Joy Is At The Centre Of All Things


Blue-backgrounds-676-NextFinish.com_I can hear you singing

     There, in your Earthly journey

Let your voice be heard


     Open your heart to the sound of joy

Open yourself to joy

     Let it fill you to the core of who you are

                        Drink it into your Being

Joy is at the centre of all things

     Joy is at the centre of your heart

Only if you let it live

                      Let it LIVE

Blue, blue light


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Isn’t It A Mystery


Isn’t it a mystery?
      The way life changes direction
            When you least expect it?

How will you greet the surprise of it?

     With fear?




Why not any or all of that and more?

We can recommend a few deep emotions to engage
      If you can’t come up with enough on your own

Let the borders fall away
      Let the changes do their own thing but you?

Stay steady

     Lock into who you are and trust your truth

            There is no shame in that


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



None Of Us Really Trusts Anyone Least Of All Ourselves

Coffee cup

A man in his early 40’s sits across from me: grey t-shirt, jeans, short brown hair, eyes cast downward in contemplation. He sits in a wooden chair, leaning forward on both elbows, left hand outstretched on the table between us, palm up, fingers open, right forearm flat on the table across his middle, hand dangling over the edge nearest to him so that I can not see it. His work boots are unlaced with right foot extended while the left is tucked in out of sight. As I watch him, from my place beyond the veil, he cocks his head to one side as though listening to a voice in his head, and then begins to speak from that place in his soul self that reaches out to the universe when puzzling through our earth journey. He hears Spirit’s words just as I hear them, clear and clean and crisp. In the same way I hear his thoughts in response. – A witnessing of the most divine intention.

Come with me, to share this man’s message for us. For don’t we all walk in the depths of doubt now and again? How articulate he is in his expression of the resignation he feels in the moment of his sharing. The first few words are those of the energy I refer to as ‘Spirit’ – the universal consciousness, followed by his response. Enjoy!

(There is a change in vernacular as the story moves forward to a form of slang that isn’t present in the beginning. Don’t let that concern you. I felt he was simply finding comfort in sharing himself from a place of truth.)

None Of Us Really Trusts Anyone Least Of All Ourselves

I can say
    It’s at times like this
       That we need to stick together

Do you know what that means?    

Stick together?

What – like glue?

You go ahead and stick yourself together
    If that’s what does the trick for you

        I never did see any sense in it

We can’t be together
    We never could

We’re all just stuck here
    Wandering around in our own straight jackets
        Hoping not to bump into anyone
            Hard enough that they might notice

There’s no point in pretending

None of us really trusts anyone
    Least of all ourselves
        To get things right

             What do we want to go
                Sticking ourselves together for?

To make a bigger mess of things?

I can tell you one thing…

I won’t be signing up for that party

You think you’re gonna make a difference in this world?


How you gonna do it?

Ain’t no one listening to your story
    Ain’t no one gonna listen to mine

Amen to that

It probably isn’t worth listening to anyhow

If we was brave enough to put our name on the door
    Or to step outside just once
        Without looking both ways first
            To be sure it was safe,
        Then maybe someone might think we had something             Worthwhile to say

As it is
    We can’t even be bothered to listen to ourselves…


At this point in the receiving I was witness to a great pain in my left hand at an acupuncture point titled, ‘The palace of weariness’. By sharing this tremendous ache with me this spirit is helping me to gain a greater understanding of his experience. By bearing witness to the emotion shared I allow that universal energy to dissipate without taking on the burden of his emotion, which in actual fact he may no longer hold as his truth. One must be direct and clear to avoid crumbling under the weight of another’s experience. Therefore, I say to this man,

“I witness your pain but it is too much for me,” and I listen as the pain subsides slightly in my physical being. Still feeling its intensity, I reach out a second time to say, “Please stop. I witness your pain but do not wish to experience it further,” at which point he released me from the communication, with a quiet,


Thank you




In our human experience we tend to want to rush in and ‘fix’ when we find someone struggling. We are tempted to be the hero. We fight to find the perfect words to instill hope in someone as they present themselves from a seemingly dark place. Spirit teaches otherwise. The universal consciousness suggests that there are times where the gesture of highest measure is a simple willingness to listen with love. Nothing more. Our presence can be felt at a depth that far outweighs any words of wisdom we wish to conjure up to satisfy our own sense of worthiness.

Thank you, for choosing to witness this mans internal struggle. A multitude of possibilities remain open to him, as he moves forward in his journey. Breathe into that truth, and reflect only on how you yourself live, in accordance with the ideas that he has brought forward for consideration.

How blessed are we that he might offer us this opportunity to reflect?

With love,
Catherine ~

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Almost Before You Hear The Sound The Notes Are Written In Your Heart

Image result for fingers playing a harp images

Almost before you hear the sound

     The notes are written in your heart

The melody sings

     On spirits’ wings

And the voice of love

                 Is there to be tasted by the souls of those

                        Eager to breathe in her fragrance

What beauty in the giving

     In the sharing

Love song

     Received with grace

            And gratitude

We can’t know the magnitude of healing given

     It’s not ours to see

All we can do is trust in the giving

     Trust the method

         Let go

            And let love live through our hands


     That in the offer

            Hearts will receive all there is to be found there

                   In their own time

Count on that

     Count on that and open yourself

            As a conduit of eternal love

     Without boundaries

                        Without bindings

                             Without blinders

Let love live

            Through you



     And without end

            In the name of the Holy Spirit


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

You Are With Me Always – There Is No Separation


The evening of my Mother’s passing I decided to reach out to see if I could find her. I knew myself to be firmly in denial of her transition, holding both an expansive and boundless sense of joy for her as she stepped out into the magic of that place beyond the veil, as well as a profound numbness that simply has no words.

I had no doubt that my Mom would connect with me at some point, but was it too soon?  Closing my eyes I listened  and then asked her

Can it be true?

Can I feel your hand still in mine?


We had been holding hands each day I visited with her prior to her passing. I was almost sure that I could feel the warmth of her touch.
Shifting deeper into a meditative state to that presence I hold as my soul self I asked her further –

Would you say

      From your perspective

            Time stood still for eternity

                  So we would never part?

I heard her say …


I can hear your voice

      Whisper in my ear,

“Don’t go!”

      You say

            But I have never left love


I’m with you here

      Always and forever

            We will never part

We are one!

Can you imagine what joy there is

      In that simple truth?

You are with me always

There is no separation


Sitting where I am on this side of the veil, I look up through the bottom of a circular portal into the space above me. There I see my Mom and I sitting side-by-side, so close we are touching. We glance at each other joyfully, then through the portal to the mysterious image of me down below. We seem to be at a table, looking into a mirror that is lying there. (Is it a scrying mirror?) I realize then – I remember that we have always been sitting beside each other. The place from which I look up is the illusion. The experience we are having here on earth is a projection of curiosity and thought and the greatest love. But, in reality, my Mother and I have never parted. We are sitting side by side together as always! No one ever left. This side is just an idea….

At once, I admitted to myself that this imagery is my truth. Nevertheless, I am here, now, on my earth journey. The experience of ‘separation’ is of equal truth – one I chose to experience when I came here. Honouring both realities in this way does make her passing easier. I let my heart dance for her within the magic of her own journey, while allowing myself to grieve as deeply and often as I feel the need. I miss my Mom every day – EVERY day – with joyful and equally sorrowful heart.

I love her that much.





© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

To The Ant We Humans Are Monumentally Beyond Comprehension


May I have your attention?
Alternate consciousness please
            The one you have that reaches beyond this plane
                  Extending outwards into infinity
Let’s meet there
            Shall we?
Let’s join hands in the cosmos
      In the ether
            In the in between
                        It’s like this today
As we join together
     Beyond boundaries
          We find refuge in the fact
          Each of us
               Just like the other
                    Can exist
               In the knowing
                    With others beyond our understanding
We can choose
     Yes, we can choose
          To make sense of each new experience
               While witnessing the truth
                    Of our own reality
                         As more conceivable
                              To any one mind
To the ant
     We humans are monumentally beyond comprehension
That one ‘Being’ could exist
     With such enormous proportions
          Enough to outweigh
               All of existence
     How can this be possible?
          When their whole world
                Can be corralled into the palm of one hand?
     It might say
          If its’ brain was large enough
               To extend beyond the immediacy
                    Of its mindless existence…
There is a place for all of life in the cosmos
     Lets not dismiss any of it
          No matter how small
               Or how large a possibility
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings