Youth Is For The Young At Heart


We are young only once

         Is this what you think?

Because if that were so
     I’d have to gently say

         “You’re wrong….”

We can be young a thousand times
     A million times

         As many times as you might choose
               On any given day

Youth is in the smile
     In a gesture
          In the wink of an eye

     Is a story
          A childlike wish
               No matter what your age. . .

There are those who believe
     That chronological age of the physical being
          Has some particular meaning
               When it comes to this notion of youth

But what if youth is not a state of mind or body
     But a reflection of one’s heart?

Could we not be
     Just as young at 92
          As we are at 5?

Open the doors
     And let fun in
          Then carry on being silly
               As long as your heart desires

     There is plenty of opportunity
          For stuffy and serious

Try to leave room for joy
     And let joy spill into your life
          On any given day

     Youth is for the young at heart
          Just reach out
               And make that choice for you

          For as long as your heart desires!



© Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings



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