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In the name of love

     Love is not a possession….

Love is not an object
     Not a means to an end

     Not something to grasp
          And retain
               To save for oneself
                    To hold on to

          Love is not a thing
               To place in your pocket
          Or hang framed
               On the wall
                    For all and sundry to
                         Ogle and crave

Let it in
     To touch who you are

          To touch your gentle, tender
               Precious heart

     Then let it go
          As quick as all that

Set it free
     To move off in all directions

     Except now ~
          There is a piece of you with it

     The essence of you,
          Has become one and the same
               As the love that moved through you

          Shared with all of the Universe
               It’s power and strength have grown
                    Ten fold

Be that

     Live that

          And share all of who you are
               In the name of love




© Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Don’t let the wrapping confuse you

When we come across a situation that produces a feeling of fear in ourselves, the act of hesitation can be considered an act of love. In the time we spend considering the direction we would wish to take, we are in essence, transforming the fear into an act of love toward self. ‘Don’t let the wrapping confuse you!” Fear, may be an encouragement for us to learn how to love ourselves deeper. I think that is what this message is about….


It wasn’t that long ago
     You were lost from love

          How are you feeling now?

                    Have you asked yourself?

Let love in
     Still . . .

           Let more love in



     Life knots things together
          In many different packages

               Don’t let the wrapping confuse you

     Blue night sky

               Billions of bright white stars



 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Reach Out In Your Heart And Ask Your Loved One To Appear To You!

Dear One’s.

A few Facebook friends have been in touch lately hoping I might reach out beyond the veil to let their loved ones know how dearly they are missed. My conversations have prompted a few thoughts I felt I wanted to share with all of you.

Our grief seems to go in waves doesn’t it? At times we find ourselves at the crest of a wave crashing down over the rocks, wondering how we will survive. It may be important to know there are those of us willing a peaceful flow of water ahead for you, as you move through your current ebb of sorrow.

Allow your truth to be that our loved ones are with us always. They are not able to appear in the flesh to hold and comfort us, as they may wish to do, in which case, it is up to us on this side to look for our loved ones in different form. Here is one idea you might try as you maneuver through this new territory of apparent separation.

Reach out in your heart and in your voice and ask your loved ones to appear to you, to give you a sign that they are near. You must be brave enough to open your heart to look for them in all ways.

You may feel their presence near and think, “I must be crazy….” I implore you to trust yourself and trust your knowing. Communication with the worlds beyond is not a ‘special’ skill for only a few ‘lucky’ ones. We can all do this if only we trust what we think we know. Believe in yourself. (Oh the years I have wrestled with this idea only to discover what I thought was true IS true.)

You may come across a feather or the sound of a bird singing; a picture in a magazine that reminds you of somewhere you’ve been with the one you miss. Perhaps a friend calls you that you weren’t expecting to hear from (who was also important to the one you love). Trust that your loved one whispered in their ear to give you a call so that you might be closer to your loved one in thought. Maybe a particular scent, a book or a song that you hear will have you say, “Ah, yes! I know you made this happen so I would know you are still with me.”

It is quite a shift we have to make to engage in the spirit realm, the process of which takes us out of ourselves, a gift in itself; I hope you’ll agree.

When we feel the depths of sorrow we can become lost within. This is normal. Don’t despair or worry that you will always feel this way…. In fact, it may be important to consider the truth that when we feel the greatest distance, it is because our loved ones have moved right inside our heart to be one with us there. We cannot find them outside of ourselves because they are nestled within! In this way, it is ourselves we must love.

Have no expectations of ‘when’ your loved one will appear (it may take a few days, perhaps) only trust that they will appear. This is not necessarily a simply idea, but you must allow your heart to open to the possibility that your loved one is hoping to contact you in just the same way you wish to be close to them.

Lift up your heart, lift up your eyes so that you are available to witness the signs when they come.

My heart is with you,
Catherine ~

Who Would Have Guessed There Could Be Healing Yet To Come

There is a wave of yellow light
     Under a hazel moon

     Let the light of that moon
          Shine out over your world
               As a blanket of

Can you imagine the joy of being wrapped up
     In such warmth
          On a night like this?

Who would have guessed
     There could be healing
          Yet To Come?

         And what of you?

                 Is this the way of it for you today?

Let your heart lead

     Open always with your heart
               The wisdom will follow as needed

                 Hold on to that….


 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

This Existence Is The Opposite To What You Might Think

This existence
      Is the opposite
            To what you might think
                  Can you accept that?
What if it were me
      Reaching out to you
            Instead of the other way around?
You look across the veil
      As though I am the mystery
            When for me
                  You defy all logic
You are illusive
      And come and go
            Fade and appear when I least expect you
                  I reach out to you for guidance
I learn from you
      Just as much as you might hope to learn from me
            Maybe more
      Don’t cut yourself short
Don’t consider yourself less
      Just because you hold the physical
            As your current truth
      I once had that, too
            And know all its joys
                  And sorrows
I may exist without that now
      But this does not make me a superior Being
      Perhaps it’s I who holds a tinge of envy
            At all that you have
I appreciate you
      For all you offer
            And all you share with me
                  Without hesitation
      And I am grateful to God
            That you exist for me
Allow me to bow my head
      To you on the physical side
            With deepest gratitude
                        Amen ~





Youth Is For The Young At Heart


We are young only once

         Is this what you think?

Because if that were so
     I’d have to gently say

         “You’re wrong….”

We can be young a thousand times
     A million times

         As many times as you might choose
               On any given day

Youth is in the smile
     In a gesture
          In the wink of an eye

     Is a story
          A childlike wish
               No matter what your age. . .

There are those who believe
     That chronological age of the physical being
          Has some particular meaning
               When it comes to this notion of youth

But what if youth is not a state of mind or body
     But a reflection of one’s heart?

Could we not be
     Just as young at 92
          As we are at 5?

Open the doors
     And let fun in
          Then carry on being silly
               As long as your heart desires

     There is plenty of opportunity
          For stuffy and serious

Try to leave room for joy
     And let joy spill into your life
          On any given day

     Youth is for the young at heart
          Just reach out
               And make that choice for you

          For as long as your heart desires!



© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



I Count The Years Of Patience You Gave Me As I Sat Inside These Walls

I count the years of patience you gave me
     As I sat inside these walls
          Too afraid to look out into the world
     “Don’t ask me to change,”
          I said,

               “I like it in here.”

             And you waited . . .
“Can’t you see me?”
     I wondered
          “Pressed between these walls so tight

               You’d wonder how I got here

          And so I’ll tell you . . .
                    I grew up in here
I grew into the space
     Until the size of me
          Filled the space to bursting
               And still…
          You let me have my time without question
And now,
     With wall exploded
          Crumbled into a thousand pieces
               A million pieces

                    To dust, in fact

                    Less than dust!
     With no walls left
               Where does that leave me?


          Suffused in light
               Light of
I’m standing tall
     In the light of life
          Because you chose to love me
               Without end
     You chose to love me without end
          Without (From the) beginning
               And on
                    Into the millennia
To the expanses of the universe
     With all its time and space
          Enough to fill it all
               With me in the midst of it
     All the way up to this very moment in time
          And I thank you for it
                    Allow me to thank you for it”
                         Amen ~



















Where Are You, My Love?

Yesterday came and went
      And I didn’t even notice
            If you existed
                  Do you believe me?
                        Can I lie that easily?
      Don’t believe it
            Not for a minute
Each night I pray for you
      Each day I call your name
            And wonder where you are
Each morning I pray
      That the moment will be revealed
            When you will reach out and find me
                  Where are you,
                        My love?
What twisted state is this
      Where you slip from my hand
            And disappear
                  Into the mists without me?
      I’m calling you
            I’m calling out to you
                        Can you hear me?
Let my words whisper in your heart
      So that you remember all there is to live for
Take a chance
      Open up your heart
            And take a chance
            Love is waiting for you
                  Let it LIVE
                        Let it live
                              It’s yours to give
      Breathe it
            Let it live
                  In and out and back to me
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



Yesterday You Called My Name And I Refused To Listen

Yesterday you called my name
     And I refused to listen
     It was as though your words
          Drifted to me
               On a line
                    Of disconnection
          A broken chord
I looked away
     And refused to acknowledge your offer
          As though by ignoring your presence
               I could allow….
     I could create a greater distance between us
          Than I know exists in truth
Back turned
     Arms folded
          Eyes closed
               Head turned away
          All a meaningless gesture
     An empty gesture
          To ward off that which you offer
           ‘That’ being,
               Nothing less than pure
                    What will happen now?
     Only time will tell
But if I had my choice?
     I’d reach out my hand
          And take the one you offer
I’d let the words you speak
     Touch my heart
          Slip inside
               And explode there
          Enough to fill all the emptiness
               I’ve experienced
                    Without you in my life
     I’d turn myself toward you
          And let the light of you
               Fill me completely
          I’d breathe that in
               I’d breathe that in
                    In a long
     Then I’d walk away
          Knowing you had touched my soul
               In a way to strengthen, not limit me
Help me find a way to trust your light
     There is nothing I want more,
          Than to feel its touch
Be gentle
     It will take a lot of patience
          While I process all the possibilities
Amen to your loving heart
          I’m looking your way
               I’m leaning in your direction….
© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wing





Let The White Light Of My Soul Shine Out In All Directions


A question from my soul-self

Let love in
     You say

         And yet…

     Without specific guidelines
          I feel
               I don’t even really know what that means!

Let it be true,

     Let my truth be
          That I open my heart that much
               To let the truth of that idea wash over me
                    In its green blanket

To let the white light of my soul
     (Hidden below)
          Shine out
               In all directions

     I’d like that to be an easy truth

               Help me let go of the struggle . . .

Help me let love in
     Enough to spill out
          So that I might share the whole of it
               With anyone who wishes to know its






Spirit’s response:


          Isn’t it about time
               That we sat down together?

     You might feel differently
          Unless you can learn to trust
               That all will be well. . .

Offer out your hand
     And let me take it

          Let me take it . . .

               Will you let me take your hand?




© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings








You Are The Driving Force In The Story Of Your Own Destiny



     They’re here in the wings
          Reaching out
               For all the weary souls
                    In need of a gentle hand…

Can you image
     Such a glorious congregation
            As all this?

Be at one
     With the truth
     All of this and more
          Are in your grasp
               Should you wish to reach out
                    To receive

The invitation must be yours
     These Beings are not set up
          To interfere

     Yet, they wait,
               In hopes that you will ask

And should you choose to do so
    Even then––

     Even then,
          They wait for your guidance
               For just how much
                    (Or how little)
                         You wish to receive

In the name of glory
     Let your wishes be soul-centered

     For in between
          The map designed to guide you
               Is no more than sketches in the sand
                    Until you put ink to paper

Be at one with the idea
    That you hold the pen
          In your hand

     You are the driving force
          In the story of your own destiny

    We greet you with great joy
          If this is what you seek

     Be the mirror
         And reflect joy
               Onto the canvas of your life

          Be aware
               That the seeds of chance
                    Are held within your hand
                         And your hand alone

     No one
          Other than you, yourself
               Holds the key to your own happiness

Lift the latch
    And walk through the gate
          Into your own glory
    Then take time to celebrate
        All forms of heaven
            As it appears to you

There are many brave souls
    Who will walk with you

     Count your blessings
          When the friendships you seek
               Overflow in abundance
                    At your feet

Be at harmony with yourself
    And let the mysteries unfold
          One by glorious one
               All the days of your life

          Amen to that
               Sacred spirit

                    Glory unto you


Let the truth be told!


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings













Between The Star Strewn Night Sky And Earth Below

Moonlight reflects
     On the back of
         Raven’s wings

An opening in the clouds
     Above this sacred tree

     Between the star strewn night sky
          And earth below

     A messenger in wait
                   No where yet to go

Preening jet black feathers
     Beak a comb
With precise meticulous care
              Silver moonlight
Reflecting in those eyes

     Raise your head
And turn your gaze this way

     Adjust your wings
                    And listen to the night

For those who walk below your branches
     Seek illumination on their path

                    Be the one to lead the way
                         From branch
To moonlit branch




I dedicate this piece to Colm Maguire, who embodied the spirit of Raven, for me, in his sacred dance as healer in Divine light.

With deepest gratitude to you, in your work as humble witness to the Illumination that has occurred within my soul-self, under your loving care.

So blessed to call you friend.
Catherine ~

 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings





























Duality Is Within Us All Embracing It Brings Harmony


     Couldn’t we be
          The ones to share today?

Along the way
     You’ll find yourself
          Traveling in pairs
               For one adventure or another

Two minds as one
     For considering wisdom
          From more than one angle
               Within yourself

You will see wisdom as having valid points
     Good sense
          From possible opposing views

               Wherein lies the truth for you?

We can begin to doubt our sanity
     At times
          If the…

Yes, Spirit?

What if valid reasoning begins to pile up
     On both sides?

     What if you begin to appreciate
          Both points of view?

               What then?

You must remember the duality within
     With respect for both
          And acknowledge your inner truths
               Yes –
          More than one truth within yourself

There can be many minds
     Each with valid notions
          Of how we might conduct ourselves

Don’t create shadow
     Out of one view over another
          Within yourself

     Honour both

          Love both
               (If you are considering two)
                    Or ten if there are ten

When you acknowledge all angles of inner knowing
     You are on the road
          To creating peace within

It is in punishing thoughts toward self
     Where inner turmoil erupts

Let’s take an example

     Let’s say
          You want to go out for a walk

               A simple desire, Yes?

          But maybe not for all of your ‘self’

Perhaps there is a part of you
     That feels nervous about this idea
          For whatever reason

One aspect of who you are
     Decides going out for a walk
          Is a sickening idea
     And to emphasize the point
          You have a knot in our stomach

Now that piece of yourself
     That looks out on a sunny day, says,

          “Ah! But it is so appealing!

Fresh air
               The smell of new soil
                    Or trees or the sea

               How beautiful this would be!”

And while that part of you is smiling
     And day dreaming
          Of such a delightful possibility
The anti-walking part within
     Takes a next step to emphasize the point
          Raising the bar of dis-ease
               From knot in the stomach
                    To tightness in the chest

It’s as though giant fists
     Have taken hold of your heart
          And are squeezing
               So that breathing becomes a challenge
And because the ‘out for the walk’ part of you
     Doesn’t fully comprehend
          Why you are feeling this tightness
               But has empathy
                    For the nervous part of you

You find you begin to actively look from side to side
     For the catalyst of discomfort

     There must be something external
          In your environment,
               You think,

     To have caused this feeling of unease.

As you look close at hand for the trigger
     The inner you who worries
          Begins to celebrate!

For as long as you are busy looking for ‘why’
     In the physical
          You are no longer dreaming
               Of going outside walking

                    IN THE UNKNOWN!!

Instead of easing up
     That part of you
          Who is desperately shouting,

               “Stay home!”

Winds up full force
     In order to keep your attention

Soon enough,
     This looking side to side
          Intensifies to such a degree
               That the throat seizes up
     As though those hands now squeeze your voice
          Into silence

Your eyes bulge out in panic
     Your mind races frantically
          Darting in all directions
     Crashing into the edges of your skull
          Hammering to get out in a primal scream
               Yet, locked
                    Within the cage of your mind

          “Don’t leave the house!”

It wants to say
     But can’t

The thought so terrifying
     You collapse
               On the floor
          Unable to move
               Even had you wanted to

          The joyful dream state shattered

Confusion isn’t possible
     As this suggests the ability to reason
          And reason,
               You are completely incapable of
                    Once again…

Once again the fear within reigns
     But it’s not what you wanted…

     Not what you’d hoped for
          On this glorious sunny day…

     You turn away from daydreams
          And do the laundry.

You sweep the floor
     Make a sandwich
          Turn your back to the day
     And try to forget the knot in your stomach
          That still remains

It always remains

     A physical manifestation
          Of Dread
     Ready to leak into the whole of you
          In any given moment
               Without end

What of the duality?

     What is the solution?

          Are we doomed to live this way forever?

Yes, Spirit?
What is needed here? So many wish to know. How do we overcome such darkness?

          The answer is love

The answer is love and understanding

The one who must listen
     Is you,
          For you

We can all get guidance
     From an external source
But ultimately
     The onus of love falls on you
          For you

          This is the duality I spoke of

We all have it
     We all have an inner voice
          More than one

One voice cannot dominate another
     Within ourselves
          To the point of disharmony
               With another part of ourselves
          Without consequence

A state of peace
     Can only be created
          When you allow this to be your truth

You have the ability to find inner peace
     By seeking out those thoughts
          That create disharmony
               And listen within
                    To all it has to say

     Like you are your own best friend

          With healthy boundaries within

          Hold fast to the highest good
               Of your own dear self

No one aspect
     Need have dominance over another
          Harmony comes
               When all views are respected

     Can you see this idea
          As a possible break through for you?

When one aspect is fearful
     If the other jumps on board
          And takes on the belief
               That there must be something to fear
          You will create twice the fear!

Now you really feel it
     And what intensity you create
          By joining in!

          This is not self-love. . .

               This is pouring fuel on the fire

We do this unwittingly
     Don’t judge
          Don’t criticize past doings

               Simply choose a new approach

One aspect fears
     Another aspect acknowledges

          “You are fearful today.”

Fear grips the stomach…
     Acknowledge that feeling

          “Your stomach is tight today.
               It tells me you are uncomfortable

     I hear you…

I witness your discomfort
     I understand your gesture
          I no longer need to feel it, too.

          I hear you…

Now let go of that feeling in me
     Let’s talk together about it.

          I am here…”

You will find this awareness needs practice

The signs are always there
     But we are not practiced at seeing

          That’s okay

Don’t criticize your truth
     Simply start today

     Choose to become aware
          Little by little

Prick up your internal ears
     To the signs your psyche offers

          They will differ
               From person to person
                    From situation to situation

          What signs do you offer to self?

Allow your truth to reign
     And when you listen
          You will find

               Panic begins to subside…

Love would not say:
     “You fear a walk?
          How stupid is that?
               I’m going anyway!”

     Love would say:
          ‘You fear a walk?
               I understand….
     Something about walking out worries you.
          I understand how that might feel
               Let’s sit together a while

               I am here…

                    You’re not alone…

                         I am here…

Let’s consider what we both hope for
     And hold hands and
          Listen to each other with love”

Duality is within us all

     Embracing it brings harmony

One wants to enjoy warmth
     Enjoy the brightness of the sun
          Breathe fresh air
               Feel or smell the earth

The other wants safety
     The beauty of being cared for
          The comfort of acknowledgment
               Of trust
                    Of caring

          Can you not have both?

Love would never say
     “I’m going anyway!”

     Love would say,
          “Lets find a way
               To acknowledge each other.”

Today – Could we step into the yard? No?

Today could we open the window? No?

Today could we stand together
And hold hands with love?

Could we look out and enjoy the look of the sun outside from the safety of the house?

Could we imagine the warmth of the sun and share the memory of how that feels?

Could we care for our indoor plants and breathe in the smell of that sweet earth?

Could we agree that one day soon,
     We will simply open the front door?
          And feel the summer air
     With no expectation
          Of stepping over the threshold?

     Just open the door
          Nothing more?

Another day
     Not today…

Today we will acknowledge
     The love we have within self
          For Self

We are love to each other
     We can learn to walk together in peace
          Step by tiny step
               For as long as it takes
                    Without judgment

     Amen to your courageous heart!

          Be love

               And you will know what love is




© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings













Love Yourself


Spirit offered a message of encouragement recently, which touched me deeply and personally. I hope you find the message as eye opening as I did.

With love,
Catherine ~


Exhaustion can become a tangible part of our journey of inner healing. We have so much to learn, it seems, the constant inner struggle can be one to overwhelm. Reflecting on our personal situation can lead us to a state of being completely fed up, from time to time.

“One more moment with me and I will go completely insane!”

We might even launch into a state of wrath and turn on ourselves with vicious criticism and venomous rejection.

“Come ON, already! Get it together!”

This loving message is offered as a mirror to the way in which we sometimes speak to ourselves, during our lowest moments. Know ahead of time, (so as not to be shocked as I was) Spirit is asking us to play with the idea that this is you, speaking to you, in this channeling.

Come with me, and find compassion in your heart, for the one who needs you most during times of distress. Who other than you, yourself?


I close my eyes and open my heart to the highest good of all. The loving energy I recognize as Spirit appears and words begin to flow, beginning always with a phrase of acknowledgement for our connection, one to the other.

I can count on you
     To listen
          When I come to call

Let me be the one to share

Spirit asks me to keep in mind, that without comprehending the lesson before learning it, I must trust what I know of Spirit to my core, or miss the love inherent in the message. I didn’t understand this at the time, which allowed for the lesson to be fully felt – much to my great appreciation after the fact. Spirit cautions, I may find myself listening from a place in my journey that is no longer where I am today with these words.

Although you think you know
     The intention of my heart
          All manner of changes have occurred
               Since we last spoke
          Such that,
               The you, you thought you knew
                    Has changed substantially

As words continue to flow I find myself deeply taken aback (having missed Spirits’ caution). Sickened by the words moving through, I fight the urge to disengage. Is this a dark spirit, spitting harsh words to some poor suffering soul? I vow in the moment to never share these words for fear of crushing someone to their core. Surrounding myself with love and light, I distance myself purposefully from the spiteful energy speaking through me and continue to channel from a place of safety.

What happens next takes me by surprise. As the words continue to flow, I recognize I can relate quite profoundly to what I hear with fear that others may have thought these very words of me. I cringe as I continue to write, imagining how devastating it would be to have someone speak to me in this way.

The voice in spirits says:

I am no longer willing to listen
     To the whining and complaining of your heart

     There is no place for me in it
          I refuse to take part!

Do you understand
     How exhausting you’ve become?

One minute happy
     The next,
          No amount of love and support
               Could touch the depth of your grief

I’m no longer willing
     To be the one you call on

There ain’t no way baby!

Take this energy elsewhere!

     Let your own healing begin
          Without my presence

I’m no longer willing to be there for you

Let go of your constant badgering

     Be gone with you
          That part of you that bleeds me dry

It’s up to you now,
     To find your own path to healing

Although utterly confused, knowing in my heart this is not Spirit speaking to me directly, I cannot help but ask anyway. With furrowed brow I wonder, “Is Spirit forsaking me?”

“Are you speaking to me?” I ask.

Spirit immediately reassures me,

Be one with the idea
     That we will never part

     That we are one
          On all levels

Now the lesson is imparted.

Be kind to yourself
     And you are kind to me

          Be kind to yourself
               And know

     This is you
          Speaking to you

Nothing more

Nothing less

Gather all of who you are
     Into one room

     Then celebrate you
          In all your many facets

     Be love

          And you will know what love is


Do you see how the ‘dark energy’ was really a reflection of myself? There was no evil spirit trying to speak through me in this instance. The negative energy I encountered was my own darkness manifest into an external state dancing before me in hopes I might recognize my own punitive state of being, and do something about it.

Isn’t it an shocker to recognize that while we may not imagine  we would ever speak so harshly to someone we know and love, all along, we can be one who speaks this way ––to ourselves!

With loving gratitude, I thank Spirit for reminding us that the words we choose when speaking to Self is deeply felt. We can abandon ourselves when in the greatest need without being aware of it on a conscious level. Through this channeling, Spirit invites us to raise our awareness of our internal dialogue in order to reconsider our approach, if we recognize ourself in this story. Words of loving kindness toward self, will indeed serve to support and encourage our soul self, to a far greater depth than we may be aware.

Be your own best friend!

Here’s to your courageous spirit as you move forward with love on your earth journey! Know you are never alone, even if you choose to separate yourself from yourself at times, in order to gather the strength necessary to move forward with fortitude.

© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Financial Exchange for Our Gifts as a Medium

Is there some guidance you can offer in regards to ways I might step into the truth of this exchange of money for services to the highest good of all? I listen with a loving heart.

          Open your heart to me tonight

We must all find a way
     To be at peace with this idea
          Of financial reimbursement
               For services rendered

          One must eat, after all

     How be if you do things this way…?

Reach out and reach in simultaneously

Be at one with your own heart
     With this idea of money

Let it flow inward
     To fill you with joy


     Embrace your worth

Begin to see the funds flowing toward you
     Then open your hands to receive
          And share grace and gratitude
               For all that comes your way

Begin to imagine
     How you will spend
          Each penny given
     With a continuous flow
               And outward
                   Without end

This isn’t about filling your coffers
     This is a process of facilitation
          That does not rest with you
               But moves by you
          While you allow it to touch
               And support your needs
                    To the highest good of all

With the inflow
     Comes the outflow
          Which in turn
               Serves others
          With abundance of love
               Through you

Breathe in this imagery of flow
     And you will begin to understand
          The significance meant by:

“Significant increase of energy”

Be a conduit of service
     In the name of the Holy One
          And watch abundance
               Pour into the arena of your soul

Allow your truth to be
     That this is who you choose to be
          When all is said and done

     Then do just that

Begin today!


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings