Tumbling Skyward



After witnessing the death of a friend
     I chose to become quite fearful
          Of the possibility
               That the same fate may befall me

Because of that
     My life turned inward

And I chose to live
     Within the safety of
          The four walls of my house

It was rare I would leave the doorstep
     Always looking on
          But never entering into the world

And so,

     I watched it pass me by
          Rather than engage me

Would it be too much to ask
     To start all over again?

     I’d like to try a different path this time
          One where this fear didn’t overcome me
               Or bring me to my knees

I’d wish instead
     To tumble upward with my friend
          And carry her to Heaven
               Cradled in my loving arms

I’d like to stand outside the gates of Heaven
     And see her safely through those doors

          I’d like to kiss her lips
               And whisper a promise
                    To see her again one day

             And then I’d return to LIVE

To live each day in a way that stretched me outward

Up and down
     And all around in every direction so as to show the world

          There is no separation

                 We are all one

There is nothing to fear
     And isn’t that the greatest gift?

         “Go in Peace
               I wish I’d said,

     “And let me go there with you.”


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings