Peace Is Not A State Of Mind

black pebbles in water arranged in s-shape

We limit ourselves
     We humans

We take the hands of time
     And turn them backward
          With such strength and determination
               That we live there
                    Without end

What of today?

Hold out your hand to love
     And let love be your stepping stone
          Into the now

     There are as many steps as you need,
               You can decide

There is no rush
     No hurry
          No right way
               Or wrong way

Let your heart guide you
     In just the way you need it most

          With kindness
               A gentle hand
                    A soft touch
                         Whisper voice

Listen to the words you speak
     And let them be filled with compassion

Let them wash over you and around you
     In such a way
          That you hear that thread of peace
               Waiting to find its way into your being

Allow yourself
     One instant at a time
          To breathe in the truth
               That you are
                    And always have been
                         The vessel for which
                              Endless love awaits

Peace is not a state of mind

     Peace is a truth
          That can only occur
               With your direct permission

You must allow its essence in without hesitation
     In order for it to fulfill its duty to you

For in that instant you feel unworthy
     It loses its touch
          And must reach out to you again
               And beg for your acceptance

Let love in

               It’s waiting here for you

Take a moment to believe
     That you are without a doubt
          More than welcome to it

     Let love be
          Who you choose to be for you
               And we will walk together
                    You and I
                         To touch each stone along your path
                              On the way
                                   To your present

Take my hand
     And walk with me

     Show me the way
          You want love to be

Fill your heart with hope
     That this indeed is truth

And when you find the light that is you?
     You will also find
          Never ending peace of mind

     To your courageous heart

                              You are the love you seek!



© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




Almost At The Last Moment The Diamonds Begin To Fall



Almost at the last moment
     The diamonds begin to fall

Can we stand amongst the star shaped crystals
     And together
          Count their magnificence?

Under the night sky
     This night
          Of all nights



               Star studded

                    Night sky

Here, where the smell of heat
     Rising off the tar

          Waves of energy rising
                    Dancing in the cool night air

                         There, where the two meet
                              You will find me

     Where the warmth of the one
          Kiss of the other
               Join as one
                    You’ll find me there
                         Calling your name

A universe of stars
     Fall and rising
          Like fireflies

Blue sky

White light

As birds flocking


             And all the while

                    The earth keeps turning





Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



In That Clearing Wolf Came

 Agatha Augustus
     Loved her life

There was nothing she loved better
     Than reaching for the bedside lamp
          Turning up the light each morning at dawn
               And slipping out of bed
                    Before anyone else was awake

Can you see her there in the half-light?

Tracing her hands over her nightdress
     Running her hands
          Over her hair

     Straightening her bedclothes
          And washing her face
               In the basin

               A daily routine
                    That made her heart sing

Her voice
     A whisper Good Morning
          To the one she loved in spirit

The sound of the forest birds
     A mirror of her joy

Stepping into her boots
     At the front door
          And wrapping a shawl
               Round her shoulders

     She stepped out
          Into moist air

Suns first light
     Rising over the treetops
          No warmth
               Only kisses
                    Chasing away shadow
               Waking each blade of grass
                    One by one
                         Across the field it danced over

There she strolled
     Our Agatha

No tender steps
     A purposeful stride
          Wide steps

Worn path
     A peaceful
                    A forest glade her destination

     And in that clearing

                         Wolf came

Watch his gleeful step
     He came to her there
          And together
     They made there way along the forest edge
          She in the open
               He in the trees

Both with well-worn paths to follow

A friendship
     Between species
          That held a bond so sweet
               That even time would surrender to them

No one knew of her love affair with wolf
     She never said

     And who would care if this young woman
          Strolled to the forest at dawn?

‘A morning constitutional’
     They say
          With no further thought of it

While she
     And he
          Delighted in each others company
     In a way
          That exceeded all boundaries of natural physical law

They knew each other deeply
     Felt each others heart beat
          Well beyond the moments spent
               In company of the other

They were one

          This visit was simply
               An opportunity to experience touch
                    Brief as it was

               To feel each others breath
                    Hand on fur
                         Tongue on face
                              Home at last

Brief as it is

This spirit earth dance
     Brilliant beyond measure

     Lets say a prayer of gratitude

          Agatha wouldn’t have it
               Any other way

Love is like that

Beyond measure

And when she returns?

The day is worth beginning,
     And not a moment before


copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



Soul Sound Has It’s Own Rhythm

There is always a chance
     That the music that fills you
          Has been created
               Within your own soul

Can you imagine
     The depth of connection
          That allows the music to be heard through you
               From the boundless universe
                    That is your soul?

Open your heart
     To be that sound

     Travel its length
          And breadth
               Without hesitation

          Be the vessel for which
               Spirit speaks
                    With candor

Without attachment to the process of listening
               Or releasing

     Be all of that at once
          Without conscious thought
               And allow what comes
                    To be what it is
               Without judgment to conventions of form

Soul sound
     Has it’s own rhythm
          Its own journey to express

You hear
     With your heart

Let it sing!

Let your soul be the conduit
     Dancing on the seed of your musical knowledge

Don’t imagine musical structure
     As you listen
          This will happen naturally
               Without manipulation
                    From your conscious mind

     Be the light that shines there

Let Spirit reach out
     Through you
          To touch those who need you as her conduit

The feminine
     Referring only
          To the emotion we allow ourselves to acknowledge

Be that powerful energy
     That reveals
          And recognizes
               All that we feel
          Within our human selves
                    In all its forms

Those who listen will understand
     Far beyond what you yourself will know

Trust this
     As who you were meant to be
          For others
               And allow the wealth of gratitude
                    To pour in
                    With abundance in all ways

                          Without end

There are so many boundaries
          That you place on yourself
               On your journey of enlightenment

                    Let go of doubt

               You are the one you wish to be

You are there
     In your heart

     Let your soul sing it out
          For the rest of the world to hear

Be that love
     For yourself
          And all else will fall into place
               Without hesitation

          Open your mouth
               And drink deeply of the divine light
                    That surrounds you in all ways

Know this as your internal truth

     Love is here for you


copyright 2015: All rights reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings





Wouldn’t This Be What Every Child Deserves?


Once upon a time

     A tiny Being was formed

In a loving womb
     Filled with the love and light of Spirit
          As all infants are

Can you imagine the glorious sound of joyful hearts
     With love and
          Care and
                    Their heart felt intention?

How we flood that space with hope
     On this side of the affair

A soft
          Yellow light
               Surrounds that child
                    Each step of the way
               From conception
                    To birth
                         And beyond

 Let us imagine all goes well with this birth
     Held gently now
          In the arms of






     With positive energy
               Good food
                         And love
                              And home

All the ground work
     For every healthy
          Happy choice

Let the truth of this
     Fall into your imagination

               Then ask yourself

     Wouldn’t this be
          What every child deserves?

I’m going to say
     That although we wish this for all
          There are those
               Who fall into circumstances
                    That are less than ideal

               And yet

Survive all the same

In fact,
          And develop into
     Well adjusted
          High functioning
                    Respectful human beings
                         Despite their rough start

Why not celebrate each birth
     With the same degree of hope
          Without regard for the upbringing?

Why not assume the best
          Without judgment
               Steeped on
                    Because of a physical address on the planet?

Why assume the worst
     For the child brought up in the dirt
          Simply because they have mud on their face?

We should demand equal rights of positive energy
     To be directed at all
          Without fail

     This is our human right

Allow that to be your choice
     No matter who you come across
          Young or old

 Offer love
     Not pity

Reach out your hand
     Don’t turn away

Smile from your heart
     Not just your face

     And let the love of God
          Motivate you
               To believe
                   Anything is possible


                       From anyone you meet




© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings








Love Is Not A Conditional Contest



Love is not a conditional contest

               If this
                         If that

     Once love is given it cannot be reversed

     We (Spirit) can’t push love
          One way or the other

                    We cannot create or destroy it

Love is given freely by those who manifest it
     Not given like a puppet

                         There is no hesitation from this side


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


I’d Like To Tell You About The Time I Heard The Owl Call



I’d like to tell you about the time I heard the owl call

It heard my name and flew to me
     Across a moonlit night

I raised my arm
     And opened my hand to feel her belly as she flew

On silent wing
     She passed over my head
          When you see her close
               Like I do
          You know the power of her will

     That she would hold the highest level of wisdom
          To your heart
               Given half a chance
          So that as you listen there
               With your heart
          You would know all she has to share
                    And more,
                         With boundless joy in the exchange

We know not where these winds of change will take us

There are,
     In all likelihood,
          Endless combinations of truth
               Waiting to be unfurled
                    Upon the sun rise

              But till then…

Let us instead
     Hear owls’ gentle calling as a sign of hope
          That all we do
               Will work together for the greater good

Lift your head
     And let the moonlight fill your face with love

          Feel the cool night air as a kiss upon your cheek

               Kick off your shoes
                    And feel the grass between your toes

               Breathe the night air
                    With the intent
                         To feel her passionate touch

And let the energy in this place
     Be one with yours
          In such a way
               That all those here
                    Know your presence
                         As the best of news

Call me to you
     Like the owl
          To her favourite tree

Allow me in to your loving arms
     Without hesitations of any sort

               Let this be your peace filled journey

We can be that
     For each other
          If we choose

Let me kiss your lips goodnight

     This night
          And every night
               Near and far

This gesture is love
     Simply love
          No more
               No less

Let it in
     It’s who you are

               A flower

                         Waiting to receive the bee


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings