To The Ant We Humans Are Monumentally Beyond Comprehension


May I have your attention?
Alternate consciousness please
            The one you have that reaches beyond this plane
                  Extending outwards into infinity
Let’s meet there
            Shall we?
Let’s join hands in the cosmos
      In the ether
            In the in between
                        It’s like this today
As we join together
     Beyond boundaries
          We find refuge in the fact
          Each of us
               Just like the other
                    Can exist
               In the knowing
                    With others beyond our understanding
We can choose
     Yes, we can choose
          To make sense of each new experience
               While witnessing the truth
                    Of our own reality
                         As more conceivable
                              To any one mind
To the ant
     We humans are monumentally beyond comprehension
That one ‘Being’ could exist
     With such enormous proportions
          Enough to outweigh
               All of existence
     How can this be possible?
          When their whole world
                Can be corralled into the palm of one hand?
     It might say
          If its’ brain was large enough
               To extend beyond the immediacy
                    Of its mindless existence…
There is a place for all of life in the cosmos
     Lets not dismiss any of it
          No matter how small
               Or how large a possibility
© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

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