Enlightenment Comes From Chaos



It is like this today

Above all the chaos
     That swirls around down there
          On your planet

             Is enlightenment

They are light years apart,
     In some ways

          And in other ways
               One and the same

Can you find enlightenment on your planet?

   Of course you can
      It happens all the time

          And yet,

People strive to be somewhere else
     Up there somewhere in the clouds

“There must be a place we reach to,”
     They say,
          “In order to know we have arrived
               At the ‘place’ of enlightenment.”


     Pish posh and poppycock

         What nonsense is that?

Walk in it

     Walk into the chaos
          That’s where the enlightenment comes
     In the willingness to step
          Right into the chaos of your life

Right up to your eyeballs
     Right into the thick of it
          The muck of it

The dirt

     The grit

         The darkest cloud

Step into your own free will
     And learn what it means to be present

All this airy-fairy reaching out to the heavens
     Is a complete distraction
          From what you’ve really come to Earth
               To learn

…. Okay, not entirely

     But seriously…

If you spend more time
   With your head in the clouds
      Than with your feet on the ground
         You’re going to feel disconnected

Reach up – sure

   Reach up with your heart!

     Reach up for a connection with love
      And ask for the strength
         To endure the troubling times

Then step right back into the core of your life

     And let that be your truth

I’m not scolding
   I’m encouraging you

You may not feel you have the strength sometimes
   And yet you do

But even if you didn’t believe that

   There is enough love in the universe
      To cover any lacking

It’s a matter of

Letting Love in…


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

“You Are Loved”



     Can’t we talk a minute?

               I have something to say

My name is Gregory
     I am thirteen
          And I’m very inventive

You’ll think this is cool

I build things
     On this side

     I build things
          To help others
               On your side of the rainbow

That’s what I call it
     This bridge between worlds

You there

     Me here

          On either side of the veil

It’s a mystery
     How I can see all things
          And you can only see some

But I suppose
     From your perspective
          Some are better than none

               Can you still hear me?

I was talking about the things I build
     But I forgot to say what they are

They are bells
     Tiny little bells and whistles
          Small enough to tuck in peoples ears

     Like little fluffs of cotton
          Like powder
               Small as a spec of dust

No one would ever imagine
     That something as small as all that
          Could. . .

Yes, spirit?

Could hold such a powerful healing energy

Yet, I’m here to tell you
     That inside that tiny ball of mist
          Lies a truth so profound
               That all the wise men and woman
                    Across history

     Would do nothing if not agree with its truth

It’s a voice
     This thing I make

     It’s a speaker
          An amplifier of the minutest proportions

A channel
     If you like
          Of the voice of God
               With one message

                    That’s all

One message to share
     In the softest, warmest whisper

               “You are loved,” it shares

Over and over and over
     With the gentlest
          Soothing tones

     “You are loved like no other on this earth
          Because you are unique unto yourself

                    You are loved.”

It wasn’t my idea of course
     I’m only a volunteer

     Because I know myself to have the hands
          That are skilled enough to craft
               The spiritual technology
                    (If you like)

The delicate touch necessary
     To create such an instrument
          With enough precision to translate the voice of God
               Is in my hands

And I gladly give them
     Because I know myself
          With all my heart

     Never mind that I’ve reached such a young age as this

I know already
     I mean to say

       That no one

          Not one living soul
               Should ever have the opportunity
                    To forget this truth

So I remind them
     With my tiny bells
          And whistles

               “You are loved

                    Each and every day without end”

      Can you hear yours?

If not
     Let me know
          And I’ll turn up the volume

     Loved One

          Sleep well

               Listen to your dreams
                    They work there, too!

I’ll see you soon


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings


Don’t Block Us Out We Who Love You So



Once again
     A story told
          From my heart to yours


There is a way of all things
     That moves in a galaxy of stars at the speed of light
          From my world to yours

I see a wash of milky white stars
          Move like a blanket
                    Across the night sky

She moved like
          In the night sky

A constellation of Love
     Placed high above the earth
          As a signal to those below
               That there is separation
                    One from the other

     Is this true?

     Is there always such distance
          Between beauty
               And wishes?

                    Between desire and truth?

     What Universal good
          Could come of such a lie?

If we placed you on Earth
     At such a distance
rom the source of the Love that creates you

Would you not whither and die
     Of sheer loneliness?

A cruel joke indeed
     To purposely create such

Do you believe such stories?

Hold out your hand
     Hold out your heart to the light

Feel its warmth
     Penetrate each pore
          In the whole of your Being

     Don’t block us out
          We who love you so

Choose love

Let us flow inward to light the core of you
     With the love of the whole of the UNIVERSE

There is that much room in you
     To make infinity
          Small in comparison

You are never alone
     Not for an instant
     Not the blink of an eye
     Not a whisper of wind

Make that your truth
     Share that story
          Believe it wholly

And when you feel sorrow
     Reach into your own heart
          And find the whole of existence
               At the core of you

Let this be the place you reach to
     When you share your love with others

It’s an open fluent door of light

     Unlock it

            Leave the door open

                 Hang a sign of invitation

Reach out your hand ~
     With the other
          Hold fast to your Core Star

We are all one
     There is no mystery there
          None beyond what you create
               In your own thoughts

Bring love to the table
     With each encounter


Spirit. This is so beautiful. Have I heard all there is that you are willing to share tonight?

     With this

            I say good night


© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings