“Spirit? My Mom is having a tough time….


Don and Shirley4

“Spirit? My Mom is having a tough time right now. Can you help me understand what is happening for her?”

Along the way

We find ourselves
In a place of wonder
      Without the undying faith
           In the glory to come, for all
                We fret and contort our minds
                     In the moment that glory is upon us


Let the difficulties seen
      Be a reflection of a soul reluctant to leave
            As opposed to any sort of foreshadowing
                  Of the peace yet to come

We are working together
      Toward the Highest Good of All
            Although, this may not always look the way you expect

Do your best to breathe deeply
      Of the light that fills this transition

            That all that can be done
                  Is being done

       Allow yourself to be infused with the peace you ask for,
                  For your loved one

                  She will feel that
                        And use you as a model

There is a pathway to heaven being forged
      It’s not an easy climb for some
            But worth it, all the same

Allow yourself to accept what comes
    As it comes
           Knowing the love you hold in your heart
                Will manifest ten fold
                     As a reflection of God’s love for both of you

                          Listen for that

Honour the process
      No matter how it appears to you

      Let judgment fall away
            It has no place here

            Be the tower of strength
                  You know yourself to be

Envision a glorious stepping on to the path
      For your Mom
            And walk with her as far as you are able
                  Before she sees that light

Keep in mind
      The importance of keeping your own faith alive


            And eat when you can


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings




Mona Lisa

Mona-LisaMona Lisa
     Precious art

          How can we compare ourselves to this?

                    And yet…

               Open to the idea of it

What if
     We were,
          Everyone of us
               As beautiful as the mystery of that girl?

What if…
     No one knew who we were
          And yet
     At once
          We were so known by all
               That everyone knew of us?

Let yourself shine that much

Let the joyful mystery of you
     Be something that makes you shine
          In glory

     Your Mona Lisa smile doesn’t tell
          While at the same time

                    Shares all!


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings