though it were my own

     Setting up the kitchen table

          For family and friends

               And having everything I needed
                    To share generously

The fawn came
     And I crouched and listened
          With joy in my heart

And now I’m here and I’m driving up the drive in my parents’ car

I’m ten years old
     And I’m looking out the window

     I’m looking for the fawn
          Half expecting to see it
               Wander right out into the yard from the forest                       To make its pledge to me

I hop out of the car

     The sun is hot

          And already I feel more at home here
               Than anywhere I’ve ever been

I’m going to listen

     I’m going to listen to that gentle spirit




                         Show me!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


This Bird Would Like To Tell You Of A Time Long Ago

Crow flying left to right
       Listen closely

           I want to tell you about

                        When the crow flew overhead
                              Left to right
                        Do you remember?
I can see it in my minds eye, Spirit
This bird would like to tell you
      Of a time long ago
      Beyond a shadow of a doubt
            The storm that was gathering
                  Held the attention
                        Of all who were careful enough to listen
You imagine I was offering
      Tales of fantasy
            Accept for the fact that
                  You were there
                        Amongst the few
                              Do you recall?
Crow serves only as a reminder
      Pointing as she does
            Toward wonder
                  There are reasons we look to the sky…
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

“How is it that I didn’t know frogs could talk?”



I’d like to tell you about something

Would you care to listen?

I’d like to tell you about a day I had
     When I was seven

It was like this

Can you keep up?

I was down by the water with my Grandmother
     We were cray fishing
          At the deep end of the creek
               When out of the blue
                    Came this bullfrog
                         The size of a cat

I’m telling you
     It was so big
          My eyes just bugged right out of my head
               And it looked at me
          That frog
               As if to say,

     “How long are you gonna be?
          ‘Cuz I got things to do
               And you’re taking up a lot of my space
                    Wading around up to your knees
                         The way you are

I’d be mighty happy to see you vacate the place
     So I could set to work
          Without worrying whether
               You were gonna step on my toes
                    The way you are everyone else’s.”

And it got me thinkin’

“How is it that I didn’t know frogs could talk?”

So I asked him,
     I said,

     “Have you always been this free with your thoughts?”
          And he said,

“I’m not sure you’d be the one I would tell…”

Then I knew he could answer so I tried again
     This time I asked him,

     “Are there others like you? Who have a voice and can use it?”
          And he said,

     “I’m not sure you’d be the one I’d tell…
          But since you asked…”

“Since you asked I’d have to say

How do you know how to listen?”

But soon as he said that
     He hopped away
          Before I had a chance to tell him

His voice was like a song I knew
     Like a poem I’d rehearsed

     Like the taste of air

          Or the sound of soft

               Like a light in my heart

I wanted to hear that voice again
     So I’m listening now
          Sitting on the creek side
     Looking in the reeds
          Hoping he’ll come back again

‘Cuz I have another question!

I want to know what love is…
     ‘Cuz that’s the way I feel about seeing him

Like a longing for something
     Just out of reach and yet,
          So precious
               Everyone would understand the ache of it
                    With joy in their hearts

Let me tell you about that day

     ‘Cuz I’m still waiting happily

He’ll be by again
     And when he does
          I’m going to give him anything he wants
               Just to hear him sing that happy song again

          Amen to his song in my heart

I’d share it with you
     If you care to listen with me

     Hold your head up high
          You’ll hear it, too

               I know you

                    You’ll hear him, too –


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


To The Ant We Humans Are Monumentally Beyond Comprehension


May I have your attention?
Alternate consciousness please
            The one you have that reaches beyond this plane
                  Extending outwards into infinity
Let’s meet there
            Shall we?
Let’s join hands in the cosmos
      In the ether
            In the in between
                        It’s like this today
As we join together
     Beyond boundaries
          We find refuge in the fact
          Each of us
               Just like the other
                    Can exist
               In the knowing
                    With others beyond our understanding
We can choose
     Yes, we can choose
          To make sense of each new experience
               While witnessing the truth
                    Of our own reality
                         As more conceivable
                              To any one mind
To the ant
     We humans are monumentally beyond comprehension
That one ‘Being’ could exist
     With such enormous proportions
          Enough to outweigh
               All of existence
     How can this be possible?
          When their whole world
                Can be corralled into the palm of one hand?
     It might say
          If its’ brain was large enough
               To extend beyond the immediacy
                    Of its mindless existence…
There is a place for all of life in the cosmos
     Lets not dismiss any of it
          No matter how small
               Or how large a possibility
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Little Red Hen



Once there was a chicken

A red hen

She lived in the farmyard
     And scratched the dirt

           Can you imagine
               Such a simple life as all that?

But this hen
     Thought she was a fox
          Or so it seemed

She stole the eggs of other birds
     She played dead
          On the hen house floor
     And she raised the roof each night
          So that the farmer
               Raced to save her
          Only to find
                It was only her
                     And no danger                                             Near or far!

What to do with such a crazy bird?

          Who could stand that night after night?

She had to go!

“What happened next, Spirit?
          Can you share that with me?”

A lawyer came
     On chicken’s behalf
          And court was laid out
               In the barnyard dust

     The people came
          And lined the drive
               And chicken’s trial
                    Was hammered through!

What to do!

The farmer wanted chickens head!

The sun came up
     The sun was set
          And all day long the voices share
               The hardships faced
                    In chickens life
               The woes
                    And endless tribulations

     To an egg fanatic farmer!

The court ruled in chickens favour
     She was removed from this factory life
          And set free to raise her
               Own fine brood


A long line of chicks
     To fuss and care for
          Parading past
               With head held high

She had love to share!

And raise chicks she did
     In finest hen fashion
          To farmers delight

     He sold them for profit
          And she proudly gave them

Thank goodness for listening!

All ended well!

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



In That Clearing Wolf Came

 Agatha Augustus
     Loved her life

There was nothing she loved better
     Than reaching for the bedside lamp
          Turning up the light each morning at dawn
               And slipping out of bed
                    Before anyone else was awake

Can you see her there in the half-light?

Tracing her hands over her nightdress
     Running her hands
          Over her hair

     Straightening her bedclothes
          And washing her face
               In the basin

               A daily routine
                    That made her heart sing

Her voice
     A whisper Good Morning
          To the one she loved in spirit

The sound of the forest birds
     A mirror of her joy

Stepping into her boots
     At the front door
          And wrapping a shawl
               Round her shoulders

     She stepped out
          Into moist air

Suns first light
     Rising over the treetops
          No warmth
               Only kisses
                    Chasing away shadow
               Waking each blade of grass
                    One by one
                         Across the field it danced over

There she strolled
     Our Agatha

No tender steps
     A purposeful stride
          Wide steps

Worn path
     A peaceful
                    A forest glade her destination

     And in that clearing

                         Wolf came

Watch his gleeful step
     He came to her there
          And together
     They made there way along the forest edge
          She in the open
               He in the trees

Both with well-worn paths to follow

A friendship
     Between species
          That held a bond so sweet
               That even time would surrender to them

No one knew of her love affair with wolf
     She never said

     And who would care if this young woman
          Strolled to the forest at dawn?

‘A morning constitutional’
     They say
          With no further thought of it

While she
     And he
          Delighted in each others company
     In a way
          That exceeded all boundaries of natural physical law

They knew each other deeply
     Felt each others heart beat
          Well beyond the moments spent
               In company of the other

They were one

          This visit was simply
               An opportunity to experience touch
                    Brief as it was

               To feel each others breath
                    Hand on fur
                         Tongue on face
                              Home at last

Brief as it is

This spirit earth dance
     Brilliant beyond measure

     Lets say a prayer of gratitude

          Agatha wouldn’t have it
               Any other way

Love is like that

Beyond measure

And when she returns?

The day is worth beginning,
     And not a moment before


copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



I’d Like To Tell You About The Time I Heard The Owl Call



I’d like to tell you about the time I heard the owl call

It heard my name and flew to me
     Across a moonlit night

I raised my arm
     And opened my hand to feel her belly as she flew

On silent wing
     She passed over my head
          When you see her close
               Like I do
          You know the power of her will

     That she would hold the highest level of wisdom
          To your heart
               Given half a chance
          So that as you listen there
               With your heart
          You would know all she has to share
                    And more,
                         With boundless joy in the exchange

We know not where these winds of change will take us

There are,
     In all likelihood,
          Endless combinations of truth
               Waiting to be unfurled
                    Upon the sun rise

              But till then…

Let us instead
     Hear owls’ gentle calling as a sign of hope
          That all we do
               Will work together for the greater good

Lift your head
     And let the moonlight fill your face with love

          Feel the cool night air as a kiss upon your cheek

               Kick off your shoes
                    And feel the grass between your toes

               Breathe the night air
                    With the intent
                         To feel her passionate touch

And let the energy in this place
     Be one with yours
          In such a way
               That all those here
                    Know your presence
                         As the best of news

Call me to you
     Like the owl
          To her favourite tree

Allow me in to your loving arms
     Without hesitations of any sort

               Let this be your peace filled journey

We can be that
     For each other
          If we choose

Let me kiss your lips goodnight

     This night
          And every night
               Near and far

This gesture is love
     Simply love
          No more
               No less

Let it in
     It’s who you are

               A flower

                         Waiting to receive the bee


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings