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There Was Once A Girl Whose Father Was A Woodsman

The young girl in this story longs to follow in her fathers footsteps as he leaves for work each day and disappears into the forest. Instead, she chooses to remain at home creating a warm and loving environment for him to return to.

In telling this story, Spirit invites us to consider our choices in life–––to take a moment to listen to our own dear heart. Are you ready to step beyond the familiar in order to fulfill your dreams? Or do you prefer the comfort and ease of your current existence?

Thank you, Spirit; for the gentle way you have of helping us to reflect on our truth. There is no right answer or wrong answer, just ‘the’ answer that holds your personal truth.


Dapples of golden light
     Light up the moss covered rocks

          Rocky forest floor

                    Walls of air

Who lives here
     Among the pine needles
          The stumps
               The tree roots
                    And the grass?

There is a breeze here
     That whispers your name


          Alison Craig

     What is it you wish to say?

               Are you listening?

Step a little closer
     And hear my words . . . .


There was once a girl
     Whose Father was a woodsman

He left each day
     And entered the woods

     Slipped between the branches
          Where he performed

               No one knows . . .

Then returned each night
     Exhausted and worn
          But brilliantly lit

     Or so said the soul of him
          Whispered aloud by the fire

She asked to go with him
     And, never invited
          Busied herself with the home

     Cleaned it
          Cared for it
               Tended it lovingly

          Ready each night to receive him
               With warmth
                    And love
                         And comfort

Should she have followed him
          When the trees called?

Should she have taken the trails that he walked?

     Should she have let the sound of his footsteps
          Beacon her forward
               To disappear with him?

          Would it have changed things?

                    What did her silence say?

Let the forest fill your ears!
     That’s where the answers lie

     Step into the forest yourself
          And listen

               What do you hear?

                    Tell me what you hear….



Thank you, Storm Mcgee, for sharing your glorious image for use on this post.

© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Mediumship with Connie and Storm

When the spirit of Connie came, she offer so much evidence to say, “This is me!” Storm knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the message was from the one he loves.

With that in mind, I asked Storm if he would be okay with me sharing parts of his story, to help others understand what can happen during a session in Mediumship and he said he would be happy to share.

The following are excerpts from three different conversations Storm and I have had over the past couple of months. We hope you find a sense of peace and comfort in reading these words.

With love,
Catherine and Storm ~



Storm: Can you talk to my angel that passed away 8 months ago on the 9 th of February 2017…. I have to have some kinda closure. Please?

Catherine: Have you ever worked with a medium before?
Storm: Somewhat have. I need a deep soul for my questions.
Catherine: I’ll just describe a few things.
There is no guarantee that any medium will be able to connect with any specific spirit as it isn’t up the medium, it is up to the spirit. They will choose who they are comfortable with. That’s probably a good place to start. In other words, if a Medium isn’t able to  connect with your loved one, it doesn’t mean the one in spirit doesn’t want to communicate, it might just mean that the Medium is not the right Medium, if that makes sense?
Storm: I’m listening
Catherine: Who is Sandy? Does that name have meaning for you? I just keep hearing that name and now the words “Mention Sandy.”
Storm: We had a friend Sandy growing up. She passed away of cancer when she was 34. She would have been 54 today.
Catherine: Oh. I see….
I am seeing a red ball, as though it is made of glass…? It seems to be hanging in a window. If I look out the window I see a front yard, a driveway, a tree…?
Storm: I don’t unfortunately understand hon
Catherine: That’s okay. Let that go, if it (the red ball) doesn’t make sense to you just keep it in the back of your mind. It might trigger a truth later on.
Catherine: I was feeling a tingling/tightness across my chest.
Storm: They said she passed of complications of Copd
Catherine: I also feel like I am wearing a mask over my nose and mouth, as though I am wearing oxygen. There is something resting on my nose and feels kind of heavy. I keep pushing my glasses up.
Storm: She had some breathing issues and a partially broken nose
Catherine: I saw a name Connie on your fb page is this who we are talking about?
Storm: Yes
Catherine: I always glance at a page before I accept a friend request.
Storm: She is my only soul mate.
Catherine: Did Connie have long sandy blonde straight hair that went about half way down her back?
Storm: No – long straight black hair. Middle of her back
Catherine: Okay. Thank you. A ‘no’ is as good as a ‘yes’. (Spirit’s often appear in white light, or in silhouette before they step forward to share colour. If Connie has black hair, this may be what is happening in my vision of her. Or I may have someone else sharing with me. I will continue and see if this is Connie who is here.
But did Connie have long hair, as I mentioned? And straight?
Storm: yes. mid. back.
Catherine: The spirit who is here seems to be showing me a surgery scar in her abdomen, does that sound like anyone you know?
Is Connie right-handed? This spirit is drawing the thumb of her right hand up her middle as if to indicate a scar…?
Storm: Yes, she lost a baby by a tubal pregnancy. She was left-handed
Catherine: Okay. She is holding something in her left hand, I believe. It seems to be a tube shape, like a scroll rolled up or paper rolled up.
Storm: It almost killed her years ago
Catherine: Oh, I see. Thank you. (I understand this tube shaped object, now–––that it is meant to refer to her tubal pregnancy…). I’m sorry for her loss.
Catherine: Storm, Connie keeps showing me the imagery of herself taking something off her face (the mask?). She is laughing about it and shaking her head so that her hair will go free. She’s putting this thing aside and she wants me to say, “Well, I don’t need THAT any more.” She thinks this is quite funny.
Catherine: I keep seeing a lion rampart. Does that have any meaning for you?
Storm: A lion?? I’m not sure…. She was a Leo. I’m a Scorpio. A lion or a dragon…? Dragon fire yes there’s a piece of this with us
Catherine: Connie seems to have this message for you. She seems to be asking you to look in the mirror and remember that you are soul twins. With that being true, she wants you to remember that the depth of love that shines within her heart, mirrors for you an extraordinary opportunity to be loving toward yourself. When you see Connie through your eyes (in your heart/in the mirror) you are loving yourself at the very same time as you are loving her. She seems to be suggesting that if you look within yourself you will find her. She is one with you. She seems to be suggesting that in loving yourself with the depth and devotion beyond all boundaries: you are simultaneously loving her. She is both the mirror and she is also you. And she is also herself.
Storm: Yes exactly, hon. Exactly. Wow finally someone that understands. Do you know how rare that is to find??
Catherine: Absolutely. I know how extraordinary it is to feel heard
This will seem trite, but I wonder why she showed me herself as someone with light coloured hair. I am her, looking out from her eyes, and I see light coloured hair….? How strange.
Storm: I have a picture of her face in the clouds. She’s watching over me. If you look carefully she’s wearing her sunglasses and her hair is lighter. I think god gave her a make over.
Catherine: Mmmmm. That is so beautiful.
Storm: She has sent me pictures of herself lol some of them are really crazy. But if you look it’s her.

Catherine: Oh! Haha! I just realized something, thinking about the photo you shared with me of Connie looking over the top of those big glasses! Maybe she wasn’t so much sharing about an oxygen mask… Maybe Connie was showing me the glasses! Because I felt a weight on my nose and I kept reaching up and adjusting my reading glasses (using my left hand – I am right handed). My glasses suddenly felt so heavy on my face. I kept pushing at them. Maybe Connie was trying to get my attention by emphasizing the glasses. Now I see it. Haha! So beautiful! Sorry. Just processing before I fall asleep…
Storm: Nite
She hated those glasses lol get to bed lol
Catherine: Curious…. Were those prescription glasses or did you have a personal joke about them? Because, looking back to her imagery about taking whatever it was off (mask I thought) Well, you say she hated them – I understand why she might be laughing when she asks me to tell you, “Well, I don’t need THOSE anymore!”
Storm: Personal joke because she wore them in the clouds
(A couple months later…)
Catherine: Hi Storm. Thanks for connecting again. Funny, I was just sitting here looking back over our initial conversation. I was struck by the fact that Connie had given me a specific name to ask you about. I don’t often hear names, so that is why it stuck out to me in my memory. Do you remember Connie asked me to mention your friend Sandy, whose birthday was that very day?
Storm: Yes the one that passed away at the age of 34 from cancer
Catherine: I was so in my trance, I don’t think the fact that it was Sandy’s birthday sunk in at the time.
Storm: Oh yes
Catherine: The question is, when I was in connection with Connie, I saw a red (glass?) ball handing in a front window, and could see out the window to a front yard with a tree, etc. The red ball was a mystery to you at the time. But, sometimes, my teachers say that these things will come to mind for a person later. So, I just wondered if anything ever came to you about that red ball?
Storm: Yea… Shoot I can’t remember a red ball
Catherine: A decoration hanging in a window? It almost could be a glass Christmas ball or something. I have no idea!! Anyway, it totally does not matter one bit, I was just curious was all…. Haha
Storm: Oh yes my mom has some red crystal hanging by her window and there is a tree outside
Catherine: Really???
Storm: Yes
Catherine: I might be sounding a little desperate to know it had meaning for you…
Storm: It’s where Connie was staying with me and mom until we got our home
Catherine: Is there one that might be round, or spherical in shape?
Storm: Yes. There are 4 red ones
Catherine: Oh, I was just going to ask if this might be something Connie would have personally seen!
Storm: Yes she loved it
Catherine: OMG!! Thank you so, so, so much for sharing that with me.
Storm: It was a chime. A wind chimes hanging in the window
Catherine: Is there a smoky swirly quality to them as opposed to being a solid colour?
Storm: Mom puts it on her ceiling fan when winter comes so it’s always there. Some grey from the lights – Whites and Greys. What are you seeing hon?
Catherine: Is it more a disc shape then, hanging with the wind chime? Or an actual ball shape?
Storm: Like a diamond that’s oblong
Catherine: Are you saying they are not red, but white and grey?
Storm: No they are red but when they move they let off white and grey colour from the lights
Catherine: Ohhhhhh!!! Okay, because I was about to say, “No. What I see is red.” haha
Storm: lol
Catherine: Is the hue of red, a deep red as opposed to say cherry red? (I see the colour red as though a drop has fallen into water, so that the deep red swirls. I imagine a glass ball being blown, and the shades swirling together…)
Storm: Deep blood red
Catherine: YES YES YES!!!! Yes, that’s is exactly the hue!! !!!!
I could NOT have described it better. I was trying to think of a word and that’s it. Wow that’s just amazing!
Storm: What does it mean?
Catherine: What does it mean that I can see this?
Storm: Yes
Catherine: As a Medium we have a responsibility when sharing information presented by someone in spirit, to find a way to prove who is there. It is important to ask the spirit to share something specific that will help you know who I am actually speaking to.
In my mind, I asked Connie to tell me things that I could say to you so that you would know I wasn’t just making things up. A Medium could say, “Oh, I am looking out a window to a yard with a tree in it.” And you might say, “Well, um, gee. Who doesn’t have a tree in their yard??? That doesn’t mean you are speaking to Connie….”
But when Connie shows me a specific coloured red ball hanging in the window, and you recognize that imagery as something Connie would have seen with you at an important time in your lives together…. something that is at your Mom’s house, where you and Connie lived with your Mom, and that Connie particularly loved these red balls. THAT tells you it is Connie who is here speaking to me.
 A note from Storm…

I have to tell you something… You have brung me out of the deepest darkness, You have made me smile and laugh again. You have touched my heart and soul, you have given me my Connie back to me. I see more than I have in a long time…. You’re an amazing angel so full of life and the things you can do for others. Also, you have gave me tears and peace knowing my love is still with me, and will always be with me. You give me shelter from the rain when I was feeling dead inside every inch of my body. Thank you, my spirit friend, for taking your time to give me life and strength again to face the morning dew that covers my broken heart. You are an amazing angel sent from above and from my soul mate Connie.

Thank you, my sweet, sweet beautiful friend….

Much love, forever young, forever free………….

 Thank you for your kind words, Storm. The whole of it brings me boundless joy….
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings










Joyful Ascent

I have something to say
          Can you hear me?
Yes I can, Spirit.
               You believe me, don’t you?
Yes, I do, Little Spirit.
     I’m floating
          I’m floating here
It’s like there is no earth
     My feet don’t touch the ground
          And I can’t see the trees
               I’m floating in the air

               So much light!

I’m traveling

I can feel my movement
     But there’s nothing to gauge it by
          Except my knowing
               Take my hand!
     I’d like to take you with me!
          Come with me!
               I’m traveling to heaven!
     Joyful ascent
               Light filled journey
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings








Once I had a Truck!

     Take my hand
          Won’t you?
     There is a reason for my asking
               This is the way of it, today
Once I had a truck

     A red truck

           It was my favourite one
I put is somewhere
     For safe keeping
          You know what I’m going to say….
               Why is that?
                    Why do we do that? ~
We find something precious
     And we hide it away
          From whom,
               If not ourselves?
Losing it is then a constant heartache
     A constant reminder
          That we can hold something dearly
     In our hearts
          And yet still hold it just out of reach
               Even from ourselves!
We keep that which we love
     Out of reach
          As though we’re doing ourselves a favour
     How mindlessly simple we are
               Don’t you agree?
Take it out!
     Take it out from behind the fireside bricks
     Hold it next to your heart
          And be glad of it
Be grateful for it
     Love it,
          And don’t let go
It wasn’t just a red fire truck
     It was faith
          And truth
               And glory!
It was strength
     And adventure
          And the beauty of me!
     Waiting to be held up
               To the height of the world!
          Let it shine!
                    I’d like to share that
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings







At The Gate



          Once there was a child . . .

Yes, Spirit? With a joyful heart, I open myself to this telling

A child stands
     With her back to me

     Her hair is dark
          Tied up in thick braids
               At the back of her head

She stands
     Hands at shoulder height
          Affixing something?
     (Disentangling something?)
          From the stem of a rose bush
               Twinned on a trestle before her

She glances at me
     Over her shoulder

          I cannot see her hands

What are you holding, beautiful child?
                    Is there something you’d rather I not see?

Head bowed
     Hands now clasped together in front
          Her long skirt as a backdrop to . . .
               (What is it she holds?)

I have something to show you,
     She says,
          Turning now to face me

     It’s a message my mother sent
          From the world beyond

I come here daily
     Looking over the fence
          In hopes that I might see here there

     It’s a barrier,
          This veil of roses between the worlds

I stand here
     On tip toes
          Each day at different times
               Hoping I’ll catch a glimpse…

          I’d so love to see her again

The angels said they have need of her

          Do you think that’s true?

               Do you think they need her more than me?

If so,
     I could let her go with greater ease

If there were one
     Who needs her more than I,
          I would say to them,

“Go with love
     But treat her like the precious flower she is to my heart”

Because that’s who she is to me…

     A flower of the most exquisite
          And scent
               And colour

     “Take her with you, if you must,”
          I’d say,
               “And be sure to kiss her often
                    As I did

                    Every day without end’

     I’d want her to know she is loved
          Because I don’t know that for sure

          I don’t know she is loved
               I don’t know someone is caring for her
                    I can’t see her…

     When I came
          I found this note….

     It was tied to the vine
          With a delicate thread
               And I left it there

I wasn’t sure it was for me

     But, I got to thinking

          “Why would it be placed
               Right where I stand each day
                    If it weren’t for me?

               Who could know I come here
                    I’ve never said so to anyone
                         It’s a private journey…”

Of course,
     You’re here

          But, I can sense you’re different

I’m okay that you’re here
     It’s almost a relief
          To have someone to talk to
               After all this time

That’s why I looked kind of sheepish….

You came as I untied the knot
     I’d only just taken the note off the string
          When you appeared
               Over my shoulder

I thought I’d done wrong
     Till I saw your light
          Then I knew I could share…

     What do you think
          About this note?

               I can’t read the words!!!

The paper is delicate
     Like lace wings

               Dark blue
                    With the prettiest design

There are words printed there
     But I can’t make them out

          Would you help me?

     You’re a writer
          Maybe you can see what I cannot

With cupped hands
     She holds the paper toward me
          In hesitant gesture

               But I don’t take it from her

‘Little Spirit
     The words…’
          I say,

          “The details are unimportant….

Let go of the need to ‘see’
     You are looking with your eyes
          In a way that has you looking backward

     You are bound only
          By the limitation
               Of your own imagination

Close your eyes
     Little Spirit,
          And look for your Mother there
               Without expectation
                    Of how she ‘should’ appear

What might you see
     And feel
          And hear?

     What might those words say
          If you listen with your heart?

     Can you allow your truth to be
          That you’ve seen her every day?
               Just not in a way you’d expect?

Close your eyes
     Little Love,
          And listen to what is
               Not what you expect there is

     Be aware of all your sense
          I suspect you’ll find
               That you’ve never been without her

          Not for the briefest of moments
               Not ever…

It is not for me to say
     What your experience might be
          Only to encourage you to imagine

               Love is never lost

Love never leaves
     It reconfigures
          In ways
               Sometimes beyond our knowing

Listen for that
     Little One

          You’ll find her there

Hold that love note to your heart
     And let is seep into the essence
          Of who you are

     I suspect you’ll discover
          With the blending of the two
               The one you long for
                    Will surrender their essence
                         In just the same way

Listen for love
     With love

     Let go of the ache
          (In the gentles way)
               To allow their essence
                    To feel you there

Allow the separation
     To be all it needs to be
          And remember to love yourself through it.’

Turning then
     Toward the fence
          Up on her tip toes
               With a smile on her face
          She sees something she had not seen before

     The place she stands
          Along the wall
               Is a gate…

Lifting the latch
     The gate sweeps open

     (So much easier
          To see this way)

               The gate is open

  Light cascades
     Within and without

     There is no separation
            Only invitation to step through

          ‘In your own time
               Little Spirit

                    In your own time…’


I have often reached out to Spirit to say, “I so wish that I could paint the beauty of the things I see in Spirit, for others to know of of their glory! Perhaps one day I will take classes and become a painter myself. Spirit is wondrous, however, far beyond our knowing; hearing and making connections for us, despite ourselves, when we reach out from our hearts. Here is an example of a painting created in spirit by a beautiful friend I have made through On Spirits’ Wings, that is clearly a representation of this very story about the spirit who came to me on this day.

With deepest, heartfelt love and appreciation for Renata Loree who created this glorious painting titled, “At The Gate” on the same day (unbeknownst to each other) that I received this spirits message. Renata is one who continually paints my heart from across the world. We are connected through Spirit in a glorious and mysterious way. Thank you for allowing me to use this image to share Spirits’ words, Renata. So much love to you!


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


A Message for Mpho From Beyond The Veil

A beautiful soul shared this loving message with the one he loves here on earth, after passing through the veil to the other side last month. He came to me earlier this week and then joined his sweetheart in conversation this afternoon (with me as a conduit.)

My lovely new friend, who lives in South Africa, felt that others may also find healing and comfort in his message so we agreed to share his message with you.
With love ~
When I opened my heart in meditation, these words came to me. . .
     Let me talk….
          I’d like to tell you this….
Although our time seemed short
     For me,
          Each moment has extended into millennia
               So that we can never be apart
I am savoring this now
     Dancing with the sensations of
          The warmth,
               And strength
                    And love that is you
     That is who you are to me
We are like children
     In the grand scheme of things
          There is so much to learn
I am grateful for the ‘time’ I had with you
     Wished there was more
          Simply so that I could hold you
                    I never let go
It’s not like on earth
     Where time and space
          Give a sense of separation
Here we are always One
     So that I simply can’t miss you
          The way you are missing me
So, I ache for you in your loss
     But, I don’t miss you the same way
          It’s different here
               You are with me
                    We are never apart
To say, “I love you”
     Is an understatement
          Of grand proportions
The intensity of the love I feel for you
     Is so complete
          So deep,
               So utterly unfathomable
          You are my very breath
               Within and without
Love is so much more here
     More than all the best days combined
          More than the sun
               And the stars
                    And the moon
               Wrapped up together
                    Combined at the heart
          More than all we imagined
We are all glorious Beings
     You’ll see it so clearly when you get here
Don’t come too soon
     Because once you’re here with me
          You’ll realize the whole of your life
               Was a blink of your beautiful eyes
All things there
     Are no time at all here
          It’s how I know you’ll be okay…
Don’t worry about me
     I’m happy
          And healthy
               And free
There is nothing but joyful imaginings here
     The manifestations
          Of all things good
Prepare yourself for joyful ascension
     But in your own time
     There is nothing disloyal
          About staying a little longer
          I’d do that, too
               Knowing what I now know
                    About here
                         And there
               And our relationship to one and all
Be ready when it comes
     But, don’t’ be in a hurry to get here
          I will wait
Then we can sit down together
     And talk things through
Be at peace
     In your own heart
     If you look
          You will find me there
I never left
     Not really
          Just changed the way I walk in the world
               Nothing too different in that
                    Not really….
Be patient with yourself
     In your healing
          Be at peace
               In your heart
                   I’m there
                         I am there
© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Win
As part of the transmission, I asked the gentleman who was speaking with me to share some images, ideas or truths that were specific enough that his loved one here would recognize that he was indeed who he said he was.
He transmitted the idea that he was a businessman – Mpho explained that lately, the two of them had been talking about starting a business together.
Maja showed a man with a yellowish tinge around the mouth and throat area. The jaw was very tight. He was bringing attention to some sort of infection in this area. – Mpho’s beloved grandfather, a very special man in her life, passed of throat cancer. Mpho tells me that she spoke often to Maja of her grandfather and it makes sense to her that he would bring grandfather into this communication as someone very special to be remembered to her.
He showed me a beautiful bird – Mpho says she has been seeing blackbirds and  each time she sees this bird she is sure it is her love come to visit her.
The bird he showed me had blue/grey coloured feathers. The colour of the feathers was greatly emphasized as was the idea that the bird was preening its feathers with care and pride in the way it looked. – I believe there were a few ideas portrayed through the image of this bird. One being that he takes care and pride in the way he looks. Another being the colour of clothes he liked to wear. A third, perhaps, a reflection of his name which is Maja Aggrey. 
He showed himself wearing a blue/grey coloured short sleeved shirt, pressed and very smart looking. A very handsome man. Again, see the picture in his blue/grey outfit, a vest (short sleeves), and shirt. Very dapper, indeed.
I saw Maja sitting right next to Mpho on her left side and he had a beautiful, warm smile – look at the picture of the two of them! Wow!
He emphasized his very short hair. The word he chose was ‘cropped’.
Maja showed himself chewing on a piece of grass (like a farmer might). Mpho tells me that although they lived in town, his family have a farm.
I was shown a beautiful white cow, that looked different than the cows we have here in Canada. – Mpho tells me that Maja had a great love for these animals on his family farm and that his favourite of the cows was a white one. He really loved this particular animal.
Thank you Spirit, for allowing me to bear witness to the love shared between Maja in spirit and Mpho here, continuing on her earth journey. I will hold space for continued direct communication between these two beautiful souls through the birds and sense of knowing that Mpho will continue have as signs that Maja is near (You don’t need me for this Mpho. You are already attuned to that love).
Thank you Maja, for trusting me to translate your words, thoughts and emotions to Mpho. Thank you Mpho, for reaching out and allowing me a brief glimpse into your life.
In deepest gratitude,
Catherine ~
© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




















Where Are You, My Love?

Yesterday came and went
      And I didn’t even notice
            If you existed
                  Do you believe me?
                        Can I lie that easily?
      Don’t believe it
            Not for a minute
Each night I pray for you
      Each day I call your name
            And wonder where you are
Each morning I pray
      That the moment will be revealed
            When you will reach out and find me
                  Where are you,
                        My love?
What twisted state is this
      Where you slip from my hand
            And disappear
                  Into the mists without me?
      I’m calling you
            I’m calling out to you
                        Can you hear me?
Let my words whisper in your heart
      So that you remember all there is to live for
Take a chance
      Open up your heart
            And take a chance
            Love is waiting for you
                  Let it LIVE
                        Let it live
                              It’s yours to give
      Breathe it
            Let it live
                  In and out and back to me
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



My Friend Said To Me, “Can I Come In?”

Once I had a friend
     Once I had a friend
          And this friend came to see me
               Late in the evening
                    On a Sunday
My friend said to me
     He said,
          “Can I come in?
               Can I come home with you?
                    Is there a place for me here
                         With you?”
I opened my door
     And let him in
My friend made himself at home
     Sat by the fire
          Soaked up the
               Warmth and the light
     Held on to the room
          And the space
               And the place that
                    Being there provided
     Who would have known?
          Who would have guessed
               That he needed that?
                    Not me
I went about my business as usual
     Ignoring him
          For the most part
     Just let him be
          Without interruption
And there he stayed
                         And grateful
                              Just to “Be” there
Once we know our boundaries
     Once we know our limits
          We can relax within the
               Four walls of them
                    And find the gift of that
               Simply that
We have limits
     And it’s okay to recognize
          And claim them as our own
     Can we move beyond them?
          Yes we can
And if we choose to,
     Then lets take the time
          To gather in and
               Build the energy we need
                    To move forward
From there?
     From that place of strength?
          The world is our limit
     The world
          And all the stars in Heaven
               That becomes our home
                    The whole of it
          Amen to that
               My friend
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



Grandma Agnes Visits Katt During a Mediumship Circle

What an extraordinary gift to be a conduit for Agnes who chose to speak to her beloved Grand daughter Katt, through me, during a Mediumship Development Circle I attended recently. Nicole Powell is a gifted teacher and mentor and I wish to acknowledge her loving guidance in support of my developing abilities in this way.

As for Agnes’ visit, Katt has given me permission to share her Grandmother’s message with you, including the image of the very lacquer jewelry box Agnes presented to Katt in my vision to help identify herself during her visit.

In this interaction, Agnes describes an afternoon she shared with Katt who came to sit with Agnes while she was in hospital during her final days. Agnes was unable to speak to Katt at the time; she was resting in her physical self. But, Agnes wanted very much for Katt to know that in her spirit self, Agnes was not only free to laugh and dance with boundless joy but very much aware of Katt’s presence during her visits.

Thank you, Katt, for your willingness to share this message of hope with all of us.

With love,
Catherine ~


     I close my eyes and in my vision space. . .

I see a woman sitting up in a hospital bed

     The head of the bed is slightly raised
          A light blanket neatly folded back over her chest

She would prefer to imagine sitting up in a chair….

     She chooses to envision herself this way
Though truth be told she finds herself lying still

          “Are you listening?”
She asks me.

                    “I am here tonight”


Turning her focus to speak to Katt, this gentle woman whispers,


“I’d like to talk to you
     About the last time we spoke

That I could feel your hand
     Holding mine

          Though I was too weak to squeeze you tight

     That I could hear your voice
          Talking to me

               Though I was unable to speak

I see her there. . .

She looks neatly dressed (her imagining)
     Yet her reality shows her
           Arm stretched out across the blanket
Toward a younger woman (Katt)
                    Who gently lets the elder’s hand
Rest in her upturned palm


     Placed where the two hands meet
This visitor shows me a rectangular box 

In spirit she is sitting up, looking at the younger woman
Smiling warmly

     She has placed the box purposely there
          As a connection between the two.

 The box looks black in my vision space
But I hear,

                    Perhaps the box is red inside? 

I see the elder woman again
     Head raised slightly

She suggests that her body is still and un-moving

           “Like a stiff mask”

She says she is tired now. . .

      Too tired to want to expend energy animating her outer form

But she wants me to share these words and as she speaks I see her spirit      Joyfully rise up behind her body lying still on the bed,

     “I am free
          Behind the mask of this body

          I am free now
               To laugh
                    And dance

     I am no longer trapped
          Locked in one place
               Though you can’t hear me say so

 Know that

     Celebrate with me

               I am dancing in the light!

And I see you there
     Holding my hand
          Close to your heart (Metaphorically)

We are one
     You and I

               Dance with me!”


The spirit of this gentle soul
     Rises up behind her body
            As a young woman again

Brilliant smile

     Sparkling eyes 

               Basked in warm yellow light

Rising up!        



“Let this be your truth
     That we are one
          With the joy of all eternity
               Well within our grasp
                    In heaven and on earth

Dance with me

     Let the world know
          There is no such thing as separation

Let’s live that way
     You and I
          We know each other well

And in that way
     Know the rhythm of time and space
          Runs in circles

There is life
     And then there is life
          One and the same

Let your eyes
     See the whole of it

               There you will find me!

     To your open, loving heart

     A gift to all
          On both sides of the veil”



Katt writes:

You beautiful soul!

The message is even more moving when written, than hearing it the first time, thank you for that gift!

Here are some images of the lacquer box my Grandmother shared.


(NB. I had imaged that this box was black on the outside, as this is how it appeared in my vision space. However, I was also given the word red, very clearly during the interaction. Both Katt, in her memory of the box, and myself, in hearing the word,  imagined there was red velvet inside. If you look closely, you will see Agnes was referring to the literal sea of red, both inside and outside the box, in the images there. Thank you, Agnes, for being so clear in your description of the box you had offered Katt in my vision, and that she still holds dear.)

Katt says:

My Grandmother’s name was Agnes. She was an incredibly intelligent woman; a teacher who worked full time at the Alberta School for the Deaf…very progressive for that day and age! She was a music prodigy––very gifted, and also taught piano. My Grandmother was an absolutely amazing, strong woman. Parkinson’s and arthritis locked her into her body, which took away the ability to play music, and in the end, crossing was the kindest thing that could have happened to her.

Love her very much!

Beautiful, powerful words Catherine.
Thank you so very much!

























Share Your Loving Light For Those Who Need Just That


     It’s this way tonight

In as much as
     We all want what’s best for ourselves and our children
          Lets take the time
               To think things through

It’s fine when the roots are in place
     For development of



               And spirit

     But what happens when those we care about fall apart?

          Is it just and right
               To expect all will go smoothly?

Let’s put ourselves in that place
     And imagine what we might do ourselves
          If we found ourselves in such a state
               Without a home
                    Without a bed to sleep in

          Where would we go?

I’m not talking about moving house
     I’m talking about not having one

What determination it would take
     To keep ones head above water
          With madness
                    All around

          Such a gift to find a place of calm

Be that

     Shine your light for that

It takes so little, truly
     To share your loving light    
For those who need just that

     Be light
          And share it freely
To all those who need that from you
                    And nothing more





© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings








Her Name Was Grace

     Are we
          (In the centre of all this madness)

               Ready for a life of ease?

Would our soul know what to do
     With peace
          After being bashed about so heartlessly
               For so many years?

     Let me tell you a story about that

This day
     9 years ago
          A girl came to me

She had long dark hair
     And her name was Grace

          What was it about her
               That changed the way I walked in the world
                    Just because she was in it?

I’d like to hold a candle to that

          Can you imagine?

Surrounded by the truth
          Of all the people around me
               She was the only one
          With the money to put where her mouth is?

“Take a step back,”
     I said to myself

     “And admire the tight fitted nature
          Of this woman’s way in the world

          She speaks from a place of
               Centered truth
                    That is not often apparent
                         In one so young

     How can we not admire that?

And here she is
     Walking a path close enough to mine
          That I might reach out and touch her if I chose to

               But why would I?

                    Why would I?

Why not just let her walk on by
     And just be thankful
          That I was witness to her beauty?”

There is nothing for me to hang onto
     It’s not about that

It’s about recognizing heavenly creatures for who they are
     And letting them be just that




© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings





Redefining Astral Travel

(Current) Definition of astral projection

  1. :  the ability of a person’s spirit to travel to distant places

Although not scientifically proven as having basis in truth, personal experience in the phenomenon of astral travel, astral projection or out of body experience OBE is proof enough for me. Nonetheless, I would like to challenge the idea of travel per se, and open your imagining to the possibility that the soul does not so much leave the body as live the truth that in spirit there is no such thing as separation.

Last night I was celebrating friendship with a woman I have come to know who lives in Texas. “Close your eyes,” she said, “I’m giving you a hug.”

Accepting her invitation in joyful anticipation, I follow her direction and close my eyes. Instantly in a state of higher vibration I witness my friend standing before me where we linger in a soul-centered acknowledgement of each others presence. I watch her reach toward me, place her hands on my upper arms and gather me close.

In her arms now, I experience a very long, warm, loving hug that lights up my heart. I see her long wavy hair, feel her head where it rests on my left shoulder, and sense her profound presence. I consciously take ‘time’ to consider the entirety of the experience. Breathing deeply I note a wave of warmth and light and love wash in, over and around me followed by a sense of deep knowing that this is an extraordinary friendship.

Stepping away now she releases me: the image of her fades leaving only the warmth and love of her embrace. Her hug was palpable yet, unusual. I expected she might wrap her arms around me at shoulder height and hold me close, not this. Indulging in the memory a moment longer I message to ask about the way in which she hugged me. She laughed and said,

“Stop typing while I’m hugging you!”

On the physical plane seconds had passed––in spirit a prolonged period of time had elapsed.

“I clasped your bi-ceps gently and pulled you to me, hugged you, felt you receive it with love, and then I was back here,” she explained, further describing that her head was on my left shoulder just as I experienced in spirit, while on the physical plane she remained 3200 km away.

In 2016 I travelled in similar fashion to many far away places and interacted with others across the world. Ontario – 2700 km, Oklahoma – 3500 km, Denmark – 7600 km, and for many months to India – 11,500 km exchanging similar experiences in sight, sound, and physical sensation with a profound sense of knowing the depths of another’s soul. Did I travel a distance through space? Nah.

Some may argue that when engaged in astral travel they feel their soul move out of their body and watch it hover above, or perhaps they have the sensation of snapping back into their body feeling physically shaken by the knowledge that there had been a shift in their consciousness. I would still argue that their soul didn’t so much leave as remember the truth of oneness.

What about redefining Astral travel altogether as:

  1. The ability to remember that there is no such thing as separation.

Or maybe

  1. The souls choice to remember there is no such thing as separation and to live this truth either consciously or unconsciously, without regard to the physical boundaries imposed in our earth bound journey

Or how about:

  1. The souls choice to remember there is no such thing as separation and to live this truth, either consciously or unconsciously, without regard to the physical boundaries of time, space or place imposed upon us in our conscious view of ourselves as earth bound beings
  1. To allow ones soul to be present outside the confines of the physical plane
  1. To consciously chose to live on the spiritual plane for brief periods of ‘time’
  1. To dissolve the time, space continuum in order to experience oneness

(Also known as telepathy, remote viewing, melding, shape shifting)

I have come to know that it is possible to be anywhere in the universe at one time while simultaneously remaining present in another. We can see, hear, and engage on a physical, mental and spiritual level while simultaneously experience time, place and space on another plane including engaging with those who no longer exist in the physical.(i.e. with the spirits of those who have have passed away.)


What are your experiences? I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share, ask questions of me and/or engage in the quantum physics of infinite possibilities that includes oneness in this way. Tell your story.

I look forward to connecting with any who wish to join in.

With love,

Catherine ~






“You Are Loved”



     Can’t we talk a minute?

               I have something to say

My name is Gregory
     I am thirteen
          And I’m very inventive

You’ll think this is cool

I build things
     On this side

     I build things
          To help others
               On your side of the rainbow

That’s what I call it
     This bridge between worlds

You there

     Me here

          On either side of the veil

It’s a mystery
     How I can see all things
          And you can only see some

But I suppose
     From your perspective
          Some are better than none

               Can you still hear me?

I was talking about the things I build
     But I forgot to say what they are

They are bells
     Tiny little bells and whistles
          Small enough to tuck in peoples ears

     Like little fluffs of cotton
          Like powder
               Small as a spec of dust

No one would ever imagine
     That something as small as all that
          Could. . .

Yes, spirit?

Could hold such a powerful healing energy

Yet, I’m here to tell you
     That inside that tiny ball of mist
          Lies a truth so profound
               That all the wise men and woman
                    Across history

     Would do nothing if not agree with its truth

It’s a voice
     This thing I make

     It’s a speaker
          An amplifier of the minutest proportions

A channel
     If you like
          Of the voice of God
               With one message

                    That’s all

One message to share
     In the softest, warmest whisper

               “You are loved,” it shares

Over and over and over
     With the gentlest
          Soothing tones

     “You are loved like no other on this earth
          Because you are unique unto yourself

                    You are loved.”

It wasn’t my idea of course
     I’m only a volunteer

     Because I know myself to have the hands
          That are skilled enough to craft
               The spiritual technology
                    (If you like)

The delicate touch necessary
     To create such an instrument
          With enough precision to translate the voice of God
               Is in my hands

And I gladly give them
     Because I know myself
          With all my heart

     Never mind that I’ve reached such a young age as this

I know already
     I mean to say

       That no one

          Not one living soul
               Should ever have the opportunity
                    To forget this truth

So I remind them
     With my tiny bells
          And whistles

               “You are loved

                    Each and every day without end”

      Can you hear yours?

If not
     Let me know
          And I’ll turn up the volume

     Loved One

          Sleep well

               Listen to your dreams
                    They work there, too!

I’ll see you soon


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Popop’s Shirt


Before you read this story it is important to me to share that I am not ‘friends’, Facebook or otherwise, with the Marcos family. The only time Andrew’s mother Toni and I are in communication, really, is at Andrew’s beckoning, most recently during the Wednesday evening animal communication events (since May, 2016) with Andrew’s goal of supporting his mother’s belief in afterlife communications. Toni and I connect behind the scenes each week but today, with Toni’s joyful permission, I would like to share the miraculous goings on from the August 31, 2016 event. Please understand that I did not know any of the background information that lead up to what happened on this day between Andrew and his family.


Popop’s High school riffle shirt had gone missing. His loving son Drew had spent a good deal of time searching for it to no avail which was so unfortunate as it would have meant so much to Drew to have made a loving gesture of placing this shirt with his beloved father for his journey beyond this world. Unfortunately, Popop’s celebration of life was now complete. His remains now buried – the opportunity had come and gone.

Or had it. . . ?

There was one person who knew where the shirt was – Drew’s son Andrew: Popop’s grandson. Andrew and his father had worked together to renovate Popop’s basement four years earlier and Andrew recalled where the shirt was hanging. He also knew his father’s heart and how much it meant to his father to place that shirt with Popop and he would have told him…. He would have told his father where to look except he was having a little trouble getting his voice to be heard . . . because Andrew is also living in spirit, having passed away unexpectedly 18 months ago.

Andrew may have had an intention to get this message to his father before Popop was buried initially, we will never know. If recent history were an indicator we could certainly suggest that  Andrew was in the habit of encouraging his parents through me on Wednesday evenings with messages to them both, however, I had gone on holiday during the time that Popop passed away leaving Andrew without me as a channel to point Drew in the direction of the shirt. Toni and family were also very busy with arrangements during this time so a few weeks had gone by where Andrew was unable to contact his family.

During this period where Andrew was unable to contact his family through me something very unusual happened at the funeral home with regards to Popop. – a terrible error – Popop was buried with all of his jewelry. Quite clearly this had to be rectified. As distressing as this prospect was to the family, in an odd way you can see that this unusual situation lead to an unexpected opening for Drew to resume the search for the lost shirt. With Popop due to be exhumed within a few days and the Wednesday night animal event back in full swing Andrew also had the opportunity he needed to let his dad know where to find it….

Enter Catherine ~

Ten minutes before the animal communication event was to begin Andrew explodes into my vision space. His glorious light shining, the beautiful joyful energy that is Andrew appeared bringing with him a sense of urgency in sharing a message with his mother, so much so that I felt it necessary to open up to listen to what he had to say without first getting my journal to write it down, which is unheard of for me.

I waited for Toni to appear that evening but she wasn’t able to come (now we know why). But not knowing this at the time I wondered if she might be on line having lost track of time so I sent her a note.

“Let me know if you are around, Toni Marcos.” But Toni was unable to come.

At the close of the event I chose to post Andrew’s message to Toni despite the fact she had not written in to the event. I thought she would think I was crazy, but have learned when it comes to sharing what comes in Mediumship – all that truly matters is that I trust things will make sense beyond my knowing. I wrote,

“…even though you haven’t found me tonight, I have you in my vision space. Andrew was here even before I started and he seems to have said, “Mom. Ask dad to look behind the door in the basement….” I would be most curious if this made sense to you. With so much love.”

This is the best part. Wait for it! Andrew’s father, Drew, having looked for his father’s shirt without success in the previous weeks, suddenly got an inkling of where to look, right about the time Andrew was whispering his message through me to his father. On Wednesday evening, Drew got into his car, drove to his father’s house, went downstairs, where he hadn’t been for four years, and opened the closet behind the basement door. There he found Popop’s shirt exactly where Andrew told me he would find it.

Toni received my message two days later and asked her husband if Andrew’s message to him made any sense. Then she wrote to me,

“…. Andrew’s Popop passed away and Andrew’s dad was looking for a special shirt of Andrew’s Popop, and he found it (Wednesday evening) in the basement behind the door in the closet. Wow wow wow. My boy is amazing. Thank you so much for this message.”

Andrew’s Popop has since been buried with his special shirt and Andrew’s father has a renewed sense that the messages that Andrew has been sharing over the past year, have a truth beyond his knowing.

It is with deep and  humble gratitude that I thank Spirit for allowing me to support and bear witness to this families continued opening to the realm of possibilities that there is life beyond that which we can see here on earth.




© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




There is no greater gift than love


Listen carefully . . .

For I am here for you today

     When I was nine

My father came to say to me


I want you to go out into the world
     And bring back that
          Which is your hearts desire

Be careful what you choose
     Be discerning

     Take all the time you need
          For when you return
               I will expect a full explanation
                    A full accounting…
                         Of your every move

Be it big or small
     It hardly matters

Only that
     Whatever you’ve chosen
          Captures your heart in a way
               That none other can
                    For as long as we both shall live”

No small task . . .

This challenge he set before me
     And yet, somehow I knew
No matter what the cost
     I would return
          With outstretched hands
     And place the object of my deepest desire
          Within his view
               Before his time had come

Set forth I did
     And searched
          Both day and night
               Over countless months

                    Years, in fact

Back and forth across the globe
     Through tunnels
          Across fields
               And streams

Over gully’s
     Under mountains
          Across the sky
               Into oceans
                    Beyond the stars

Can you hear me still?

Yes, dear Spirit!

Until a day when I realized
     That what I desired most
          Was simply to please him

For wasn’t he the one who raised me
     Who taught me to feel strong
          And confident of myself in the world
     That I might feel
          Brave enough

               Clever enough

                    Bold enough

To step out
     With the knowing
          That I could indeed
               Seek and find
          That which I desired most?

It was he
     That taught me that I could do
          Anything my heart desired

          My greatest love was him
               For all that

And so I returned
          But with a heart so full of devotion
               And respect
          That in his presence
               I reached out and took HIM
                    In my arms

I wrapped myself around him
     Old that he was
          And whispered,

“Love is my deepest desire

               For it is love
                    That has brought me you

Yes, spirit?

And because of you
     Love is who I am
          Precious beyond all time
               And space
                    Or place

For you have taught me with love
     And now,
          I return to you knowing

     There is no greater gift
          Than offering love
               One heart to another

Yes, spirit?!

Allow me to begin again
     This cycle of love

And with this gesture of love
     Begotten of love
          I will hold your memory in the Highest
               And teach my child
                    All there is to giving”

Yes, spirit?

          There is no greater gift than love

                    Hold this truth in the Highest


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings