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Open always with your heart ~ The wisdom will follow as needed

I separate myself
     Like the olive from the pit
          Before plunging into a
               Martini sea

     Pierced perfection
          You could say
               For those who like it that way

     And what of you?

          Is this the way of it for you today?

Let your heart lead . . .

     Open always with your heart first,         
               The wisdom will follow as needed

                 Hold on to that!


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

A Pair Of Shoes


Stepping through the veil
     Fully clothed
          Like moving through a doorway
               I look around . . .

     Is there someone who wishes to share?
          I open my heart to you
               Here in this place of Spirit



                    Dancing in the light of lights

                         Is there a message for me tonight?


Let there be,
     Amongst the worn out shoes,
          A pair,
               That when you slip them on
                    Your consciousness
                         Bursts into a flurry of energy
                              And excitement

Let the whole of you
     Become a ball of light
          Dancing over the tree tops
               Touching the sky
     Stretching your arms into that radiate blue
          All across the top of the world

               Can you imagine all of that,
                    Exploding from a pair of shoes?

What size?

     What size could fit you now,
          When your feet don’t touch the ground?

          Be that graceful

               Let this image do its work

All around us is the answer
     To life’s mysteries

     Let your truth sing out
          For there are many who would long to hear it

Follow your heart
     I’m dancing with you,

          I’m dancing in my heart for you!




© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings










There Are Worlds Beyond The Ordinary That Have Plenty To Say

There are messages to hear
     To be sure

     Above the common mind
          The simple mind

There are worlds beyond the ordinary
     That have plenty to say

         It’s a question of
               Who is waiting to listen?

          Who is available
               To open their mind
                    To the whole of it?

Let the truth of this light



               Dance of light)

Let the truth of this light
     Fall from your pen
          Onto the eyes of the world

     Let the words you hear and dictate
          Flow through your Being
               Without hesitation

         Let it be known
               That here is not where it all begins
                    And ends

There is more
     Much more

          To live
               And breathe
                    And experience

     You can imagine

              Can’t you?

          That the existence beyond this view
               Has every right to be?

     That there are others
          Like you,
               Who live in both realities?
                    Exist on more than one plane?

There are many planes

          We’ve talked of this before

Take a chance

     Step over the stepping-stones
          Into the worlds beyond

Then step back again
     And share with others
          All you’ve seen there

It’s easy now
     Don’t deny it

          Breathe into the truth of all that
               With a joyful heart!


 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Leave Yourself Open To joyful Possibilities Beyond Your Knowing

     Within the confines of our soul . . .

Yes, Spirit?

Within the boundaries
     Of that which constitutes our soul-self
          Are endless possibilities
               For manifestation

We cannot comprehend what these possibilities are
     So vast and unending
          As they are want to be

Engaging in ‘creating’ them
     Can in its own way be limiting
          Satisfying though it may be
               When the joys of our imagining
                    Come to fruition


There is a place for allowing beauty to unfold
     In its own glorious ways
     By the confines of our ability to imagine all that is

Be patient
          With the angelic realm

     They have your best interests at heart

Allow some space
     For unimaginable joy
          To manifest on your behalf

          Be open to the joyful unknown…

Leave yourself open
     To joyful possibilities
          Beyond your knowing

     You can do that
          And trust
               They are waiting there for you

Letting go of such strict control
     Can lead to happiness
          In unexpected ways

     This too
          Has a place
               For and with you

               To the highest good of all


This Existence Is The Opposite To What You Might Think

This existence
      Is the opposite
            To what you might think
                  Can you accept that?
What if it were me
      Reaching out to you
            Instead of the other way around?
You look across the veil
      As though I am the mystery
            When for me
                  You defy all logic
You are illusive
      And come and go
            Fade and appear when I least expect you
                  I reach out to you for guidance
I learn from you
      Just as much as you might hope to learn from me
            Maybe more
      Don’t cut yourself short
Don’t consider yourself less
      Just because you hold the physical
            As your current truth
      I once had that, too
            And know all its joys
                  And sorrows
I may exist without that now
      But this does not make me a superior Being
      Perhaps it’s I who holds a tinge of envy
            At all that you have
I appreciate you
      For all you offer
            And all you share with me
                  Without hesitation
      And I am grateful to God
            That you exist for me
Allow me to bow my head
      To you on the physical side
            With deepest gratitude
                        Amen ~





Be the one Take a chance Say the word Share your voice

     Something’s happening
            Can you feel it?
               Open up to this idea
                    Let me tell you
      (Start like that)

Once a young man came to me

He told me his name
      And he told me his tale
            He said,
      “This is the end of my life
            I can no longer live in this world
                  With so much suffering
            I cannot bear to watch
                  The torment of one soul
                        For the loss of another
      So much sorrow
            Too much
                  I cannot live in this world
                       The way it is today.”
He took himself up the road
      Away from all the chaos
            And he made himself a plan
Day and night
      Night and day
He vowed to make a change
      To make a difference
            To make a change
      So that all those he loved
            Would sit up and take note
                  And know,
            That they too had the power
                  To move mountains
It takes one voice
      Yes ~
            It takes one voice to speak out
One voice to start a wave of truth
      Joined by many
            Until a whole nation cries out
                        To make a change for peace
Be that voice
     Be the one to spread
          Love and
             Joy and
      When all around seems lost
            What if it was you the people needed?
     Be the one
          Take a chance
               Say the word
                    Share your voice
  © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




With No Such Thing As Time Or Place Where Does That Leave Us?


There is a time and place for all things

     But with no such thing as time
          Or place

               Where does that leave us?

     I’d like an answer to that

               Wouldn’t you?

Yes, I would, Spirit.

                    Then listen closely…


If you were to take away
     All the limitations of time and space

               What would you have left?

         A coming together of the whole!

Time and place are simply
     A means of creating the illusion
          Of separation

One here,

     One there,

          Passage of time in movement
               From one to the other

     This is a falsehood
          Set out by the limits of our own creativity

Remove these concepts
     And we are all one
               Without question

          How can there truly be anything else?

If this were true
     Then this notion of separation
          Must be a falsehood

     Without it
          There is no length of separation

               There simply is

                    No separation

And so,

     How can it be that you ache for someone?

          You must always be with them
               And they with you…

Reach out then
     And touch the beauty of that
          To your own heart

     You’ll find them there
          Those you ache to be near

          You’ll find them
                    Sharing oneness

            And your very own heart


    © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings






Meditation. . . It’s About Feeding The Soul

In conversation with others on this notion of meditation, I hear comments like, “It doesn’t work for me,” “I can’t sit quietly,” “I’m too busy,” or even, “I have been researching how to do it properly but I find it hard to get into….” We can become so intent on doing things RIGHT, sometimes, that we limit ourselves to the point of full stop before we get started.

There are books that describe its virtues, cd’s with soft music, You Tube video’s at our fingertips, even classes offered by those, exceptional in their ability to lead others in glorious guided meditations. What a gift to find that teacher who resonates with us in this way. How blessed are we?

But what if we haven’t found the way into regular practice yet? What can we do? How do we get started?

This gentle guidance from Spirit on meditation begins with a loving little nudge in the ribs to all, reminding us not to take things quite so seriously, in the pursuit of ‘how to.’ The word ‘purity’, referring to that part of ourselves that wants so desperately to get things, ‘right’!

With love,
Catherine ~




     It’s a delicate subject

          Let it flow…

I can always count on those
     Who trust the Source
          To come up with ridiculous ways
               To embarrass themselves

It’s the oddest thing

     But we try so hard
          To impress ourselves to do the right thing
               We forget how simple breathing can be

Breathe ~

     That’s as much complexity as it takes…


     It comes in many forms

Pick what works for you
     And be sure to do it often

It’s a matter of dedicated service to your core light

     Let it shine
          In a way that makes your heart sing
               A peace filled song







          Wash your clothes

               Do a gig

                         What will it be for you?

          It’s about feeding your soul!


Would you like to know what I do?

YES, dear Spirit, I would!

I sing to the heavens

     I open my heart
          Lift up my voice
               And let the words flow like river water

It’s a beautiful feeling to share that way….
     No one hears it but me

          It’s fun that way

     Like a special gift of giving and receiving


  © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




What Are You Willing To Do To Step Forward Along Your Journey

          Come with me
               Into the unknown

Wishing for things
     And holding them in your hands
          Are two vastly different things
               When all is said and done

     And yet…

               Not so different after all

                    Can you see there are similarities?

Be the light
     That shines on the truth
          Of these fine words

We can want in a way
     That sets a tone
          For others to be in charge of our destiny

Or we can step right out
     Into our own free will
          And seek to fulfill our own wildest dreams
               With fortitude
          Knowing that without a willingness
               To see our desires through
                    There is less likelihood
                         Of them being truly fulfilled

We can ask each other this question

     What are you willing to do
          To step forward along your journey
               In a way that sets in motion
                    That which you desire most?

     What one thing comes to mind
          That sparks resonance in your heart
               No matter how seemingly small?

Grandiose gestures
     Are indeed just that
          Yet not necessary
               To achieve all that is

     The smallest gesture
          Can be just as grand
               With results which touch your heart
                    With just as much light

Continue along your path of hope
     Putting one foot in front of the other

And keep the highest good of all
     As the centre most import
          And you will see…

               You will see
                    A positive change
                         To your liking

Be that forward thinking
     Forward moving soul

     And watch the magic
          Begin to flow

          To your traveling nature

               Nothing is holding you back

Be one with this truth
     And be a model for all who follow


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




Duality Is Within Us All Embracing It Brings Harmony


     Couldn’t we be
          The ones to share today?

Along the way
     You’ll find yourself
          Traveling in pairs
               For one adventure or another

Two minds as one
     For considering wisdom
          From more than one angle
               Within yourself

You will see wisdom as having valid points
     Good sense
          From possible opposing views

               Wherein lies the truth for you?

We can begin to doubt our sanity
     At times
          If the…

Yes, Spirit?

What if valid reasoning begins to pile up
     On both sides?

     What if you begin to appreciate
          Both points of view?

               What then?

You must remember the duality within
     With respect for both
          And acknowledge your inner truths
               Yes –
          More than one truth within yourself

There can be many minds
     Each with valid notions
          Of how we might conduct ourselves

Don’t create shadow
     Out of one view over another
          Within yourself

     Honour both

          Love both
               (If you are considering two)
                    Or ten if there are ten

When you acknowledge all angles of inner knowing
     You are on the road
          To creating peace within

It is in punishing thoughts toward self
     Where inner turmoil erupts

Let’s take an example

     Let’s say
          You want to go out for a walk

               A simple desire, Yes?

          But maybe not for all of your ‘self’

Perhaps there is a part of you
     That feels nervous about this idea
          For whatever reason

One aspect of who you are
     Decides going out for a walk
          Is a sickening idea
     And to emphasize the point
          You have a knot in our stomach

Now that piece of yourself
     That looks out on a sunny day, says,

          “Ah! But it is so appealing!

Fresh air
               The smell of new soil
                    Or trees or the sea

               How beautiful this would be!”

And while that part of you is smiling
     And day dreaming
          Of such a delightful possibility
The anti-walking part within
     Takes a next step to emphasize the point
          Raising the bar of dis-ease
               From knot in the stomach
                    To tightness in the chest

It’s as though giant fists
     Have taken hold of your heart
          And are squeezing
               So that breathing becomes a challenge
And because the ‘out for the walk’ part of you
     Doesn’t fully comprehend
          Why you are feeling this tightness
               But has empathy
                    For the nervous part of you

You find you begin to actively look from side to side
     For the catalyst of discomfort

     There must be something external
          In your environment,
               You think,

     To have caused this feeling of unease.

As you look close at hand for the trigger
     The inner you who worries
          Begins to celebrate!

For as long as you are busy looking for ‘why’
     In the physical
          You are no longer dreaming
               Of going outside walking

                    IN THE UNKNOWN!!

Instead of easing up
     That part of you
          Who is desperately shouting,

               “Stay home!”

Winds up full force
     In order to keep your attention

Soon enough,
     This looking side to side
          Intensifies to such a degree
               That the throat seizes up
     As though those hands now squeeze your voice
          Into silence

Your eyes bulge out in panic
     Your mind races frantically
          Darting in all directions
     Crashing into the edges of your skull
          Hammering to get out in a primal scream
               Yet, locked
                    Within the cage of your mind

          “Don’t leave the house!”

It wants to say
     But can’t

The thought so terrifying
     You collapse
               On the floor
          Unable to move
               Even had you wanted to

          The joyful dream state shattered

Confusion isn’t possible
     As this suggests the ability to reason
          And reason,
               You are completely incapable of
                    Once again…

Once again the fear within reigns
     But it’s not what you wanted…

     Not what you’d hoped for
          On this glorious sunny day…

     You turn away from daydreams
          And do the laundry.

You sweep the floor
     Make a sandwich
          Turn your back to the day
     And try to forget the knot in your stomach
          That still remains

It always remains

     A physical manifestation
          Of Dread
     Ready to leak into the whole of you
          In any given moment
               Without end

What of the duality?

     What is the solution?

          Are we doomed to live this way forever?

Yes, Spirit?
What is needed here? So many wish to know. How do we overcome such darkness?

          The answer is love

The answer is love and understanding

The one who must listen
     Is you,
          For you

We can all get guidance
     From an external source
But ultimately
     The onus of love falls on you
          For you

          This is the duality I spoke of

We all have it
     We all have an inner voice
          More than one

One voice cannot dominate another
     Within ourselves
          To the point of disharmony
               With another part of ourselves
          Without consequence

A state of peace
     Can only be created
          When you allow this to be your truth

You have the ability to find inner peace
     By seeking out those thoughts
          That create disharmony
               And listen within
                    To all it has to say

     Like you are your own best friend

          With healthy boundaries within

          Hold fast to the highest good
               Of your own dear self

No one aspect
     Need have dominance over another
          Harmony comes
               When all views are respected

     Can you see this idea
          As a possible break through for you?

When one aspect is fearful
     If the other jumps on board
          And takes on the belief
               That there must be something to fear
          You will create twice the fear!

Now you really feel it
     And what intensity you create
          By joining in!

          This is not self-love. . .

               This is pouring fuel on the fire

We do this unwittingly
     Don’t judge
          Don’t criticize past doings

               Simply choose a new approach

One aspect fears
     Another aspect acknowledges

          “You are fearful today.”

Fear grips the stomach…
     Acknowledge that feeling

          “Your stomach is tight today.
               It tells me you are uncomfortable

     I hear you…

I witness your discomfort
     I understand your gesture
          I no longer need to feel it, too.

          I hear you…

Now let go of that feeling in me
     Let’s talk together about it.

          I am here…”

You will find this awareness needs practice

The signs are always there
     But we are not practiced at seeing

          That’s okay

Don’t criticize your truth
     Simply start today

     Choose to become aware
          Little by little

Prick up your internal ears
     To the signs your psyche offers

          They will differ
               From person to person
                    From situation to situation

          What signs do you offer to self?

Allow your truth to reign
     And when you listen
          You will find

               Panic begins to subside…

Love would not say:
     “You fear a walk?
          How stupid is that?
               I’m going anyway!”

     Love would say:
          ‘You fear a walk?
               I understand….
     Something about walking out worries you.
          I understand how that might feel
               Let’s sit together a while

               I am here…

                    You’re not alone…

                         I am here…

Let’s consider what we both hope for
     And hold hands and
          Listen to each other with love”

Duality is within us all

     Embracing it brings harmony

One wants to enjoy warmth
     Enjoy the brightness of the sun
          Breathe fresh air
               Feel or smell the earth

The other wants safety
     The beauty of being cared for
          The comfort of acknowledgment
               Of trust
                    Of caring

          Can you not have both?

Love would never say
     “I’m going anyway!”

     Love would say,
          “Lets find a way
               To acknowledge each other.”

Today – Could we step into the yard? No?

Today could we open the window? No?

Today could we stand together
And hold hands with love?

Could we look out and enjoy the look of the sun outside from the safety of the house?

Could we imagine the warmth of the sun and share the memory of how that feels?

Could we care for our indoor plants and breathe in the smell of that sweet earth?

Could we agree that one day soon,
     We will simply open the front door?
          And feel the summer air
     With no expectation
          Of stepping over the threshold?

     Just open the door
          Nothing more?

Another day
     Not today…

Today we will acknowledge
     The love we have within self
          For Self

We are love to each other
     We can learn to walk together in peace
          Step by tiny step
               For as long as it takes
                    Without judgment

     Amen to your courageous heart!

          Be love

               And you will know what love is




© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings













You Create Your Reality Let It Be One Filled With Love and Beauty

     Once upon a time

          This is how fairy tales start
               And if we wish for that

                      Where will we be?

         I can tell you one thing

Where as,
     As long as you believe
          All the characters are
               Make believe
                    In your story

     Not much of anything will come of it

Take a look

     Survey the landscape

          What do you see, really?
               When all the stardust falls away?

Who are the characters in the play?

         Who have you chosen to be near?

                 Why did you choose them?

We can almost make a list

     First this,
         Then that…

         Bring all the personalities together
              And sort through the riff raff

                 Who would you choose to be with?

You have a choice
     This is your play

            Who would you say good-bye to?

                    Whom would you love?
                         And why?

It is no different than writing a play

            ~ Your life

     You create your reality

Let it be one filled with love and beauty

         Why would you choose otherwise?

There are streams of light
     Heading your way

                 Let them in!



© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



There Are Reasons Why The Mountains Move The Way They Do

There are reasons why
     The mountains move the way they do

Such subtle changes
     Those without an eye for detail
          Would never see a difference

But for those who do
     For those that pay attention
          The most delicate changes
               Can be monumental

          Be the one who listens

Let the river of your tears
     Carve a pathway of truth
          That means something

     Pain is not always subtle

             Be okay with that

                     You can state that
                              As your truth


© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Let the light of Spirit move freely Inward and outward


Open the door

     Let the light of Spirit move freely
          Inward and outward

Can you see the yellow light
     Just beyond the door frame?

          You don’t have to go there
               To let it shine

          Just open the door

Green threads reach in
     To find your heart

          They float on the breath of possibility

Let them wind their way toward their own truth
     On the intention of good will

Breathe in
     Fill your lungs

     There is a shadow there
          Where grief is stored

Can you see its rectangular veil?

Can you see the yellow light held on the other side?

     Fill that space with light

Open your mouth
     And breathe out
          Let the shadow out

(Grey billowy cloud of smoke)

     Let go of the heaviness held there

Blue green cloud dance

There is much to be said about mingling energies
     It’s as though one believes it can be the other
          When they truly only interact by changing places

Be joyful in the moment joy presents itself

     Be that light
          And let it shine through you in all directions
               Without boundaries

Breathe in the fullness of it
     With flames of laughter
          Waking each passing molecule

Be that shining light

Be that blinding light of love
     And let the warmth
          Move through and kiss your heart
               As a gift to those
                    Who will later receive
               That which you willingly pass on
                    In the name of God

Let yourself win!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

LOVE … Cannot Be Hidden From The Eyes Of God

This is the way of it

            This is the truth as I know it

About the only thing that really matters
     Is that LOVE
          As we know it
               Cannot be hidden from the eyes of God

You may think
     That the intention of your heart
          Is a secret unto yourself
               But this cannot be so

If you are
     As God intended
          Part of all that is,
               How can you be separate                                    From the knowledge of all?

How can you imagine yourself
     Alone in what you feel?

          Isn’t this an interest
               Of the utmost despair?

Who among you
     Would choose to separate themselves from Love?

How can you imagine, then
     That when you love
          No one notices?

Spirit shares your emotions
     Both in joy and in sorrow
          This is the way of things
               From our side of the equation

You may think yourself alone
     Even in the joy of a secret love
          But truly
               We are all here
                    Rooting for you

                Rooting for the joy of love
                      To spread to all

     Let it out

          Let it shine
               As far as you can see

                    As far as you can feel

     Let the love in you
          Be all that you are
               And know the joy of having love
                    Is there to be shared
               Beyond the edge of eternity

                         For all time



© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

How Do We Share Our Truth With Integrity, With Those Who Don’t Believe?


Listen to this
     Little child of mine

     I am here,

            With love


There is a fine line
     Between those who believe
And those not willing to consider the possibilities
          Of worlds beyond the concrete

If you were one that didn’t

     What would you want to hear?

What would you not want to know?

It’s not hard to imagine
     That the more fantastic the tale
          The less credibility you will hold

Take care then
     To be kind to yourself in this disclosure

Simple is best

     My love

Keep your sharing within the realm
     Of their experience
          And nothing more

It’s all they need to hear
     Until their experience
          Makes your world
               A possibility from their own truth

Up until then
     Anything you say beyond the concrete
          Will be lost to them

Holding your truth
     Doesn’t make it any less true

     To overwhelm
          ~ This is not an act of love

Love yourselves first in this

     Honour yourself

          Don’t leave yourself open to confused disbelief

Your past life stories
     Are yours alone to cherish

     Those who hold fast to the ‘now’
          Have a gift as important as all that

Offer what they believe
And the rewards will suffice

          Offer the fantastic
And nothing good will come

Love yourself first

     And present a simple clear connection

            And love that




© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings