ooow catherine thank you again for helping me to reconnect with my partner who has passed on last month…. it was really nice and comforting to hear from him hey…. Gosh you are amazing catherine everything that u were saying to me was spot on my word… i could tel that it was my aggrey that was busy chatting with you… i would recommend you to all my friends and family who wanted help to connect with their loved ones who has passed on. your work is really wonderful and amazing. 😢😍😍… please continue doing what you are doing cause you are good at it…. after yesterday i find peace in my heart… i really feel much better hey…. I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL TO YOU CATHERINE… THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING TO CONNECT WITH MY PARTNER…. I REALLY APPRITIATE IT CATHERINE. UR THE BEST…😍😍

Mpho Rhoda
Johannesburg, South Africa


Catherine did a free animal spirit reading for me, when I was having trouble eating and finding the right nutrition to be stable.  Without telling her this, she gave me “goat” — it was an animal of stability, survival, and sure-footedness, and it really did speak to what I was experiencing, I felt very inspired to connect through animals, and to ask more.

A few days later I did an “Ask Spirit” question with her, and her messages to me were a response written in poetry that communicated very delicately (like feathers), Spirit’s voice.  I have not many communications with Spirit myself — but the feeling I got was playful, loving, and gentle, it was very nurturing.  Yes, I enjoyed this message and treasure it.  There were details that only Spirit could know.  I am grateful for Catherine’s being and her special connection so that I could have this experience.

Melody Lo
British Columbia, Canada


Dear Earth Angel On Spirits’ Wings

Thank you so for all the opportunities; your generosity, your guidance, your time and efforts and most of all thank you my dear for your support and your unconditional love much appreciated.

I’m so grateful for all the lovely: mind blowing readings; very Accurate spot on, Comforting , Enlightening, uplifting and so helpful. Your reading brought peace and joy to my heart. You provide me with hope and motivation … the realization exposed within your readings enhanced my way of thinking and being.

You have such a wonderful gift and a great way of helping people … You are truly blessed.

You are my Angel and I’m really proud and honoured to come cross with such a beautiful and loving soul.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an important part of my life.

On Spirit’s Wings is the best of the best I highly recommend her…she is the real deal

Gratitude Earth Angel

Sending Love Light Peace and Blessings,

Dalila Serghine

Algeria African



“Catherine’s message from Spirit was not only timely, but accurate to the question that I asked. The message from Spirit picked up on a hint of ego in my question and aptly responded from a place of love and divine guidance. When I read the message its response was synchronistic and attunded to a change in direction I had just made a decision on regarding my business.”

I have had channeled messages before that were cryptic and had me analyzing the message. The message from Spirit through Catherine was much more simplistic, which I preferred as I did not have to guess as to its message or have a fear of not accurately understanding it at the time when I needed it.”




Spirit animal messenger: Koala for Donna ~

It’s funny Catherine, I love my sleep, always have. A good nine hours suits me fine. Definitely a slow mover. . .  like to take my time and think about htings. Sometimes too slow. Like my own space and time away from people.

The food comments resonate well with me. I tend to like plain, simple foods and some foods do upset my system.

I love relaxation music (soothing sounds) and essential oils have helped me deal with a few issues in the last 18 months or so. And are a new interest for me to support my physical ad on emotional health.

Koala sits well with me.

Donna Doyle
Hervey Bay, Australia


Spirit animal messenger: Bee for Ella

This is so accurate to me it resonates deeply. I am in a new life awakening, and ascending to higher levels of spirituality; actually have a book on Shamanic studies that I picked up yesterday looking through it, preparing to read….I feel the calling of a healer and using my gift for humanity. I was working in my flowers today too, planting bulbs for spring, I had a strong urge to be outside today to feel the soil in my hands and excited to see the new birth of these to come. I am becoming more focused on what makes me happy, and seek and find pleasure in my results. I do listen to my true self and am on my true path of being who I was meant to be. This is a lovely message and very encouraging…Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me….much love and light, and Blessings…xoxoxo…

Ella Sue Beshears

North Carolina


Spirit animal messenger: Fox appearing for Hana

That was so wonderful! I have always loved foxes and see them often when I’m driving. I was so excited to see two right outside my back door the other day. I think they may be living in a pile of misc wood in my yard. Thank you so much for your time and energy! I so appreciate the animal medicine.

Hana Rachel
Sonoma County, Northern California


Hi there Ms Catherine Macmillan Sihoe.

This here is Rodney Sr.

You are amazing. While waiting in line for your Wednesday night insight. You had a lot of followers and was unable to make it to me. After you had closed I went outside waiting for you to send me your messenger. It is about 11ish pm when a long hair yellow cat came walking and meowing up to me. Of course. I always try to talk back to them. Not thinking too much on it until today, I googled cat animal spirit. OMGosh once again it is in sink with my life’s journey. The picture they had posted even looked just like that cat.

You are a wonderful person in helping me to understanding the meaning of the animals spirits’. May you have many blessings in your helping of others still searching. Once again thanks again Rodney Sr. Angle Hugs!

Rodney Gregory Sr.

Will Point, Texas



Ask Spirit surprise recipient Kellee.

Sometimes messages are channeled through me for people simply because they reached out to Spirit and I came across their name on my page. This is a spontaneous happening and indicative of tremendous love and devotion from the Spirit realm, wishing to have that love received by an individual. Your voice is heard, when you reach out. Kellee was an unexpected recipient of this truth. Here is her experience:

“I accidentally started talking with Catherine one day on Fb. She gave me a message from a spirit she talked to. It was in a poem. Everything that was said in the poem was 100% accurate.

After reading it I knew Catherine was definitely genuine. That is very hard to come by. I really appreciated what she did for me that day. I have never forgotten. Also Catherine is a lovely lady who loves to help others all she can.

Thank you Catherine.”

Love Kellee

South Ayrshire, Scotland



An Animal Spirit Connection


I see a very large stork, or heron for you, D.p. This bird’s wings are spread out from side to side and the bird itself is rising up above the horizon. The bird seems to be moving upward on an energy that rises from the earth. The bird holds on its wings the spirit of someone who has recently departed. There is a warm and soft yellow light above the bird and the bird is flying with care, to be sure to transport this spirit with ease and comfort upward. Underneath the bird, is a man standing on the ground. The man has a hunter’s long jacket, hip waders and boots and is carrying a riffle. The man is also wearing a hat that is baseball shaped, with the rim that has been curved quite far over from side to side. The man is looking up at the heron and watching as it rises, peacefully. The man is seemingly in a pose of salute to the spirit and gratitude to the bird for carrying this well loved spirit upward with such grace, strength and tenderness. I will send heron to you tonight.

D.p. :

Thank you so very much. My father-in-law passed just recently. Knowing he is at rest has been comforting for me and I have been passing it on to the rest of the family. I think I might also know who is sending him off in salute. I know where he is going, …. You certainly nailed this one. Thank you so very much. It’s always nice to have confirmation from another source.

Love & Light With Angel Hugs

P.S. Oh, and I must also tell you that we all camped together this summer at the Great Blue Heron Park. He had a wonderful send off, before his time to go.

D.p. Newman
Regina, Saskatchewan


Re: Animal Spirit Connection

Spot on my friend …. You are so gifted and thank you for sharing.

Goss Ranch, USA


 Hi Catherine,

Wow! I could not at first imagine what this might mean but after reading the information you sent I was really blown away. I relate on so many levels.

The glass plate is a bit tough but seems relevant especially knowing the color. I immediately thought glass ceiling and barriers to break through. I have worked my whole life at breaking barriers, work, love and sometimes within myself. If this is the meaning then you and spirit hit it out of the park. Many thanks I have recently embarked on a new journey and this gives me much courage! Can I ask if you do this or something like this professionally? I love when spirit gets my attention in a new way.

Thank you for your beautiful gift that you share with many. Sending you much love and light .

Laura Thomas
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Re: Animal Spirit Connection
Hi Andrea.  I see hawk for you!
Hello Catherine,
I knew. I always see hawks. Years ago one came to me in a dream while I was asking my animal spirit to show itself in my dreams. Thank u so much for the validation.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Just like to say a big thank you to Catherine. She really helped me and I will always remember her for it. You couldn’t speak to a more genuine lady.


Dear Catherine,
Thank you so much!
I feel seen and your answer really touched my heart.
Much love



Hello Catherine

Thank you so much for both your spirit reading and all the time you spent on it. It more than answered my question and was spiritually uplifting. You really do have the wonderful gift of spirit communication with in-depth visualization and I like the way you deliver it – just like this website which I really enjoy. Thank you so much, Catherine. It has been an uplifting experience to have shared your spiritual gift for a while.

Best wishes

Neil Campbell
Berkshire, England


Hello Catherine,

It’s me, your new friend. I would like to thank you for being a link between me and spirits, guardian angels, guides. I read a few years ago that when we ask questions to the universe we get answers someway or other. Many times it takes the help of other people who are humble and close to a higher vibration.I asked the universe a question and suddenly I got an answer through you. It made my day and gave me accurate direction where I was heading. The universe always takes the help of people who are caring and humble to the core. You are one of them. I thank you from my deep heart for guiding me. Your messages  are very inspirational and they are helping me achieve my goal.

Thank you again Catherine,

Mumbai, India


Catherine delivered a message from Spirit to me that was very accurate and meaningful to my current life path. She included a description of a vision that had a very significant connection to my childhood. Through her connection to Spirit, I was able to draw insights about where to focus my own energies and how to move beyond fears as I continue to navigate the path to my true self.

Thank you, Catherine!

Chicago, IL, United States


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