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Where Are You, My Love?

Yesterday came and went
      And I didn’t even notice
            If you existed
                  Do you believe me?
                        Can I lie that easily?
      Don’t believe it
            Not for a minute
Each night I pray for you
      Each day I call your name
            And wonder where you are
Each morning I pray
      That the moment will be revealed
            When you will reach out and find me
                  Where are you,
                        My love?
What twisted state is this
      Where you slip from my hand
            And disappear
                  Into the mists without me?
      I’m calling you
            I’m calling out to you
                        Can you hear me?
Let my words whisper in your heart
      So that you remember all there is to live for
Take a chance
      Open up your heart
            And take a chance
            Love is waiting for you
                  Let it LIVE
                        Let it live
                              It’s yours to give
      Breathe it
            Let it live
                  In and out and back to me
 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



The Heaven You Seek Is Who You Choose To Be


     Let me begin by saying
          That I believe myself to be
               The lucky one
                    In knowing you…


Often we try to measure our worth
     By deeds done
          Or moneys shared

We look back over our life
     To measure out
          Our goodness
               By the opinions of those individuals
                    We have come across

What’s missing in this approach
     Is a voice of reason

          An unbiased evaluator

     For who but your own dear self
          Knows all that you have consciously done?

What of those you have never met
     Those who found themselves in your presence
          On one occasion or another

               Without your knowing?

What of the energy you shared
     In a room full of strangers
          Where there were those who noticed you
               Without your attention?

     Do they count?

          For how much?

How much is your daydream worth
     In energy
          To those who witness your presence
               Because of the time
                    You stepped out of yourself
               To have an exchange
                    In another realm?

          Does that count?

     Who decides which moments are worthy of note?

Are we really so shallow
     That we would seek to gain points

          As a means to enter heaven?

Is our God one who would ban a child of any age
     From the gates of the holy world

     As a result of

               Not enough points?

I would like to hold a clothe
     That could wipe away such arrogance
          And replace such self indulgence
               With a sense of peace

     Such that the energy wasted
          In this pathetic and
Senseless ego based nonsense
               Could be redirected
                    In an endeavour to create
                         A sense of peace within

For wouldn’t a journey in peace
     Be worth ten thousand meaningless gestures
          Aimed at self-gain?

Let this be your truth

     Let these endless worries about how ‘good’ you are
          Wash away
In a stream of heavenly love and light
     So that you have all the more time to think of others

          Love yourself enough to know
               The heaven you seek
                    Is who you chose to be
                         In your heart of hearts

     For all those you love
          And all those in the presence of love
               Without end


 © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Her Name Was Grace

     Are we
          (In the centre of all this madness)

               Ready for a life of ease?

Would our soul know what to do
     With peace
          After being bashed about so heartlessly
               For so many years?

     Let me tell you a story about that

This day
     9 years ago
          A girl came to me

She had long dark hair
     And her name was Grace

          What was it about her
               That changed the way I walked in the world
                    Just because she was in it?

I’d like to hold a candle to that

          Can you imagine?

Surrounded by the truth
          Of all the people around me
               She was the only one
          With the money to put where her mouth is?

“Take a step back,”
     I said to myself

     “And admire the tight fitted nature
          Of this woman’s way in the world

          She speaks from a place of
               Centered truth
                    That is not often apparent
                         In one so young

     How can we not admire that?

And here she is
     Walking a path close enough to mine
          That I might reach out and touch her if I chose to

               But why would I?

                    Why would I?

Why not just let her walk on by
     And just be thankful
          That I was witness to her beauty?”

There is nothing for me to hang onto
     It’s not about that

It’s about recognizing heavenly creatures for who they are
     And letting them be just that




© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings